Monday 22 April 2013

♥ 52 weeks of happy ♥ 16/52

Hello Lovelies,
What a difference a week makes....a week with lots of warm sun ...Spring is really progressing in leaps and bounds , new shoots appearing almost as you's wonderful to see.I'm really trying to slow down and absorb all the beauty around me.
Here are my small joys from such  a happy time of year.

1.The return of leaves........

 Unfolding Horse Chestnut leaves in the early morning sun

 The hawthorn hedges are clothed in zesty, bright new foliage.

along the roadside, feathery Cow Parsley leaves are springing upwards.

2. Breezy weather
Midweek it was really windy and I feared for my plastic greenhouse. We rushed about adding extra weight ...bags of compost...and tightening the guy lines, thankfully it survived.

But I still like a breezy day for.........

 Making the washing dance on the line.... with extra pegs for security ......I love the smell of line dried washing and on a windy day it's so soft and even fresher smelling.

 My little plastic windmill was just a blur of colour as it whizzed around...not easy to capture on camera ( this is the best I could get, using the  "sunset" setting on my little compact.

It was great to throw open the windows and give the house a good blast of fresh spring air.

3.Walking beside water......

On a calm and  sunny day at the weekend this was such a peaceful place to wander, enjoying  the reflections and stillness.

4. Healthy snacking.........

Always easier when the weather improves don't you think. I'm currently eating lots of  Kiwi fruit........simply cutting them in half and scooping out the flesh with a teaspoon...yummy.

Hope you all have a happy week
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely photographs Jacquie, the ones with the water look so calm and peaceful. We had lots of wind here too, it blew things all over the garden and my watering can ended up right down at the bottom of the garden from out side the back door! Love the drawing on your last post too, the lupins remind me of my dad he always had loads in the garden :-) Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  2. I love it when all the leaves start unfolding - especially the chestnut leaves like yours above!
    Now that washing blowing on the line is just perfect for your next drawing! It's a fun subject to capture!
    I love your windmill, I have the exact same one planted in my window box containing my Hidcote Blue lavender plant! Your Kiwi looks inviting... probably because I'm just about to have breakfast! Have a lovely week!

  3. Love the tree framed church photo, a beautiful composition. I think it feels like an allotment day. Yeay!!! Jo x

  4. Hi There, Such lovely photo's!!! Love the one with the church!!! Also a nice one for a drawing session, perhaps add a few duck, birds and kids feeding the ducks???!!!

  5. We like lots of the same things - watching nature unfold and washing drying in the sunshine.

    I used to love kiwifruit too but developed an allergy to them a few years ago and now they are on the banned list :(

  6. Lovely photos as always! I especially liked the cow parsley photo it's one of my favourites I love it's delicate lacy flowers. Some people think it's a weed, I think it's far to pretty x

  7. Best way to eat them don't you think, my daughter used to call them green eggs! :) x

  8. Nature is a great artist , enjoy this new week.
    Liefs, Melanie

  9. Beautiful photos, Happy Spring!

  10. Lovely photos - your Spring looks further ahead than mine. I am going to go out at lunchtime and take some photos. As you say, you can't beat line dried washing. :)

  11. I enjoyed your walk today. It's +2c here today and maybe I should think about putting my laundry on the line.
    Do you have a 'sports' setting on your camera, or something similar for fast moving objects. Might come in handy for the windmill shot.

  12. I think we all need to take a moment to appreciate those lovely moments in life- it really lifts the spirits.

  13. Tiny-green-leaf season is my favorite time of year. Yum, I love kiwifruit, and I eat it the same way. I could eat ten of those a day.

  14. Oh you are certainly ahead of our progress towards spring. Your photos are lovely. I can't wait to feel the warm breezes!

  15. I can't wait for the hawthorn and the cow parsley to flower along the canal - and now it's starting to look like it might just happen! Well done on the healthy snacking - I've just had a healthy creme egg! Jane x

  16. Minha filha Juliana tem 10 anos e adora desenhar.
    Ela amou seus desenhos.
    São muito lindos.

  17. I am also currently enjoying kiwis too Jacquie and am LOVING hanging my clothes out to try. Yes, a favourite fresh smell of clean sun kissed linen, love it! xxx Penny

  18. Oops I meant to dry and not to try!

  19. Looks like Spring has arrived in your corner of the world, and how lovely it seems too. We're still waiting here (still cold!), can't be long now, surely! Love the first photo of the horse chestnut leaves against the blue sky.

  20. Thank you for these beautiful pictures. :-) J'aime beaucoup votre blogue !

  21. Beautiful pictures Jacquie, and how funny I have just done a post with a picture of my washing on the line and how happy it makes me feel lol.

  22. Hi, Jacquie! Wow! The spring has settled there I guess, lovely views..I wish I was there now. Have a fab week ahead!

  23. hello there- such a beautiful day here in dorset today! happy to have found your lovely blog and to be your newest follower! x

  24. Another lovely post Jacquie - thank you for bringing back the lovely memories of long ago when I soooo loved to see and smell the hawthorn bushes; now that is a sure sign that spring is springing! The church in the background of your first water view makes that such a brilliant shot, well done!

    It is so nice to see fresh bright washing blowing on the line; many moons ago I recall my Mum bringing in washing from the line and it was frozen stiff. We don't have that problem here in Australia!!!
    Joy xx

  25. Leaves on trees has been making me happy this week too! And such a simple pleasure to peg washing on the line on a warm, windy day. x


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