Tuesday 10 April 2012

Easter Outdoors

Hello Lovelies,
I have some outdoor images to share today. They are quite unusual for my little blog as there is no sun in any of them. I did not set out to blog only sunny images but lately I'm conscious that I only tend to get my camera out when the sun shines. I think I just like my  blog to look pretty and happy ....not grey and drab.

Well unfortunately yesterday was a very grey sort of day ....but we braved the elements , and terrible weather forecast, and made our first trip to the seaside this year. Encouraged by family who were also keen to make the trip.
I thought it was a bit mad...so will you when you see the pictures but actually we had a great time .That is why I'm keen to record it here.

The journey was relaxed , no rush or motorway driving. We chatted about daft things and had a laugh. I noticed how , now the boys are getting older, they can remember landmarks on the journey and they enjoy seeing odd things we have noticed on previous trips along this route.

It's true the landscape would have looked prettier in the sunshine but every where there were signs of spring. I loved this yellow field....not rapeseed but Daffodils...yay.....

In Norfolk lots of the villages have these interesting signs that are fun to spot........

We were heading for Hunstanton ,where the seafront gardens had pretty primulas...thankfully they were withstanding the wind ........

It was temping just to go straight into a coffee shop to hide from the wind and rain.......

But when the rain eased a little we headed for the beach ............

It was pretty deserted , not many mad fools like us out today.........

Thankfully we soon got a text from the boys cousins to say they had arrived. I love the games this group play , especially on the beach..........

While they built a sand dam I chatted with the in laws and watched the amazing antics of the Kite boarders.......

can you see the guy in the middle , he must be twenty feet in the air.

We even had a welly booted paddle.........

It's true , it was darn wet and windy but with lots of layers, a windproof coat and a baseball cap to stop my hair blowing in my eyes it was great to be out , breathing in  the fresh, sea air after a week cooped up indoors. What's that saying , there is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothing :0)......

After an hour or so of buffeting we finally gave up and went for some lunch, followed by a little session on the penny falls machines, trying and succeeding to win these strange things, ummm, well it was fun getting them..........

Before we went back to the car the boys had an ice-cream....brrrr....how can children eat this stuff outdoors all year round ?............

I treated my self to a very modest purchase..........

A couple of reto style postcards. I loved the nostalgic feel of this one. Makes me look forward to our summer holiday. We are going to north Devon this year, somewhere we haven't been before........

We will be staying in a caravan. Not this type but the static variety. I love this image as the caravan looks very like the one we had when I was little ...........

They are by the talented Martin Winscombe who also paints on driftwood. Maybe you have seen some of his work?
Today has been lovely and sunny...typical :0)
Back soon with a mini crochet ta-dah .
Jacquie x


  1. Love the beach in any weather - as long as there's a warm cup of tea and a cake somewhere near by (known in our family as a 'tea and sticky bun stop'! We've always called Hunstanton 'sunny Hunny' - or not so in your case - but looks like you had a fun day :-)

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all! North devon will be lovely in the summer, I am getting married in ilfracombe in July! We will both have to cross our fingers for a bit more sunshine!

  3. Hi Jacquie, have been reading your blog for a while now but this is my first comment. We love the seaside too and go in all weathers, there's nothing quite like being blown along the beach all wrapped up then heading for a lovely cuppa snug in the car :) have a lovely day, hope the sun is out
    Victoria x

  4. Jacquie, we have the very same ice-cream trucks over here (in Australia) down to the same paint work and color, except ours are called 'Mr Whippy' Lovely day at the beach despite the weather.
    xx Sandi

  5. Yeah I agree, never the wrong weather only the wrong clothing!
    It looks like a nice little place to visit, one day I will get down that far.
    Kandi x

  6. I love walking along the beach in the breeze and cold, sounds like you had lots of fun x x

  7. Oh you were brave - it wasn't the best weather this weekend was it :(

    Love the field of daffs and the village sign. I've a friend who is cycling to every village in Suffolk and Norfolk and has her pic taken by the signs to prove it - she is raising money for the EACH childrens hospices.

    Love the caravan post card too - I've some of those but not those too - shall keep a look out this summer especially for the caravan one.

  8. I am glad the weather didn't stop you from visiting the beach. The kids can fun anywhere, anytime, regardless of the weather!! I'm taking my little ones to the beach near my mother's home this weekend. They are calling for sunshine - I hope it arrives!

  9. I love the beach when I'm wrapped up warm! The postcards are lovely x Maggie x

  10. You take awesome pictures. Looks like you had a good time even in the cold.


  11. The weather here on the island was bloomin terrible too, but I am glad to see you braved it and went out. I have to get out everyday with the kids, and it always helps to blow the cob webs away :)

  12. Once again wonderful photos...............xx

  13. Wow a whole field of daffodils how beautiful :) We had a static caravan at the beach when the kids were little so spent many happy hours well wrapped up on the beach, I never understood the kids' ability to eat ice cream under those kind of conditions either! Altogether a lovely day out thank you so much for sharing :)

  14. I was at Heacham beach on Easter Sunday with family, weather was much better than you had! I do love this part of the country.
    Brilliant postcards, i could do with a caravan like that too.

  15. Looks like you had a great day out! I'm glad we're not the only crazy family who venture out in WEATHER! And how curious that you are going to North Devon, a place we know really well and we are going East, a place we don't know at all! Isn't wet weather gear and wellies glamorous!

  16. You just won't believe this, but I lived this exact day on Monday!!!!a rainy day at the beach, a stint on the tuppeny falls, followed by a purchase of those EXACT same two postcards!!!!!!how is it possible?????our lives are spookily parallel time after time xxxx

  17. Ha! I just posted on Attic 24's blog to say how much your lives are similar!!


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