Monday 30 May 2011

My Rag Rug

Hello Lovelies ,
thank you for your comments on my ten facts. Lots of you were interested in my rag rug project. I'm making it using old T. shirts . I started this ages ago and like so many projects ,it's been put to one side and rather forgotten about . So Thank you lovelies for making me look at again and hopefully get further on with it, if not completed :0)

It's a great recycling project . I only use old T. shirts that are too damaged or stained to be passed on.....

I then turn them into one long strip of "yarn" using this great tutorial I found.....

Yay , yarn for free and doesn't it look great . I'm using a 11.5mm hook and making an oval shaped rug....

It's made using single crochet (U.S. term) and worked in a continuous spiral i.e. no joining rows...just keep going .

There are some lovely examples of these rugs on Flickr that originally inspired me, like this one, and this one and this one.
These are not all made using T. shirts . People often use any fabric they have ...including vintage sheets ...yikes that would be too upsetting for me ,but I suppose if they are very worn it's a good way to make use of them.

It is different from working with standard yarn . I'm right handed and the yarn in my left hand tends to get too tight as it does not slide well so I have too keep loosening it . Also these rugs get pretty heavy fairly quickly . Mines only about one foot by two feet so far and it's already quite weighty so I'm finding it easier to work sitting at the table so that it's supported.

I don't have a pattern . I'm just adding enough increases on the curved edges to keep it flat. It could end up a little uneven but we'll see :0)
I've got plenty more T.shirts ready to make into yarn and hopefully now I've shared this project with you lovelies I'll feel inspired to get on with it so I can show you the finished product.
If you are in the U.K. I hope you enjoying the long weekend despite the weather. Ummm .........looks like it could be brightening up here  :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful rug, I have seen these before and now I think I might try it. Thanks and have a great weekend,

  2. I love this!!! I was thinking of making a bathfloor rug with the same material :) I used Zpagetti; are you familiar with it? It's basically the same, only not handmade by me but storebought from a company who makes it by using up rest fabrics from the textile industries :)

  3. It's looking good.

    I'm so glad of the rain we're having today as the garden was getting to be a dust bowl with all the dry weather and wind. Just saying that I've realised that there's no wind today. Yippee! If this keeps up I'll be able to plant out my seedlings which I was afraid would get broken down in the wind.

  4. That's looking great, and such a good way to use up old t-shirts. Do you think it will be easy to machine wash? not too heavy?
    xxxx Heather

  5. Looking lovely. I started a project like that ages ago... I never finished it though. It was a bit of a work out I remember. Nothing for my sensitive elbow at this point but maybe later in the future I will finish off the basket that I started on T-shirt scraps. I just love the recycling thing about this project. How cool is it "I am standing on my old T-shirt that I bought on our vacation in Honolulu..." kinda. :D

  6. love love love love it!!! I'm gonna try it one day for sure :)

  7. It's fantastic Jacquie - I must have a go - now I know what to do with all those old t-shirts :)
    Thanks for showing us, as I'd always wondered how people made these.

  8. Lovely ragrug. Looks fab. x

  9. Super lovely, I started one like this before to and didn't finish, pulled the yarn too tight all the time and thought it was to hard, but maybe I have gotten better...

  10. You are too clever Jacquie! A super saver and recycling Queesn. I love this idea and such fun colours too, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your half term xox

  11. I love it - if I ever manage to learn to crochet I shall be attempting that - we often have t-shirts that are only fit for ragging and it would be great to find a use for the nicer coloured ones.

  12. That looks so great! You are lucky to have so beautiful colours (I found mostly white when made one small carpet).
    Have a lovely time! xxx Teje

  13. Simply fab.
    Will now not pester the Mr to 'charity shop' his old tees but will transform them into gorgeous things for house.
    Great tutorial link too. Xx

  14. Wow this looks fantastic, I so wish I could crochet, I love these rugs!

  15. Beautiful, brilliant, gorgeous idea love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Karen :)

  16. Wowza! Love all of the vibrant colors that you used in your rug. Aloha!

  17. Wonderful work Jacquie...and a great way to recycle..I am so impressed!
    Susan x

  18. What a fantastic idea! I think I will make one for Mini's room since I haven't found one in the colours I like nor the right size. Think I'll have to visit the charity shops though as I haven't any old tshirts. Poop! And my "to Make list grows ever longer!!!

  19. I'm not sure I could bring myself to cut up vintage sheets either! This looks FAB though, you are very clever :o) How big are you going to make it? Oh and how are you going to bring yourself to walk on it!! It's too pretty!
    Jones x

  20. Fantastic! I'm adding this idea to my list!


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