Monday 7 November 2011

October Nature Notes

Hello Lovelies,
Finally I'm managing a little computer time to write my monthly nature notes post. It's rather late, but better late than never as they say .

I'll start in the usual way by sharing the illustrations from the book " Nature Notes of an Edwardian lady".......

There are many lovely paintings this month , but I think this one is my favourite .....

Here are the saints days and folklaw rhymes from the book.......

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know this book was written in 1905 and I love Edith Holden's beautiful paintings that capture the English seasons so wonderfully. I'm no artist but, luckily for me, I live in an age where you just have to point your camera and click to be able to capture the beauty you see around you .

So here are my images for October .......

The above photo was taken in mid October and you can see these beech leaves begining to turn. Many trees were still  green at this stage..........

This photo still  looks almost summery doesn't it.

The Hawthorne hedgerows were still green but laden with berries.......

Living in a flatish area it's never easy to get a good , far reaching ,view  but I was pleased with the way this image caputred the October countryside scene.....

This year October has been generally warm and dry in these parts. No real frosts to speak of but by the last week of the month we did see some more classically Autumnal misty mornings. This day was particulaly pretty as the sun could be seen through the mist.........

And as it faded, just a faint haze and a dew on the grass made the fields look quite magical ,when glimpsed through a gap in the hedge.........

I love the brown grasses and varied colour in the trees in this shot taken right at the end of the month........

The hedgerows were also a mass of oranges and yellows...........

I've posted a picture of this view before ...back in my June nature notes post. Its different now without the poppies but still pretty with the distant church...........

I was inspired to get a closer look at that church..........

Wow, I love it's setting ...dwarfed by that beautiful mature tree. Can you see that interesting old building to the left and the fence ,which has definitely seen better days....

I think the cows must be happy in this timeless spot..........

I've loved getting out and about this October ...hope you enjoyed it too :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful photos. Autumn is my favourite time of year. What lovely illustrations in that book, they would be fabulous framed.

  2. That is such a beautiful book, i do enjoy yours posts with it, also love the photos you took, really, really lovely
    Karen Xx

  3. The picture with the squirrel is lovely - I'd so love to be able to see red squirrels in the wild. Even the grey population seems to have dwindled round here - at one point we had loads visit the garden.

  4. Yep...lucky cows... I always think that when I see cows..they always look so relaxed and unstressed..truly not a care in the world, but then all they have to do is eat grass all crochet, no knitting.. nah, I don't want to be a cow. Beautiful photos Jacquie...I especially love the one of the distant church :)x

  5. A lovely post Jacquie, so many beautiful pics, I'm having trouble deciding which is my favourite. Love the oranges and yellows of the hedgerow also the gap in the hedgerow, but then I love the second last pic with the funny old building and the wonky fence.........

    Enjoy Autumn, it's a stunning time of year, so many hues to delight the senses. I think I am a little envious of your picturesque countryside.

    Claire :}

  6. The church and tree photo is gorgeous!!
    Anne xx

  7. Just so lovely...thank you for sharing..

  8. Oh very beautiful pictures
    greetings Crissi

  9. I like very much your book, great illustrations! And the picture you took are also really nice: I like cows!
    Have a nice day!

  10. Lovely photos - I also love Autumn and this one has been particularly mild. x

  11. Beautiful post.
    Thanks for sharing this beatiful photos.

  12. A lovely post nature is wonderful. dee xx

  13. What lovely Autumn photos!! You must have a very good camera to take them so clearly.....xx

  14. I loved the pictures from your precious book - they seem somehow very innocent and so different from what we see today.

    Great photos of autumn, I think you chose a very good day for taking them.

    Best Regards,


  15. Yippeee I love the nature notes. I am an outdoorsy girl at heart, just don't get out wandering as much as I should/like.
    Happy pictures, happy cows, lovely stuff :o)
    Jones x

  16. I also love the nature notes. I didn't know the seed/nut things from beech trees were masts.

  17. Your photos are beautiful and I really enjoyed going for a walk with you.

  18. Hi I love this time of year, your photos really sum up the season!

    Thanks for following!!


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