Monday 6 June 2011

Half Term Simple Pleasures

Hello Lovelies ,
This past week I've been on holiday with my boys for the half term break . We enjoyed a couple of busy days celebrating my twins birthday with a family barbecue at home ( a tradition these days ) and then a another day we had trip to the cinema with friends to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2...great fun.

The nice thing about this break for me has been it has been a good mix of busy days and slower days .
Days with no work pressure or school commitments . I really appreciate not having to rush about watching the clock .It was great to slow down and enjoy some simple pleasures.
Time to smell the roses........

I only have one rose bush in my back garden and this week I certainly wondered why as this beauty was was at it's best and the smell was divine.
By midweek the weather was really summery. When I got up on the first of June it was lovely to throw the windows open wide and really let the fresh air in ....

The picture on my calendar this month is delightful , don't you think....

There was time to add more recently made T.shirt yarn to my rug...

Time to notice cute bunny faces....

And then smile at comical bunny sunbathing ....

Time to have fun making a Fairy garden inspired by this great example ( scroll down )...

The boys did join in with this but I think I enjoyed it the most :0)
Do you like the ponds made from upturned limpet shells and the tortoise on the lawn.

Just this morning I added the welcome sign made from ice lolly sticks and yarn.....

To round off the week I even managed to leave the boys with Mr BM for a couple of hours and look round some open gardens with my Mum.....

The gardens were beautiful and the village was just so pretty. I loved the cute little cottages with roses round the door .....or even growing in through the upstairs window in this first picture :0)..........

and the old out buildings at the entrance to the allotments....

The perfect end to a relaxing break with three boys...I never thought I'd be able to say that !!

Jacquie x

P.S. Thank you so much for all your comments on my granny square blanket. My extra yarn supplies arrived at 9.20 am Saturday ( 24 hours after I ordered it !! THANKYOU Masons Needlecraft :0) )..........

And it's exactly the same shade ...phew.


  1. What a lovely time you have had with the boys :)) School holidays were always my favourite time ..
    I love to watch back to the country from the UK.. Those fabulous old homes, are a treat to see..
    Thanks for sharing your day :))

  2. The yarn is to drool over, very rich colours! And I just want to cuddle the bunny ;-)

  3. Great pictures, the sunbathing bunny is a hoot.
    Excellent service from the wool shop

  4. You have very clean windows and a very cute sunbathing bunny. I'm glad you've had a nice break.
    Anne xx

  5. Hello Jacquie

    What gorgeous pictures you've taken to encapsulate a lovely relaxing week with your boys. I love your bunny and those beautiful cottages...swoon! Your rag rug is coming on a treat too. Alice has 2 inset days and only goes back to school on wednesday so we are off to brighton to spend time with granny xox Have a great wee ahead x

  6. Orange roses are my very favourite, I'm on the lookout for one for my garden with purple leaves. I've seen one somewhere but can't find it.
    I love looking round open gardens too, you get such good ideas.

    The sunbathing bunny is so cute!

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time! i am loving the colours in your granny square blanket! Cx

  8. The picture of the bunny has me cracking up :)
    Reminds me of my dog....

  9. Hi Bunny Mummy
    Could you drop me line please.
    PS Beautiful bunny,seriously cute!

  10. Told ya Masons are swift!!

    Bunnies sunbathing, does anything do cuter than a sunny bunny? My rabbit used to take himself down the high street for a stroll on sunny days. I kid you not. I think he was trying to buy an ice lolly in the news agents


  11. Gorgeous photos, and that rose is just beautiful - do you know what it is called? I can't believe I have no roses in the garden at all any more and definitely want to change that in time for next year after seeing lots of lovely roses in the last couple of weeks!

  12. I sympathised with you previous post - and would you believe it, the next day I ran out of yarn, 3/4 through the joining of baby blanket...won't get the new stock in time for the baby shower on Saturday, so I'll just give an action photo of me with blanket on lap, hooking away!
    Love the garden photo's, so pretty.

  13. Beautiful post Jacquie! The picture that keeps drawing me back though is the gorgeous rose...........completely stunning!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx

  14. What a great idea to make a fairy garden .I love the pictures you took .it's all what i like in england.Y.S

  15. Ooh how I miss England today after reading your post.

    The purple granny blanket is just lovely. Those colours are perfect and glad the shade on your re-order is the same. Happy crocheting!

    Carina x

  16. Beautiful post, Jacquie! Your sweet bunny having a sunbath makes me want my own bunny! Unfortunately there is enough pets at our home for the moment. Have a lovely time!

  17. Just getting back into blogland. Your blanket squares look brilliant - that shade is lurvely! Hooray for fast delivery of more stocks :)

    Looks like it was a fabby half term - I love the projects you do with your boys, even if they are secretly for your enjoyment! I seem to remember making something like that mini garden when I was at junior school, using moss for lawn etc. Not as good as yours though.

    Jones x
    PS. I've never seen a bunny stretch out like that, how funny :o)

  18. Love the fairy garden Jacquie,love the rose piccie too.xxxx

  19. Hi! haven't been able to visit in a while so what a delight to be able to do so this morning (whilst eating porridge for breakfast, because it's a porridge-y kind of day here 'down south'.....}

    the fairy garden is BEE-YOU-TI-FULL and I know my daughter will be very envious to see such a ambrosial one {she too loves to make her own fairy gardens and houses}......

    thank you for sharing the open garden photos....... I miss the 'open gardens' and 'open studios' of England..... maybe next year I could plan a timely holiday.......


  20. How lovely to meet another Bunny Lover, I'm besotted with our Twitch ;)


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