Friday 3 February 2012

Twenty Minutes of Solitude

Hello Lovelies,
school mornings are always rush,rush,rush .Probably due to my disorganisation:0)
Yesterday I came down with a cold ...first in ages ...and I was feeling fed up at all the sorting and nagging I was having to do to get us out of the house on time.

 Straight after school started I rushed back to  tidy the kitchen then out to the dentists,of course I did not leave enough time for the journey so I was  feeling stressed as they are very prompt at my dentists. Thankfully I  got there on time .

Next "appointment" was picking my Mum in law up to do our respective weekly food shopping.I still felt tense from the rushing and dental encounter, as I pulled the car over to one side to let another car pass, my eyes were distracted by a little spot I've passed many times but hardly noticed...if you know what I mean.
I pulled over somewhere safe, grabbed my camera and went for a little wander.

This small field is in a suburban area, with houses and roads on all four's not a park as such...just a green space for public use. I suppose that is what a park is .......... what I mean is there as no notices or play equipment, or flower beds or paths. Just a field with a few trees. There is one huge tree in the centre...

Wow, it's gorgeous,don't you think ?  I'm loving winter trees at the moment. The lower branches reach almost to the edge of this picture, though it's hard to see against the background

The night before  we had a very light dusting of snow and the temperature dropped to minus 7 degrees Celsius .So  when the sun came up everywhere looked so pretty. I walked about in the field, so glad that no one else was about . It was wonderful to relax and listen to the birdsong........

be enchanted by the frosty leaves.........

and ice crystals on the grass ...

I love the way the sun is shining through the grass blade and ice on the picture above.
I'm still using my little canon camera , it's a couple of years old, and nothing fancy but I LOVE the pictures it takes. It's  a compact so I can always have it with me and it copes really well with macro shots.I always go mad and take loads of pictures in this sort of situation, happy in the knowledge I can delete all but a few favourites.

I wander over to take a closer look at the tree...I think it's a Sycamore, judging by the leaves on the ground.....nothing unusual , but what a tree.........

Brilliant for climbing I would expect, if you are into that sort of thing. ....

I just like looking up at the brilliant blue sky through the bare winter branches.........

The sun is getting higher now, but it's still bitterly cold.I love the way it's rays have turned the top of the background in this picture back to green , while the rest is still icy and frozen..........

There are still lots of frosty things I want to photograph , but I'm getting frozen my self by now. So I head back to the car.....restored by twenty minutes solitude ....ready to brave the supermarket aisles. I feel balanced again and able to see what a wonderful life I have , good busy, with the opportunity to do things just for myself, like walking around a field, going for a run or picking up my hook.
Life is good and I'm so happy I discovered the wonderful bloggy community to share it with . Thank you all for your amazing comments about my Kaleidoscope blanket.They are appreciated more than I can say.
Hope you all have a happy weekend , with time to relax.
Jacquie x
P.S. back soon with news of my new project :0)


  1. As always beautiful pictures of Nature at its best. Thank you.
    Love from Mum

  2. I too have come down with a cold and have been feeling out of sorts and ground down by the pressures of the school run, etc. Your pictures are so beautiful and have given me the idea that sometimes it is ok to stop and look around, so it doesn't all pass me by. Thank you!

  3. Thank goodness for moments to ourselves, essential time to savour and very necessary for our sanity!

    S x

  4. Wow just looking at your pics have made me feel so relaxed & at ease, just the perfect start to the weekend :D
    Thank you Karen xx

  5. such beautiful pictures, I love the ones of the trees, and the leaves with frost!

  6. Beautiful photos. Since I started blogging I find I take my camera everywhere now!
    Have a good weekend.

  7. I have really enjoyed this post from the beginning to the last pictures. You described the stress and rush of morings perfectly and I smiled about your dentist journey because I've had quite a few trips to the dentist recently in the mornings having to beat rush hour traffic.

    I adore winter and I too marvel at frost's artwork. I am delighted we have snow in our part of France. And I ADORE winter trees: I find them totally inspiring.


  8. What a lovely post. The pictures are lovely and together with your words, they took me to a frosty English morning where my cheeks glowed and stung a little with the cold. Thanks for sharing your 20 minutes of solitude; so glad it did the trick!
    Jo :)

  9. Wasnt it lovely today? Cold but beautiful.
    I'm a huge fan of the macro, and you use it so well!!

  10. I'm so glad you took the time to stop and have a little wander all by yourself. I'm always amazed how nature is so soothing. Thank you for sharing you lovely photos too. I feel like I was on that walk with you admiring the frost and ice and that gorgeous big tree.
    Have a great weekend and I hope you recover from your cold quickly.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  11. What a lovely interlude of calm.Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. What a fantastic little interlude in your busy day. I must remember to carry my camera with me all the time. I guess you never know when these opportunities are going to arise.

  13. Lovely photos, especially the one with the deep blue sky through the branches.

  14. Ohhh wow what a tree indeed!! Thank you for sharing. A lovely post overall, just the pick me up I need. xxx

  15. Lovely to have a little time out, your photos are beautiful.

  16. Hey Jacquie, beautiful photos........I ♥ice encrusted leaves and what a tree it's amazing. I wonder how old it is?
    How nice to have those precious 20 minutes and that field all to yourself........

    A dentist that runs on all went well and your cold isn't too unpleasant.

    It's 28 deg. here today, very pleasant, can't even imagine -7 overnight.
    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  17. Just the loveliest blog, perfect for staring at....thank you so much for sharing.

  18. Was just talking about 'me' time today, we all need a little me time it is so important. Your photos are so lovely to look at, it is quite hot still at. 7.50pm, so looking at your frosty photo's makes me feel a little cooler.
    xx Sandi

  19. That tree is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I <3 finding those little spots of solitude, that little place that just lets you stop & take a deep breath. They always seem to appear at just the right time. The blanket is absolutely perfect!! Perfect for snuggling up under, esp with the snow thats forecast for today.xx

  20. Lovely photos> I love frosty mornings.

  21. What great shots of the frost, especially the blades of frosty grass! I too am obsessed with winter trees and frost at the moment, although it's a bit colder here in Finland (-24C this morning!) :)
    Hope you stay warm and have a great weekend!

  22. Great photos, and what a lovely quiet place to stop at.
    Sometimes the pressures of time and mornings makes me feel like I constantly moan at the children. I just need to have a moment to take a breath and them I feel normal (ish)!!

  23. I love your photos especially the sky through the branches. I gave you an award over at mine because I really enjoy your blog. Have a good weekend.

  24. Every mum needs a little battery recharging now and again, love your special place to o it, perfect.

  25. Ah, blissful. Such lovely piccies too. Looking forward to seeing your new project! :)

  26. Lovely pictures of a beautiful morning, frosty and perfect. I am loving the winter trees against the dusk skylines at the moment too. Reminds me of some of my favourite rubber stamps. I would love to know what sort of camera you have. It sure takes great macro pics for a ccompact model. Elaine x

  27. Beautiful photographs.

    I went to the dentists on Wednesday ... the place caught fire while I was there!

  28. Looks like the perfect spot for a quiet sojourn, and to snap a few wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing. Jxo

  29. I just love your pictures. I thought it was just me who took pictures like that....there is just something about the look of bare branches. I didn't think anyone else would feel the same way. I have several on my blog that I took. The colour of the sky through the branches.....seeds in their pods, they all make amazing pictures. I love the blades of grass its something I would have done but have not yet had the chance. Did you get right down there to take it or zoom? Sorry to ask questions

  30. What a lovely post. I feel inspired to buy a better camera and get out in the fresh air! Hope you're feeling better. Maggie xx

  31. You have taken some lovely shots there those close up ones of the leaves and the ice are amazing ;-) Have a lovely week, dee x

  32. What gorgeous photos Jacquie! I especially love the one of the grass blades all covered with frost, beautiful. Glad you found the time to stop and chill out, literally. We all need moments in our day like that, I think it's what keeps us sane!
    Hope you had a good weekend ♥

  33. Gorgeous pictures, Jacquie. I so know what you mean about the logisitics of getting out the door in the morning - I really do find that that first bit of the day, up to about half nine, is the most stressful part of the entire day. Nothing like a big burst of adrenaline to start your day!
    Emily x

  34. I love your blog, ive given you an award .
    please pick it up on my blog ,


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