Sunday 1 May 2011

Puff Flower Pattern and Saturday Pretties

Hello Lovelies, are you still mesmerised by the Royal Wedding ?? I am , it was such a happy day and a feast for the eyes. All the splendour and a totally beautiful bride. I'm so glad it went well for them .I have to admit to having a little giggle at some of the guests fashion disasters as well .

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my bunting. With the boys still at home I don't have time to do a tutorial but yesterday morning I wrote the pattern out as clearly as I can so some of you lovelies can give it a try.....

You can click on the picture to make it bigger and if anything is unclear please let me know.....

I hadn't even noticed the hearts made by the second round of puff stitches till you lovelies mentioned it :0)

Breakfast yesterday was  accompanied with  pulling down some experimental bits of crochet that were not doing to progress any further. I ended up with this colourful pile.......

Yummy bits of yarn . I think this little lot could be ideal to use as a portable crochet kit :0) With the weather
improving I'm looking forward to some al fresco crochet.

The garden is full of lovely surprises at the moment . I did a little gardening yesterday afternoon but it wasn't long before I was reaching for my camera to capture the pretties. My Allium is about to explode into wonderful purple globe shaped flowers any day soon ....

On a sunny afternoon this shady spot under the trees is my favourite....

More tiny flowers which I don't know the name of but they are so pretty.....

As you can see here the garden is far from perfect ...bare patches in the lawn from football are par for the course with three boys . I'm always happy when they are outside playing ,though sometimes it's hard to tear them away from the electronic entertainment indoors . The train set only came out after much wailing and gnashing of teeth when I banned any screens for the afternoon.....

I pottered about , replanting and tidying whilst they played .Admiring this Euphorbia looking stunning in the sunshine..........

Later on my favourite gadget ( my crochet hook ) started calling me and I hooked up a little of the yarn bits into this .......

A strange looking  shape that is based on a plant , can you guess what it will be ? A little hooky gave me chance to use my other favourite gadget of the moment , my new crochet hook roll...........

I made this on the only cold miserable day last week ( Tuesday) . I'm so pleased with how it turned out :0)
I used this great online tutorial and chose this design as it incorporated somewhere to store your scissors and needles , making it a great practical , portable little kit........

I used fabric from a thrifted pillowcase for the lining and some lovely floral fabric I won in Emma's fabulous giveaway ( blogged about here ). I added some pretty gingham ribbon to tie it closed........

I've been wanting to make one of these for ages and I'm so pleased with it .
Have a great Bank Holiday if you are in the U.K. ...I'm at work but I'm sure the boys will have a great time with their Dad, then it's back to school on Tuesday .
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely post as usual Jacquie, beautiful photos and images of your garden. I think the little flowers you are referring to are true geranium. I've never seen a euphorbia that colour before. It's very bright. I've only seen the lime green coloured ones. Your crochet hook roll is fabulous. Everything is tucked away nicely inside for carrying around.
    Have a lovely week.
    Anne xx

  2. I'm in love with your colour universe...
    so cool! :)

  3. Your flowers are so pretty & I simply adore that hooky roll you made. I need one of those!!

  4. I think your pink flowers are herb robert (geranium family) If they are, they will smell awful IMO and I pull all mine up as they spread well in my garden
    I love your crochet hook roll - thanks for the link

  5. Your boys are fortunate to have a yard to retreat to. We live in Kuwait where it is hot and dusty and not much playing area for the kids. They are stuck inside much of the time. Your crochet work is lovely and that roll for hooks and scissors turned out beautifully. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  6. Lovely post and your garden is looking lovely as ever. xx

  7. is it a .... toadstool? mushroom?

  8. Such a glorious post Jacquie xox loved the royal wedding too, so beautiful and memorable xox love love your crochet hook roll too, you are such a talented lady. Enjoy this coming week x Thanks for all the inspiration x

  9. I think everyone enjoyed the wedding Jacquie, loved listening to the comments on the Politics show this morning!
    OOh goodness you are so organised. Your crochet hook roll is superb well done, so pretty and useful!
    Love Suex

  10. Hi Jacquie, lovely post; the flowers in your garden are gorgeous. Thanks for the pattern, can see myself having a go at those at some point - hope it will be easier to think through with hook and yarn in hand! Love the hook roll. x

  11. Thanks for your pattern may have to have a go when I have finished my hexie quilt (patchwork not crochet). Thanks also for the link to the tutorial for the hooky bed (that sounds rude lol) will be great for taking my hooky friends to Cornwall at Spring Bank.

  12. Wow! How bright is that Euphorbia with the sun on it?
    Is that a daffodil in the making?
    Your crochet hook roll is so pretty, and practical.

  13. YAY! such a great hook roll Thanks for the link I have been thinking about making something like that. And love the flowers both real and yarn ones.

  14. I used that tute to make my crochet roll too, ir rocks doesn't it? Your garden is lush in spite of the bald patches. Ours is the same as we have 2 boys who hurtle about on battery powered tractors. It'll nly get worse when the baby grows up. 3 boys running a muck, how bananas!! xxx

  15. Love your puff flower and I want that crochet hook roll for myself. Any plans on selling any? Rachael Xx

  16. I want that crochet hook roll!!!!!!!
    Unfortunately I can't sew, so just checked out etsy, and haven't found the right one yet!!
    Yours is magnificent

  17. Thanks for the link to the crochet hook roll - that's exactly what I need to make as I get fed up looking for the scissors and needles! I loved the Royal Wedding too, wasn't it beautiful.

  18. definately going to have a go at those puff flowers and really must try the hook roll. thank you for both patterns.Wedding was great too!!

  19. Thank you for sharing that puff pattern. I appreciate the US terms; the red, white, and blue theme will translate well for Memorial Day (last Monday in May) and summertime 4th of July. Very timely--I'be been wanting to make something like this for a long time. I guess I was waiting for the perfect pattern to come along. Thanks, Victoria

  20. Such a lovely post- so much to see! Love the bunting. I am learning (Very. Very. Slowly.) to crotchet, and although I'm nowhere near the right skill, I've bookmarked those flowers for 'later'. Hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday. x

  21. Hello Jacquie! You made beautiful crochet hook roll! I have been thinking that ages but just can't do it. You have took amazing photos, beautiful and the colours are so bright!
    Have a lovely May! teje

  22. Hi Jacquie,
    I have been playing catch up on your posts - lots been going on! I loved the nature catch up as always, and your crochet bunting is stunning.
    Your crochet roll turned out brilliantly! Lovely fabric. I made one myself last autumn based on that tutorial, and later made a needlebook in the same fabric, which I just tuck under when I tie the two together (if I remember rightly, the needlebook was one of my first ever blogs!). Perfect for crafting on the go and keeping everything together at home!

    I am being a bit dense with your latest crochet shape, is it going to be a daffodil? Look forward to seeing it finished!

    Jones xx

    PS. LOVED the wedding - it was all utterly gorgeous!

  23. Love your bunting what a great idea. And i love your little crochet hook role another great idea ;-) The gardens are looking so pretty, colourful and full everywhere at the moment we have been so lucky with the lovely sunshine. Have a nice week, dee x

  24. Love the pretty crochet roll and the gorgeous bunting!
    You have some very pretty plants in your garden Jacquie!
    Rachel x

  25. Your garden looks lovely, a perfect compromise between pretty and practical for boy play! And that hook's fantatastic soooo pretty......think I shall have to make one very soon!

  26. Thanks for sharing the pattern for the puff flowers. I did think your new creation was a vase, but if it's a flower it must be destined to be a daffodil? Thanks also for the link to the crochet hook roll, I desperately need one!

  27. Boys and trains, the perfect combination


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