Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Colour on a Grey Day

Hello Lovelies,
 Well, continuing on with the drippy wet theme I seem to have going on here at the moment ....sigh. This morning was very wet, not just showers , but a real downpour. I was very happy I remembered my's so cheerful with it's bright polka dots.........

Nevertheless the streets of town , with their puddles to dodge and chilly wind were not very inspiring. My feet were damp with a very short time and I was glad to take refuge inside a cozy coffee shop and watch the rain through the window........

And enjoy and hot cup of tea and a toasted teacake, yummy.....

All too quickly it was time to brave the rain soaked streets again, some essential supplies still needed to be bought , but to cheer myself up I tried capturing pictures of some pretty things I had spotted amongst the gloom. These tulips and bellis daisies looked so bright and springlike....

This newly laid paving was lovely and shiny , the rain highlighted the different colours of the individual slabs.......

Plants in a pavement flower stall were enjoying a refreshing drink of rainwater..................

Unsurprisingly no one felt like getting a wet bottom siting on these benches ,but the raindrops on the shiny metal looked striking............

Grey,wet weather is not what I would wish for on a day off , generally it does nothing for my mood , but the reflections and the raindrops are pretty ,and then something like this catches your eye..........

Wowwwwww   sunshine in a box . This intense orange really jumped out against the dull , rainy background ..............and carrying an umbrella makes it easier to take photos of such things without people spotting what you are up to :0)...............

When I got home , amazingly, the clouds had parted and there were a few sunny minutes to take some pictures of my latest make............what do you think?

A cute bunny in a bonnet pushing a pram....a Bunny Mummy :0).....the inspiration for this design mostly came from here.

This little collage is for a banner on my ETSY shop......yes I'm finally getting closer to opening it 

I am  disappointed  with how my little camera struggles to take a sharply focused image of my's much better at capturing crochet and flowers...I wonder why ?

The rain is now falling again outside and the conservatory roof has sprung a leak ! I'm keeping my fingers crossed  for  some  sunshine this weekend ....I need to visit a bluebell wood this year and I recon they will be at their best at the moment.

Thank you all for your running and crochet comments. My tutorial and Ta dah should be ready soon.
Jacquie x
P.S.   My brolly is from Primark                      


  1. What beautiful pictures, you managed to make a rainy day all cheerful and bright :)

  2. such a beautiful brollie for a rainy day, week, month!!! hehe ;0)
    love the banner- etsy shop- exciting!!...those oranges make my mouth water...lovely colours thanks for sharing xx

  3. Such beautiful photographs!!!!...even if it was raining.
    And the collage is super-cute. At first, I thought it was going to be your new blog "header", but for Etsy is great too. Lovely!
    Ana BC

  4. Our conservatory sprung a leak today too! It has happened once before during a freak downpour when the force of the rain moved the seal so I am hoping it is just that :)
    I love your pics and the collage is just fab.

  5. Ohhh' Jacquie I so love your pics these did brighten my day, it's dull and grey and lots of rain here too...
    Your B/M collage for your Etsy shop is beautiful love it... here's hoping and praying for sunshine... :)
    Hugs Sarah x

  6. Love the collage! And of course all the other pics. I'm thinking u should just adjust your camera settings, not that I know much about these things at all! Celeste x

  7. You made a rainy day look fun and cheerful! Best wishes for your etsy shop! xoxo Debbie

  8. Your Bunny Mummy Collage made me say Ahhh out loud its so lovely. Good luck for your Etsy shop. Debs x

  9. Lovely cheerful pictures. Don't mind the rain, just hate the wind too! Good luck with the Etsy shop.

  10. The weather has been so wicked here in the south east too Jacquie, I do love your capture of gorgeous happy colours on such a grey day! Your banner is too sweet for words, I am sure your shop will be a great success with all your fabulous makes xox Penelope

  11. Got to love a cheerful brolly! And you collage is just the sweetest. Thank you for brightening a grey day
    Victoria xx

  12. Your photos of a dreary day have cheered me up! I love that brolly, must have one. Your banner is beautiful you clever thing, so looking forward to your shop opening.
    Kandi x

  13. Fabby photos! Strange I'm admiring them whilst listening to the rain hammering down outside...
    love your collage too.

  14. Lovely banner and such a great, crafty way of making it! Have you got a tripod you can use? I'm no photographer but apparently it's 'the' thing for sharp images. Try propping your camera up somewhere if you haven't got a tripod. Either that or look at your settings so you can have a real fast film speed (ISO), that helps cut out camera shake.

  15. Love your banner Jacquie, just perfect! It was very wet here today too, waay too windy for an umbrella though even a jolly red one! Hope your leak is not too serious, we had one that filled up our wellies, helpful!

  16. oof yes, needed that burst of colour! It's very very very grey here and pouring with rain, lovely.

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  18. your photos are beautiful, so cheery despite the rain, love your cute brolly, I do like a cute brolly, important for good cheer I think!!!!!
    Sweet banner, looks so good, wonderful idea

  19. What lovely photos - there can be beauty in everything if you look for it can't there. Lily. xxx

  20. Fsb pics - they've made the grey & wetness look pretty :)

    Still hoping for the return of sunshine very soon though.

  21. It is a lovely thing to still find brightness and inspiration on such a dreary day! The weather has been particularly horrid this Spring - lets hope for some lovely WARM sunshine soon. X

  22. Love your banner Jacquie!

    Oh what great rainy day pictures, I actually love a rainy just gets a bit depressing when it's everyday! How about running in the rain ... I love nothing more than the feeling of fresh spring/summer rain on my face as I run, how about you?

    Fleur xx

    1. Love that too refreshing . Just not keen on puddle dodging and wet feet :0)
      Jacquie x

  23. Lovely pics Jacquie, the collage is spot on. I've just returned to crochet and had a bit of tuition last week so love seeing your projects and brilliant tutorials. Thank you x

  24. You were brave heading out in the rain, you do make it look so cheery though.
    Have you tried taking the photo using your macro setting?

  25. It is raining here too, except that it is warm rain since I live in the tropics and the whole notion of winter is very foreign to me . . . I hope it is OK with you, I make mention of your fire in my latest posting. Cheers! love your work so by the way.

  26. What a fab brolly - I have one quite similar though it is a child's one so quite small :D Lovely bright zingy colours on a grey dull day are great - those flowers are gorgeous! Cute collage too, good luck with the last few bits for your Etsy shop xxx

    p.s as for photos, I'm sure you use your close up macro setting already but if not it will work wonders with your pictures... mine is like a little icon of a flower! xxx

  27. Jacquie- thank you so much for sharing your viewpoint of life with us through your words and your lovely may have been a gray day but you did indeed manage to find and point out marvelous color to all of us. You certainly cheered me up on this gray day. love and prayers!

  28. A lovely colourful post, way too wet and dismal here this week too.
    Love the collage banner, that is just adorable.

  29. Your collage is lovely! You're very clever! I hope all goes well with your Etsy shop. I have had one open for a few months now and it has been a lot of fun, though quite a lot of work as well!

  30. A lovely post Jacquie........shall swap you my sunny, blue sky/cloudy day for your grey, gloomy weather.

    The pic from inside the cosy coffee shop is wonderful.......♥♥♥ it.

    Fab umbrella, you just need some stylish wellies to keep your feet dry...

    Your etsy shop banner is just sooo darn cute it's a crime.....
    Have a great weekend,

    Claire x

  31. love the collage and the pretty snapps :) ihave to ask, do you use a digital camera or an android phone for your images? If you use android I'd recomend downloading HDR camera ap for free if you don't have it already :D it adds more depth to the colour of the images and is real fun to play with! x

  32. I'm loving the raindrop photos in this and your last post.

    Can't wait to see the finished boat hanging too.

  33. The banner is great! Your collages are just as beautiful as all your crochet!

  34. Oh! toasted tea cake is so long since I've had one can't get them over here...sniff! sniff!
    Well for a rainy rainy day you've certainly been able to catch some really interesting shots....the brolly pic really drew my attention...great contrast. :-)

    Keep well



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