Sunday 12 February 2012

Life Indoors

Hello Lovelies,
this week I seem to have only left the house for work and the school run. It's been a very indoorsy sort of week.
This has mainly been due to the freezing weather we are having , but also because I'm feeling rather snotty and  generally bleugh with a cold that doesn't want to go away.
It may not have been a good week for fresh air, but it's been great for crochet progress. When I'm not feeling 100% I feel justified in relaxing with my hook :0)
Just yesterday the postman delivered some more yarn.....

Two balls of Stylecraft special DK . On the left it's Bluebell and on the right Aspen. I love these colours . Buying yarn online  is always tricky. THIS is what the photo of Aspen looks like ........ !?!
I would never had gone for that but luckily I saw what it really looks like in Heather's baby blanket. Bluebell was a gamble that paid off this colour too.

I've now made all the squares for my baby granny blanket , including some from these new colours . And as you can see I've added samples to my colour charts to remind me which colours to re-order when the time comes.....

As I gathered up my yarn yesterday afternoon I was rather taken by the  way the colours looked in the sun..........

A bit of sunshine and some sunny colours certainly help lift the spirits on a freezing day. Hot comfort food is also benificial.......

                                                 Rice pudding and raspberry jam...yum.

I'll leave you lovelies with some colourful artwork....another of my clever Mums creations ....

I love the colours and figures  in this scene.Did you notice the cute little dog....sweet :0)
Hope your Sunday is a good one .
Jacquie x
P.S. thank you for the comments and  awards you have given me are all so kind.


  1. Who needs utdoors when there is crochet :-)

  2. I know what you mean about the colours on the screen. To be honest I found that have the best photographs in that regard. I have not yet been disappointed when I chose colours from their site.
    BTW LOVE your colour combination

    1. I have exactly the same problem when ordering yarns for the shop. We tend to get sent digital images these days rather than the old fashioned, much preferred samples. I wish the suppliers would take notice - dont blame it on the websites/retailers - they are normally sent the images to use, by the suppliers, and unless they have the time/patience/skill to improve on these then they are lumbered.

  3. Sorry to hear that you've been feeling a bit under the weather ~ hope that you feel better soon. There's nothing quite like comfort food and crochet to help recovery! :O)xx

  4. Oh, for goodness sake, how are we expected to choose yarn online when the photos are so rubbish??? Thank goodness for other bloggers. I often Google Image a yarn colour - the variety is quite unbelievable!

    Do hope you feel less yucky soon. I prescribe lots more crochet therapy.

    Your Mum's painting is super; such wonderful colours. Is it painted with acrylics?


  5. Wow, there is quite a difference in the colours of that yarn isn't there? They are beautiful though and I am sure you will put them to good use. I hope you are feeling better soon. I have not been going outdoors much either, I have such trouble staying on my feet in this snow and ice. What is a girl to do apart from grab her hook and a bit of cheerful acrylic? Your Mum is very clever, I love the colours, she has captured the figures (and the dog) brilliantly. It has turned an 'ordinary' scene into a cheerful, bustling piece of art.

  6. Goodness, aren't the colours like chalk and cheese. It's a bit much when the manufacturer's website can't put up decent images. I know that there will always be a bit of variation depending on the screen resolution of one's PC/laptop but that is just awful.

    Ditto about going out in this weather. I've only been venturing out due to necessity. Much rather be indoors with my knitting/crochet, cup of tea by my self and a good film to watch.

    PS. Love your mum's painting. Such a talented lady :)

  7. This dreadful lurgy seems to linger doesn't it?!! But at least there's crochet!! Indulge in some therapeutic crochet time until you are well and truly better!! Cx

  8. Hey Jacquie, crochet and comfort food the best remedy for feeling bleugh....

    Hope you are feeling tip top, ASAP....

    Lovely colours of the new yarn but the difference in the colour of Aspen on the website !!

    Rice pud, haven't had that for years it certainly looks delish...

    Your mums pic is wonderful, bright and cheery colours she's used.

    Hope your weekend is relaxing,

    Claire :}

  9. I love your Mum's painting - it really captures the atmosphere! Hope you're feeling better. Maggie xx

  10. sorry to hear about the cold.maybe try some honey. love the colors. I hear you about ordering online. I dont normally unless I have seen it in better photos or in the painting.

  11. I am battling a cold too and this freezing weather is not helping. Hope you get better soon.
    Loving your yarns. And your granny squares. So jolly and colourful!

  12. Hope that cold clears up soon Jacquie... "Crochet is the best healer" isn't it? Or was that time? is definitely crochet! I'm amazed by that colour difference.. I think Stylecraft made a mistake there.. I try so hard to take true colour photos...sometimes the colours just don't want to play and then as Moleymakes says - the colours appear differently on different screens! Your Mum is so must be lovely to have her artwork on your walls.. :)x

  13. Hope you feel better soon! Ah yes, the gamble of online wool shopping, I know it well! Your Mum's painting is absolutely gorgeous. Does she have a blog or a website? Keep cosy and enjoy your new yarny goodness. :) xxx

  14. i love your colourful post, cheers my soul ;0)
    your mother's painting is really lovely x...i love rice pudding- very comforting ;0)x

  15. Found your blog through Serendipity Patch. Love your crochet work! Have a great week!

  16. I hope you feel better soon. I bought some stylecraft on line just before Christmas and ended up having to reorder. Like you I keep samples so I know what colour the yarn actually is. I would say that it's worth checking yarn colour on a couple of different websites before ordering because the colour reproduction can vary so much! Have a great week x

  17. Ooooh I love the way you keep track of your wool colours!! I have just cellotaped the paper wrapper thingy and a snip of wool into a book and it looks awful so I'm going to do it your way - right now!!!! Have a fab week.

  18. I love your mum's colourful painting and the market atmosphere she has created.
    I enjoy working with Stylecraft yarns too, most of the colours are gorgeous, though I have had a few nasty surprises which I pass onto my grandson for his spool knitting. He adores all those wild colours which don't quite fit into my crocheting!
    Keep warm and make yourself a nice mug of hot lemon and honey. It's a wonderful comfort drink when you're feeling under the weather!

  19. Your mum is very talented, lovely picture.
    I love those colours I'm working with them alot at the moment, I seem to be in a blue phase! I know what you mean about ordering online I have a couple of strange colours in my stash! Great idea to make a swatch, wish I was that clever to think of it.
    Stay warm and cosy. ♥

  20. The yarn looks great, but I really love your mum's painting. So much to see and still very balanced. She is very talented.

  21. Oh My! I L O V E your Mum's picture, it is just the kind I could look at all day and never tire of doing so. I wonder if she has an etsy?
    I had bought for my Christmas present the whole bundle of 17 Lucy colours ordered from Masons (there is a link to them on my blog they sell the whole pack for around £25 and are very quick to deliver. I shall send to them again as they have a really good selection all at £1.50 per 100g ball. Very good :0)
    I love popping into your blog, so inspiring!
    have a wonderful creative week! regards,
    Val xx Berkshire

  22. Great colours i love buying new wool the amount of colours you can buy is fab ;-) Hope you start to feel better soon enjoy your week, dee x

  23. All those colors are beautiful, I don't think you made a wrong choice when you picked them. Seeing so many of the mail order yarns has definitely turned me off to the Red Heart ones. I am bound and determined to use up all the yarn I have and then select new ones from other sources. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Some folk are going to be very disappointed with the Aspen if they wanted a pale colour!

    Hope you're feeling better now.

  25. Hiya Jacquie,

    Love the new blanket colours, but what really caught my eye was your mum's art. Does she ever sell them? Oh, what a visual treat they are! I love the scene, the pop of colours, and the overall general happy feeling it gave me. Tell her she has a devoted admirer on the other side of the 'pond!'

    Have a lovely day!

  26. Mums painting is stunning, I love it.
    Hope you are soon feeling better.


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