Friday 3 June 2011

Blanket Weather ?

Hello Lovelies,
What fab weather we have had in these parts the last couple of days . Definitely paddling pool and ice lolly time at the BM household. What a treat when I'm off work for half term :0)
Yet  yesterday ... one of the hottest days of the year so far... saw me suddenly gripped by an urgent need  to make a blanket. I think it must be a combination of seeing another lovely granny stripe begining and the because the warm weather reminded me of starting my own beloved granny stripe at this time last year. How I loved working on that quick and soothing , I needed to get some similar speedy crochet satisfaction NOW .
I grabbed a ball of plum stylecraft and started edging my granny squares . The ones at the top of my blog .....the ones inspired by this vintage blanket.I worked away like a woman possessed and edged 24 squares last night. I couldn't stop. I needed to make a blanket.
This was not what I planned . I only had 63 little squares.....

I was going to make 100 at least before I started joining....but I calculated 63 squares at 4 inches each would make a 36 inch by 28 inch blanket ....not very big but a nice lap size , and good for the back of a chair.This morning when I got up I was greeted by this lovely sight.........

Ahhhh , I love the plum border ...perfect......

Look at this square .........

and this one ........ 

They are all different and I think the border colour really looks lovely

I'm not joining as I go for two reasons .Firstly the original blanket that inspired this one is sewn together and I love the way it looks , secondly because I only have one ball of the plum colour, and, if further supplies turn out to be a different shade I will have to pull all this back !

I don't live near a Stylecraft stockist so I've hurriedly ordered more online from Masons Needle craft
 After breakfast , and still in my P.J.s I continue in the garden with my limited supply of the border colour.........

Bliss . ....but by the afternoon reality had sunken in and I realised I could have about a weeks wait for my yarn . Sigh .

Never mind's actually a great reason to make more granny squares while I wait. So in the heat of the afternoon , whilst the boys splashed in the pool, I sat in the same shady spot  that I hooked my granny stripe 12 months ago  and made some more little squares . I'm using cygnet yarn for these ..........

Then when I felt a little tired I laid down and gazed at the blue sky and the sun shining through the  Elder flowers . I love June ...........

And I LOVE finally getting the urge to complete my first crochet blanket of 2011 and being able to share the process with all you lovely like minded people .
I hope you will be able to leave me a comment if you would like to . Blogger is still rather temperamental for me . The only way I can comment on some blogs is by in unchecking the "keep me signed in " prompt on the sign in page I keep getting directed to .It's very frustrating ...if anyone knows more about all this ...and can comment ... I'd love to know .
Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend .
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely plum border Jacquie. I think that is one of my favourite shades of Stylecraft. As for blogger - mine is working fine since I downloaded Google Chrome - may be just a coincidence but I don't regret it as my laptop is much faster now and has solved lots of "problems". xx

  2. I LOVE the plum border, what a beautiful blanket it will be. And I love it when you get the need to crochet like a woman possessed, it's such a great feeling isn't it??
    Happy granny square making :)

  3. your squares are so even and lovely, hope you get the right shade of wool to finish

  4. Oh, that's so beautiful! I know just how you feel, too, the blanket love is an overwhelming force. I hope the plum yarn holds out and that the reinforcements are the same color. :)

  5. Lovely blanket so far. I clicked on your granny stripe from last year and I love the colors. The colors are similar to the ones I have using for my current (and first) granny stripe. I hope your new plum yarn matches perfectly.
    Susan :)

  6. Love the plum colour! I still haven't taught myself to crochet yet but I am very inspired by your beautiful blog. Winter has just begun here in the Southern hemi. Enjoy your Summer, loved your photographs! :)

  7. Hello Jacquie!
    The squares are really gorgeous and the plum makes the colors pop up... It will become a wonderful blanket :)
    Take care!

  8. Looks wonderful! I esp love the plum border, it makes all the colors pop!

  9. What a cheerful looking granny square blanket-in-the-making! I agree that June is a lovely month, especially with that blue sky background :) Thanks for stopping by my May Scavenger Hunt photos and leaving a lovely comment.

  10. Sounds like you have had a lovely couple of days. Your blanket will be colourful and happy! I love the plum border too :)

  11. Oh I thought I was alone with not being able to leave comments! thank you for the tip... love the plum border, it will look wonderful. Masons yarn arrived the next day when I ordered the other week - super speedy! x

  12. I remember the vintage blanket, I have the picture of it as my computer wallpaper because I loved it so much! It is such a pain waiting for a specific yarn. I'm sat here now waiting for the postman to bring me some yarn for my blanket. I went to a shop yesterday that I knew sold the yarn I need and found it closed for holidays, complete waste of a journey. Well, not complete waste as we had icecream instead.

  13. I can see the sparks on your hook :) I'm still plodding on with my blanket, it's nice to have it in the background for something different to do.
    Cate x

  14. Lovely colour! I'm almost where you are...with my very first blanket, a baby one with the Summer Garden Square. Going to edge it in khaki AND attempt to join as I go, quite daunting as it will be my firts of everything EVER!

  15. Very pretty indeed! I am working on a granny square blanket now and I'm contemplating a navy blue border (as that´ll go better with our living room colours). So curious to see what your blanket will look like when finished!!

  16. Great minds ,I just started my first granny squares blanket yesterday,take a peek at my latest post! I dont know if you got my message ,but I awarded you with the kreativ blogger award? have a lovely sunny weekend:)x

  17. Your blanket will be gorgeous, that plum colour is delicious

  18. It's looking great, I love the vintage blanket that inspired you too. I'm in the middle of a blanket addiction as well, only four more squares to join then I can start the edging - my favourite bit! Lovely post altogether.

  19. I LOVE your granny squares on your blog banner, every time I visit I am struck with a granny making urge. The Plum looks wonderful around the edges to!
    xxxxxxx Heather xxx

  20. I love your squares so far and reading about your crochet. Regarding your trouble with blogger myself and quite a few others were having the same trouble, someone suggested to me to run Google Chrome as my web Browser, it is a quick and free download. I still have internet Explorer, but if I use Google Chrome it seems very quick and has solved my frustrating Blogger issues, Good Luck. :)

  21. Your blanket looks amazing so far!! Last night, I set about trying to teach myself crochet with the aim of making my own granny blanket. I have so far managed one rather wonky and uneven square! But I have to say I am mightily pleased with my efforts so far as a total beginner:) Sure once I have completely mastered the basics I will be away, though probably never at your pace! Hope the rest of your wool is the right colour, looking forward to seeing it finished! xxx

  22. Looking lovely Jacquie. This is what I am doing at the moment, making lots and lots of squares :)

  23. Hi; just a inspiring Blog to see.
    I'm here (in Holland) just starting to croche and try to make a granny square cussion...
    I like to do it and I think I will get addicted to it!
    I also love your beautiful garden and nature
    Greetings from Fleur uit de polder in holland

  24. Beautiful plum border....I LOVE it!!

  25. The plum colour looks lovely... and I can totally relate to that urge that you just HAVE to crochet something in particular, and you have to do it right NOW! :-)

    What if you did 2 rounds of purple on each one (once your yarn arrives) - you'd need less squares? It would be a different look but I think it would be quite nice either way.

    Enjoy your beautiful-looking Summer,
    Caz from Never Knew :)

  26. Oooooh a lovely bunch of grannies! Gorgeous colour scheme too - it's going to be awesome!

    Julia x x x

  27. Oh Jacquie, what a blissful post. I love that view of the blue sky and elderflowers and your plummy colour choice is just perfect for your blanket.

    I have just placed an order with Panduro Hobby for a little something for an idea I had and apparently it will take up to ten days to arrive! Nooooooo! I really can't be doing with this 'waiting for things to arrive' business!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  28. Hi Jaquie, what a treat to be able to sit outside and crochet away, bliss! That looks like it will be a lovely blanket. And even though its been sunny, I have had just the same urge to get back to blanket-making! I'm back on the big ripple blanket now!

  29. Sorry, can never spell on the computer! I meant Jacquie! x

  30. Hi Jacquie, I haven't been in blogland for a while but i am just popping back slowly and i was so pleased and excited to see your new blanket taking shape i adore the plum color what a gorgeous shade and it works so well with all the other shades. I hope your other wool arrives soon for you i know what its like when the bug strikes you just really feel the want and the need to get it done ;-)) Enjoy your week and the rest of your squares, dee x

  31. There must be a word for this addiction. Heather's 'Granny making urge' is a good one. Grannyitis? Granny square addiction? Granny crocheting disorder (GCD)? Granny mania? Grannysquaric?

    I love seeing a blanket in the making. I overdid the mania on one of my blankets and put my arm out of action for a few months. I definitely had crochet withdrawal symptoms.

    Love from Mum

  32. I'm really ashamed to say that I have 144 circles sat in a carrier bag from last autumn, and I still don't know how to join them/square them as I go!!
    If anyone can help please?? Man Wonderful will be most grateful! Fostermummy X

  33. Hi Jacquie! That blanket is going to be beautiful! I love the purple coulour - it's looks great and different than we see usually!
    I have also problem with the comments. With some blogs it works fine like before (my google account shows automatically), but with some (like yours) it asks to select profile and when I choose it it asks again, again, again...
    So then I need to choose wordpress and write my blog address. With that way my profile photo doesn't show. Lets hope soon it fix himself and we can comment as easily as before!
    Have a lovely time!
    xxx Teje

  34. Lovely pictures, thanks so much for sharing!

    I have finally given in and succumbed to the loveliness that is granny squares and completed 20 in 2 days (mind you, mine are quite a bit smaller than yours, and are taken from the pattern in cute and easy crochet).

    I love arranging and re-arranging them in different combinations (even though I have a lot lot lot more to make yet).


  35. You must be plum tuckered out after beavering away at you squares! Gorgeous colours.

  36. Hi Jacquie, thank you so much for the mention! :) I'm certainly loving making mine - like you said, such an easy relaxing pattern. And I love that plum colour - it's one of the colours in my blanket too, and I'm having to resist the urge to use it too often so I run out of it before the end...
    Look forward to seeing your lovely blanket finished - don't overdo it though - I've been slightly worried by the comment above about being out of crocheting action for a few months - what a horrible thought!
    Jane x

  37. Oh Jacquie, I love those little piles of squares, so full of colour and promise....
    Jacquie, I'm making some crochet bunting using your tutorial, but am just wondering what you do with the ends. Not sure if I have asked you this before, please excuse me if I have.

    Do you crochet them in or use a needle and thread them in afterwards.

    The more colours I add the more ends and I'm not looking forward to darning those ends in but am lots of fun making it.

    Could you drop me an email perhaps if blogger is still misbehaving........

    Hope it sorts itself out soon I know how frustrating it can be.

    Thank you, Claire :}

  38. Bloody blogger! It's gone all a bit funny lately and we are all so cross with it! Hope it's not ill...panic....hope it doesn't go completely wrong or we will all lose each other....panic!!!!

    Masons are super speedy, it may be less than a week. Fingers crossed


  39. Hi Jacquie, Just wanted to let you know there is a little something for you over at mine... :-) x

  40. I can't wait to see this come together. It's looks so wonderful already. The plum has some serious zing!

  41. Resimler harika.Bahçe ve hayvanlar çok üzel.Bu ortamda örgü yapmak büyük keyif...sevgiler..

  42. Oh wow your granny squares are absolutely gorgeous! The purple/plum border is amazing and I hope your supplies arrive soon so you can keep going! Have a fab week.

  43. Lovely blanket you are working on, Jacquie! I am not a purple-lover but I must admit, in your blanket, it gives it just that extra touch it needed! Very well chosen, good job. I am curious for the result....!
    Love, Maaike

  44. Oh your squares are just lovely as is the gorgeous vintage blanket that inspired this new project.
    I am going to have to start some grannies right now! Thanks for the inspiration and also the how to on joining the squares.


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