Saturday 14 April 2012

Beginning Running

Hello Lovelies,
I've been thinking about blogging about my other hobby for some time now. I realise it's not going to be that interesting to a lot of you but I've decided I want to share my love of running this year
It's partly to inspire myself and record my feelings and maybe it could inspire a few of you too.

I will understand if you want to leave now ........... but do pop back soon for my latest crochet project...I'm writing a tutorial to go with it :0)

As you know I love lots of pictures in my posts so I did a little experiment when I was out running on a lovely sunny day  back in January . Would I be able to take pictures as I ran along ?  Amazingly the answer was yes :0)  I took loads and it was great fun. I see lots of great things when I go out and often wish I could share them with you or just take a picture for my own record.
So here are the least blurry .....along with some words ( maybe lots ) about my running journey so far.

Right, where to begin? Well, as a child I was in no way sporty, I hated P.E. with a passion and was a virtual non swimmer.I still hate competitive sports as I always get stressed out about letting the team down or making a fool of myself. That's not to say I hate exercise though.

Two years ago when  I started my little  blog  I was enjoying walking and wrote about it in posts like this.
The other fitness I did was the occasional aerobics class...step was my favourite...I enjoyed getting sweaty to some fun music .

Then in July 2010 I was talking to my friend who is a runner , saying I enjoyed walking but could not run...... I had tried a couple of times and quickly given it up as too strenuous and generally unpleasant . Her reply was " There is no reason why you can't run Jacquie...except in your head."
That really made me think . I am fortunate to be in good general health and my friend is a few years older than me, she only started running in her late forties. Maybe I should try again ?

So I started very gently. Just adding little jogs into my walks. Gradually , oh so gradually , increasing the time spent running.It was hard . Everything wobbled and I would be bright red and gasping for breath within a very short distance.But with reassurance/guidance from my friend I kept going.

After a few weeks I found this  and worked to the 5k training plan you can down load.
I went out every other day , just doing short jog/walks. I still couldn't attempt even a small hill but I was gradually getting better at running on the flat or downhill :0)

Eventually I felt ready to take part in a 3k fun run. Of course you don't need to take part in organised events at all but they are wonderful motivators. Knowing you have to be fit enough to cover a certain distance by a certain date really focuses you and the atmosphere on the day is great. They may be races but just enjoying the atmosphere is my main aim. I don't really care how long it takes me ...O.K. I would like improve in the future but it's not that important . I'm never going to be really fast , but I can still enjoy taking part.

So far I've completed two 10k  events ( that's 6.2 miles in case you were wondering). My highlight so far was my first half marathon ( that's 13 miles ) last Autumn . Thirteen miles ...THIRTEEN MILES's a flippin long way to run don't you think ? But managing it gave me such a wonderful sense of achievement. I was on cloud nine . All those events were with my running friend for support.
I'm certain I would not have attempted such a big distance without her encouragement.
I don't tend to take risks or challenge myself very much so being able to run that far is a very positive thing for me.

How do I feel when I'm running these days.....well, sometimes really shattered !! sometimes bored to death ( I often plan blog posts in my head to distract myself ) but overall I really enjoy being able to finally do it ....the best bit for me is when you round a corner and see a beautiful view after miles of slog and get a wonderful elated feeling, you suddenly have loads of energy and feel like you are speeding along , well , relatively speeding :0)

This year I my running firsts will  ( hopefully) be completing a 10k then half marathon without my friend for support. My first solo 10k is coming up soon and I'm a bit concerned I will get my pace all wrong ....I don't want to get swept along with faster runners and then collapse before the end !

I'm also conscious I'm lucky to be healthy enough to enjoy running . So another big part of my motivation will be raising money for charity.Loosing my friend to cancer earlier this year gave me even more incentive to run for a cancer charity.

Well done if you stuck with this post .....I'm happy I recorded all this for my own reference in years to come. I do hope some of you found it interesting .
Jacquie x


  1. Very well done for your running programme!I enjoyed the photos! You will surely keep very fit.
    I used to run when my children were young and a few years ago I discovered pole walking and have been doing that ever since. It actually suits me better than running, especially as one of my knees was complaining big time! No complaints with the rapid pole walking though!
    I shall be back when you're talking crochet!
    Have a lovely weekend and good running!

  2. Good for you, go for it girl and if you can raise a bit of money for charity along the way that's wonderful. You're doing something you like out in the fresh air with (mostly) wonderful scenery and keeping fit at the same time, I take my hat off to you, Lucey x

  3. Good on you, lady! I used to be addicted to running. That hit of endorphins was an everyday event for me. Sadly there is a dodgy knee in the mix now and I'm the daggy speed-walker gazing wishfully at the disappearing runners in front of me...

  4. Thank you for sharing your running thoughts!As human beings, we are not only one person (crafty, for example), but we have different passions and interests, right? All these make us complete!
    xxx Alessandra

  5. Well done on your achievements, I would love to be able to run - like you I was rubbish at p.e. always last to be picked - I've downloaded the couchpotato to 5k and been out once!!! shame on me, my problem is motivation - any excuse not to go, but I really should as I dont really do any other excercise - yes I walk, but my hobbies are all based around sitting on my fat bum!! Its good to know that if your not a born runner it is something achievable - in fact I would go out now and start... but its raining - lol - maybe tomorrow xx

  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences about running. It's something I would like to do one day too, but I would have to start very slowly, I guess just like you did.
    Anne xx

  7. I just loved to read this blog post!! It's pretty much the same with me: I hated sports at school, but when I was grown up I started going to aerobic classes (and step was favorite, too *gg*), and later started walking. About six or seven years ago I've started running, not very enthusiastic though - it's always just for a few weeks every summer and the rest of the year I'm quite lazy. This year I started training earlier (in January) on the running belt in the fitness studio. What I really need is a goal I think - like a 3k or 5k run, like you did. You made me think now...

    Anyway, great post - I'm looking forward to read more!

  8. Hey Jacquie, I find it interesting reading about peoples interests/goals and how they got there or what inspires them...

    You know after reading your post, I am inspired to get out and get moving ...

    Look forward to reading more about your jogging exploits.

    Claire :}

  9. I am not a runner but did enjoy reading your blog - gives encouragement and inspiration to try different things - thanks for sharing.

  10. I read EVERY word with great interest. I felt like I was reading a post my daughter would have written (if she blogged, that is). As a kid, she wouldn't do ANYTHING that had the word "sport" associated! She was overweight and not driven to do anything. And then it all changed about four years ago. Like you, she began slowly. And she has the exact same accomplishments of 10Ks and a half marathon under her belt! My husband and I wept tears of joy for her when she crossed the finish line at the half marathon. What an amazing accomplishment! She is now addicted to running! But has been experiencing some issues with injury and recurring foot issues - so be careful!!!! So happy for you - what a great post. It's the victories in life that you should celebrate! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Annette

  11. Loved reading this post and your progress from walking to running.
    I love walking and like you I often plan blog posts while I walk - whether I ever develop to running I don't know but isn't it great when you can find a form of exercise that works for you. xxx

  12. Running is definately a mental thing! Keep going! I am a bit on and off with running but I am very passionate about it. I need some decent running trainer's before I venture out again. My brother is my inspiration for me as he is seriously addicted to running ever since he was a teenager - competing in all sorts - he kills me when ever I get the chance to do a run with him but it really motivates me to do more than I have ever done. I always look at the view when running and my mantra is ignore the pain the view is great - look at the sheep :)

    Leah x

  13. I loved reading your post because I decided just last week that I am going to start running! I too thought that I did not have the stamina to even attempt to start running and last year I joined a gym, but I found the Couch-to-5k training programme somewhere last year and wanted to start running ever since. I finally made the decision to go for it last week! (now I need to wait until I get paid to go and get a pair of good running shoes, because I don't want to start without those, but after next week I'm going to start running!

    I don't think I'll ever be as brave as you to actually do a run, but who knows, maybe when I've got this training programme down ;)

  14. Well done you! I like posts on different subjects so I will always read them. I go out walking most days, but I can't run for toffee. When I'm out with my daughter she 'makes' me do short spurts of running but I don't enjoy it.

  15. Hi Jackie! Loved this post ... good luck on racing solo, once you've done your first race solo you will be fine. When I first started running I raced with my friend on 5ks /10ks and then she went on holiday and I did a 10 mile race on my own...I felt physically sick when I got there ..all on my own..but the feeling afterwards was brilliant...every little bit of the challenge was down to me and no-one else. That was a few years ago now and I've never looked back, and racing whether with friends, my other half or on my own is such a buzz!

    Pop over to my blog this week as I'll be posting about my 10k race which is tomorrow (carbo loading tonight - Chocolate and Pasta .. yum!)
    Fleur xx

  16. Hi Jacquie, thank you for this post, it'll sure help me change my mind, being less lazy and start running! It'll be a really slow start, but I'm sure eventually I'll make it!

  17. well im not into sports or any kind of excercise...but if i had someone to drag me along i wouldnt say no. your post was very nice and interesting and as always your pictures beautifull.
    cant wait for the crochet tutorial!!!

  18. well done you!!!! you must feel proud. I love walking and just after my hip ops as a 17-18 yr old id jog quite a lot to build up the muscle and p.t.a mummy friend is a keen runner and does a lot of charity runs...she's asked me to jog with her. but being quite unfit jogging wise- dont have the strength to do it with someone so fit. but wondering about a solo jog...i have been doing well fit wise with a brisky walk every morning when i drop sophia at school- and noticed id lost weight doing that 2 hrs a day...think its all the hills here!...i'd like to be a stone light and hope i can reach my goal by the summer holiday...lovely photos xx

  19. Yeah-You! I've been wanting to start up.
    You have great scenery for running!
    Maybe if I go straight to the park from work...

    Two in the Nest

  20. I think it's great that you have persevered and reached the point you're at. A 13 mile run sounds phenomenal to me. I'm not in a position health-wise to run, but I do enjoy walking. Your post was very inspiring and I look forward to hearing more about your achievements. :) GO YOU! xx

  21. Well done you. I'm seriously impressed. I'm a fair weather runner and started again this year, just last week. I was so unfit after a winter of NO exercise but its amazing how quickly you build it back up again and then dont want to stop and regress. I'm only covering about 3 miles in total at the moment but my goal is 5 miles non stop by then end of the summer and then to carry on through the winter. A running buddy really helps tho.
    Good luck with your races.

  22. Awesome. I too am currently blogging about my fitness. I have not really mention it lately but I did. It is a good idea to record your workout and your feelings. I really think this is a awesome idea. I can't wait to start reading it. Love the photos of your plan. I know you will look good,feel great, do awesome on your running. I will be cheering you on:)

  23. This is so impressive and well done you! I also read every word and found it fascinating. I do my bit on the treadmill and I know what you mean about the boredom levels but I've sort of got round that by watching dvd's, working my way through sex in the city series atm. Suzy x

  24. I'm soooooooooooo jealous that you can run like this!! I gave up smoking 18 months ago and tried jogging but unfortunately got something called shin splints which is very painful. I do walk quite often and to relieve the boredom I listen to audiobooks!!! Give it a try! lol x

  25. i really used to love running before i had my first child, in fact I got rather addicted to it (can think of worse things to be addicted to lol). I really must start again, thanks for the inspiration x

  26. Well done and good luck with your upcoming events.
    Could I just ask please...would you consider sharing how you made your granny pin cushion sometime? I've really enjoyed reading your blog :-) Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  27. Good for you! What a great post and very inspiring. I used to run long distance and loved it. I'm so unfit nowadays but prefer cycling and walking. You're truly fantastic! :)

  28. Hi..I am new to your blog. I just love the scenery..what a great place to run and the you did good taking pictures while running they look great! Shari

  29. Well done Jacquie,and good luck for the solo half marathon,lovely piccies.

  30. Good for you Jacquie I'm seriously impressed with the distances you run. I was managing about three miles last year but stopped when I got a virus and never really started again. I'm thinking about giving it another go because it is a great way to get fit and boost energy!

  31. Thanks for sharing this, Jacquie, it was almost like reading my own story! I started almost 3 years ago, with friends who encouraged me. My first race was a 5K fundraiser for our school, that was my target. A few months later, I ran a 10K with my friend, and last autumn, we ran our first half marathon. I've now signed up for the school's race again, and even inspired my husband to do it! And I've signed up for the half marathon again :) Like you, I don't always find it easy, I also get bored, but I also love I can do it, and that I'm healthy enough to do it. Keep up the good work, I'll be looking forward to your running posts as much as to your crochet posts! :))

  32. Well done you!!! I walk a great deal and would love to have the courage to try and start to run...maybe with your encouraging blog posts I will!! This year!!
    Take care

  33. Music to my ears, It could have been me writing this post except the bit about completing a half marathon! I completed my first parkrun 5k on Gorleston Cliffs this saturday. Well done on the running, it really can be exilirating, Libby x

  34. Well done, You must be really proud of yourself. I have tried running a couple of times but I feel embarrassed at puffing and being like a beetroot as I pass people. I have been known to hold my breath if someone passes so they can't tell I'm out of breath (as if they can't tell from purple cheeks something is going on!!). Good luck with the solo run. Lily. xxx

  35. I don't run you , I have always told myself that I can't...and now I tell myself that it is too late :)... I love the countryside you are able to run through though...that must be so inspiring! Jill x

  36. I just found your blog and i love it!
    I was very sporty all my life, even did Thai-boxing Championships and training every day and running tree times a week. Then there was the cancer, it was a very diffucult time in my life with operations, chemo and radiations. But it helped and i am healthy again! Only thing is my right leg gets thick if i use it to much. No running for me anymore, but i can swim.Sorry to hear you lost your friend. I love that you running for this case. I wish you all the streanght. Thanks for sharing your action pictures, they brought back sweet running memories for me.

  37. It's funny isn't it that we think we can't run. I was hopeless at cross-country running at school and was always at the back, walking. I started running in my early 30's but hated running outside until I read a book full of other people's stories of how they took up running and I thought "well, if they can do it...". I for one will be interested in your running posts! Good luck with your races this year. xxx

  38. I so enjoyed your post about running (ON A CROCHET BLOG!), and it was great to discover that there are in fact other people in the world who can love crocheting and running! Well done on achieving so much already with your running; it sounds as if you've definitely discovered what joy and pleasure it can bring when something that originally seemed totally impossible becomes possible and then finally achieved!
    I am absolutely mad about crochet and have made all sorts of lovely, bright things (although the blog I started - - was quickly abandoned, as I just don't have the time). I am also a working mom to three kids. And in two weeks' time I will be running the Comrades Marathon for the third time (it is a 90km race in South Africa). So it is truly possible to combine motherhood, crochet and running (and even a few more things, I'm sure). Please do post more ... can't wait to hear. x Kari from Cape Town


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