Friday 25 November 2011

A little more colour

Hello Lovelies, Thank you all so much for your kind comments on my last post. Some crochet in white and grey is all well and good but this week I've been feeling the need for a little more colour.

On Monday I decided to make a Christmassy brooch and after a bit of pondering I settled on a poinsettia . I touch of red to contrast with my grey coat and grey cowl...........

I'm loving red at the moment but unfortunately it's the colour my camera seems unable to cope with so I struggled to get a decent picture of this pretty flower......

I made two sizes of petals in red  and three leaves in green then sewed them to a felt back . I added some pretty beads to the centre to finish it off . I've been out to a Christmas market today so I wore it to that. I think I will now save it for other Christmas events .........

It's was beautifully sunny here this morning, making the higgeldy piggeldy old buildings where the market was held look so pretty.........

I loved the sun on this rooftop.........

And indoors  there were lots of handmade goodies to see, though I did not dare take photos. On the way home we stopped at a garden centre  and I sneaked a photo of my this cutie......... my current obsession ,owls....this is a tape measure, you pull out its right wing cute :0).....

I've also taken some pictures of my Kaleidoscope blanket progress.....does any one remember this project ??
 I started it, full of enthusiasm ,way back in April. Lots of other blankets and smaller projects have been completed whist it was left untouched. I did do some work on it here, after deciding that the only way I stood a chance of finishing it was to make lots of hexagons, production line style, a round at a time.
 I now have 100 motifs at the round three stage.....

just one more round ...and 800 ends ( yikes ) then I can start joining ....still a long way to go I fear but sharing images here will hopefully spur me on :0)......

Here's a reminder of how the part I completed initially looks.......

Certainly colourful :0)

Have a great weekend .
Jacquie x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Hope that spurs you on. All those ends are daunting, but worth it. The Christmas brooch is so pretty. I was driving home from the store this morning thinking I wanted to make some poinsettias.

  2. Oh, I love your poinsettia brooch! And your Kaleidoscope blanket is going to be GORGEOUS!!!

  3. what a beautiful flower, I love your work, your work also inspired me to make a blanket
    in granny square, when i finish i will send you a picture.

    Kiss and keep the good work :)

    P.S. Sorry about my english it's not very good :S

  4. I too love that brooch! And I sure hope that blogging about something does spur us on, I know I need a push here and there. I love your kaleidoscope blanket!

  5. Wow im loving the Poinsettia brooch that is beautiful what a lovely idea. And those kaleidoscope shapes are so pretty and well i have said before how much i love your hexagons wish i could work those out. How will you sew your Kaleidoscope shapes together because they have no flat sides like my circles i did the only thing i knew was to just join them together but they do curl up that way. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  6. Hi Jacquie you really have the festive spirit, your brooch is lovely and I can't wait to see your gorgeous blanket all that colour, YUM!

  7. What a beautiful festive brooch. Wantsies!!!

  8. hello jaquie
    wow......i love your's perfect for this festive time. I am falling in love with your
    gorgeous kaleidoskop blanket.
    have a nice weekend,
    i love your blog

  9. Your brooch is lovely, very Christmasy...... also great crochet patchwork......xx

  10. That was a wonderful colour-fest! Thank you! Jxo

  11. Very striking Christmas brooch.
    Mr Owl is adorable.

  12. Your brooch is lovely and very nicely done too. I bet you got loads of complements wearing your scarf and brooch together as they really do both look rather lovely.

    I have reached stalemate with my blanket too which is such a shame as I really do love it and need it in this weather. I think it is enivitable sometimes with such a big project. I'm sure it will get finished in the end though

  13. Very pretty!! I love lots of color too!! Lisa

  14. Love the flowers and the beads and that is a lot of ends lol but it's looking very pretty. Love all the colors! You will finish sooner than you think!

  15. Isn't it strange when your photos do not quite capture what you're looking at...right in front of you.

    I do like your hexagon collection. I've got one myself in rather neutral grey, ivory, blue green tones, crocheted and connected perhaps a year ago. I imagine that I'll get going again on this project in early 2012, once I complete my current Santa workshop work.


  16. Lovely bright colors. So pretty and worth finishing.

  17. Yes very pretty and colorful...can't wiat to see it all...

  18. That brooch is very cheerful :) I must get round to swapping the one on my coat - currently still sporting my felt poppy!!

  19. A feast for the eyes! Loving your gorgeous handiwork, as always! Such a pretty flower, and the blanket...gorgeous! Oh, and the owl tape, so cute! What a lovely, cheery post, thank you! xxx

  20. Dearest Jacquie

    Such a fun, clever burst of colour to add to the festive season. I once knitted a poinsettia and it came out rather large but pretty anyhow.

    I once had one of those owl tape measures but it died on me after lots of use. I got itfrom a gorgeous local fabric and now yarn shop called The Owl and the sewing cat in Eastbourne. If you google it, their web page will come up for you to have a look.

    Thank you for your bursts of colour, always cheer me up xox

  21. I love your Kaleidoscope blanket, the colours are lovely!

  22. I love the brooch, it's just perfect for this time of year. I don't think anyone's camera's pick up the colour red very easily... it can be really frustrating!

    Your WIP blanket is beautiful! I lovvve the colours, I can't wait to see it finished but Blimey! That's a Lot of ends to sew in!

    Ashley xxx

  23. Hi Jacquie!
    I just finished a small flower brooch for myself. Now you have inspired me to make a Christmasy one.

    I love the colors of your blanket!!!

  24. The poinsettia looks stunning against your coat and scarf. Very striking. Gosh all those hexi's in the production line and so pretty in the different colour combinations too. Don't know where all these thread ends manage to come from.Lol. I'm busy knitting little animal finger puppets and with all the changes of colour the 1st little 2" duck had 20 threads to darn in!! Have fun with yours . Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. Just off to have a look at your rag rug wreath I have spotted on your side barand glean some tips. Just done one on a 2" wooden curtain ring and I bet yours will be an easier way of doing it.

  25. Love the broach,perfect for brightening a dark winters day. The blanket will be so pretty when finished,I made a little homage to your previous post of the little make up case,a purse for my daughters stocking.I did a little post today ,linking back to yours,what do you think? have a great week Jacquie,love

  26. ooh you are clever Jacquie, what a lovely brooch! Very festive :o) I too am in love with owls - have my eye on a similar owl tape measure in town, am hoping someone (aka The Bert) will have picked up on my not-so-subtle hints and it might appear under the Christmas tree!
    Jones xx
    PS - look forward to seeing work progress on the hexagons.

  27. I love that brooch and I can't wait to see your finished blanket it looks just lovely.
    Hugs Georgie xx

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  29. Hi, Jacquie!
    It´s been months since I´ve left a comment here! I´m having troubles with Blogger and I can´t comment in many blogs and even access some of them! It´s very frustating!
    I hope this time I can do it and say your projects continues to amaze me! Your pictures make smile and feel cozy. Reading your posts is part of my routine: I arrive at work, very early in the morning, take a cup of coffee and read it or just look at your photos! :)
    (P.S.: I just love your Poinsetia! It looks very Christmassy!)

  30. Hey Jacquie, what a gorgeous little tape measure, too darn cute. Think I would be taking it with me everywhere and measuring random things just so I could use it and spread the 'owl love' !!

    Your Poinsettia is fabulous, really packs a punch of colour to your coat and cowl. I'm sure you'll be fielding the compliments when you wear it.
    Your kaleidoscope blanket is progressing nicely and the number of ends is somewhat daunting, but WOW, it's going to look A M A Z I N G when it's finished. We all know you can do it Jacquie..........

    My fave photo from this post is the sun on the rooftop, from a beautiful, sunny Oz...........

    Claire :}


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