Wednesday 22 September 2010

The Last Day Of Summer

Hello Lovelies,
well today really did feel like summer.In fact it was hard to believe that tomorrow, the equinox, marks the first day of Autumn.
My usual Wednesday shopping trip was very pleasant indeed . My sandals got an unexpected outing due to the exceedingly mild 22 degrees Celsius.
On my way home the country lanes looked lovely......

Though there were definite signs of Autumn, Loads of berries in the hedgerows(love this bright red).........

Tractors ploughing the fields..........

Leaving huge ,dramatic furrows....

My garden is loving the warm weather ,today I noticed these......

Strawberries in September?

I am sad to say goodbye to summer, but I do love the changing seasons.

This week I've actually been thinking forward to winter, well Christmas .
My lovely bloggy friend Emma has appealed for things to sell at a charity Christmas fair .I wanted to help and had already noticed this lovely image in this months Country Living...

Wow, such gorgeous things , don't you agree ? I'm in love with the granny blanket.Those cushions are perfect too , especially the "Noel" one....

I would love to say I'm making one of these, but I know my limitations !
So instead I've taken inspiration from the lovely red and white colour scheme, and started on something I can make....

Crochet circles!.........

It's the same pattern as I'm using for my blanket.But I'm planning to make a cushion cover with these.I'll join 9 ,then add a border. This is where I'm up to so far.........

If you want to join in ,and send something, then just leave Emma a comment on this post.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely images and lovely crochet too.
    We didn't really have a summer, we only had a week of nice weather in June. Although it has been quite warm today.

  2. I very much like where you're going with those circles... I'm in the mood for Christmassy crocheting!

  3. Lovely red & white circles. That pillow will be sold in a swisch on a Christmas fair. I'm inspired and am starting to long for Christmas myself.

  4. Thank you, Thank you :) I love that picture I wish I had 8 pairs of hands to make it all. Your cushion cover is already looking gorgeous. I really appreciate you helping little stall xxx
    I am loving the changing seasons. This year I seem to be really feeling the change. I think the fact that I have learnt to knit and crochet this year is making all the difference to Christmas and winter xxx

  5. So christmasy I love circles. I'm ready for the weather to change now, looking forward to being cosy under a blanket. x

  6. Lovely Christmasy circles! I may just have to try this myself! Isn't that CL picture gorgeous? I'm whizzing along with the Ripple...well until I started on my New Project today! I'm soo flighty, Jacquie! I drive myself made sometimes, flitting about! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. What a lovely post. I know what you mean, it is rather sad saying goodbye to summer but I just LOVE autumn.
    I still have lots of strawberries and tomatoes appearing, the wether has been quite mild around these parts.
    Looking forward to seeing your finished crocheting. x

  8. Hey great minds.... I just last night started a red and white blanket for Crimble snuggling. Mine has Snowflakes in the centre. Hooking on 5.5 needle for speedy results. Looking forward to the results of yours, such inspiration.

  9. Your cushion is going to look lovely. I am doing a blanket in green and white so as it gets bigger I can snuggle under it as I hook! Am a bit busy at present but If I get time I will try to make something for Emma. Will contact her for details just in case.

  10. Love the circle grannies. Just started a little project myself - can't sit and do nothing in the evenings .... Have a good weekend. Carina x

  11. Gorgeous post and yet how different is the weather today?? We have just painted our living room in red and I think it needs some white to break it up. Your new cushion has just given me a great idea. x

  12. Gosh Christmas is coming..!
    Love the cushion idea, it's going to look great.


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