Tuesday 30 April 2013

Sea Breezes and Salty Air

Hello Lovelies, 
We live a long way from the coast so time spent there is usually restricted to our main holiday or a day trip....Most years,  at Easter, we make a journey to take in some coastal views and sea air, but this year the weather was so bitterly cold we didn't.
As soon as the weather improved though I started to long for a little seaside break. Happily Mr BM was also keen.
 I didn't really mind if it was cold , but I was really hoping for some sunshine.
On Friday evening we  travelled through pretty spring countryside , and admired the wonderful sky....... 

we were all impressed by the journey over the Humber Bridge .........

 Looking down on the estuary as the sun set........

I was keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine the next day.
 I just wanted to open the curtains to see blue sky........I was not disappointed :0)

This picture was taken about 9 am....our first sighting of the sea in 2013........ reflected sunlight and fluffy clouds.......lovely

This is the beach at Withernsea on the East Yorkshire coast, somewhere we had not visited before. It was windy and pretty chilly but that didn't matter to us.
 The boys and Mr BM enjoyed skimming stones , while I just soaked in the panoramic views........

We wandered along slowly, looking for interesting finds and amazingly my youngest soon spotted some sea glass.....

I say amazingly as we have never managed to find any before.

The beach was almost deserted and it was very pleasant to explore.

in the distance we could see a castle like structure.

This part of  the east coast is  subject to erosion there are some serious sea defences. ......

I liked the pretty attic windows, just visible over the sea wall.

Eventually we reached the "castle" which is actually the entrance to a long lost pier......

Isn't it lovely ....with it's wonderful warn stone it looked like a giant sandcastle.

We climbed the steps and decided to explore the town for a while.
The sunken gardens were deserted.

We wandered on and  found a local bakers where we  spent a happy few minutes choosing a treat each.........

Withernsea is a small unpretentious resort . I loved the old terraced houses, particularly this corner house with it's amazing....what would you call that? ....a turret ?...what ever it is, it's fun ........

We had travelled up this road in search of the thing that is casting a huge shadow in this picture.

Eeeek , how wonderful is that.....a beautiful white light house against a deep blue sky.

This lighthouse is no longer used and is now a museum , which sadly was closed went we visited. But thankfully you could still wander around the outside which we were very happy to do.

Around the back we found this super friendly cat, he or she gave us a lovely warm welcome.......

and the garden looked pretty in the sunshine...........

Here is the view of the lighthouse from the garden.

These days , when I'm planning a visit to somewhere new, I tend to search google images for inspiration and interesting links.....pictures of the pier gateway and lighthouse caught my imagination and I also loved THIS picture.......Awww , here it is that sweet little out building..........

We enjoyed exploring the town, but soon the beach was calling us again. This time there was dam building and even paddling for my boys..........

while I was happy to sit among the boulders and sketch............

I love the seaside in the summer , but there is also something special about the quiet you get out of season.......

When it looked like rain we headed back to our  static caravan for lunch , and afterwards the sun returned. Sitting on the caravan steps, out of the wind,  it was really quite warm....not warm enough for bare feet but warm enough for socks :0)

Revived by a simple lunch and yummy cakes we hopped in the car and headed out to explore further afield.
Again the beach was calling so we didn't see much of Hornsea apart from this.
I love that all my boys are so happy on the beach. This time they spent ages dodging the powerful waves

and they found me more sea glass.........

These cute little Sandpipers made us laugh, they too seemed to enjoy dodging the waves , running forward as each wave receded , then running back up the beach as the next one approached.........

until a big wave caught them out and they had to take flight.........

only to land a bit further along the beach and start their "game " again..........

It was very blustery on the beach , but the groynes made an excellent windbreak, here they even had seats :0)..........

On the way back  we stopped in a pretty village..........

I wonder what it must be like living so close to a constantly eroding coastline........

After blowing away all the cobwebs and feeling thoroughly tousled  it was lovely to return to our cosy hired caravan.
With the low rays of late  afternoon sun illuminating the interior it certainly reminded me of childhood caravan holidays.............

And that evening I coloured in my little beach sketch..........

For various reasons we don't feel able to book a summer holiday just yet so this sunny coastal break was a real treat that I will remember for a long time. Of course it's a great memory jogger to have a blog post to look at...and I hope you enjoyed sharing our mini adventure :0)
Jacquie x


  1. That part of the Yorkshire coast looks quite wild and rugged Jacquie, very beautiful. I too love the lighthouse and "sand" castle. Sounds like it was just the very best medicine for you and your family, having all that fresh sea air , yummy cakes, sunshine and illustrating time. I try never to take my seaside town for granted and had a lovely cycle along the beach yesterday evening watching the sunset. Great for getting rid of all the stresses of the day xxx Penny

  2. What a treasure-trove of ideas for more of your drawings. What I love about the colored pencils is "no" clean up. They are great for taking on holidays. Beautiful photos...thanks for sharing.

  3. I have really enjoyed reading about your little holiday and seeing the sights through your photography. I have been following your progress with your drawing too and it fascinates me to see how far you've come with it. In years to come your new little drawing will remind you of this trip in a unique way!

  4. You have made feel like I need to get to the coast and blow away the cobwebs. Lovely pics:)

  5. Lots of lovely photos to enjoy your outing by the sea with you! What gorgeous changeable skies and even lots of blue! The sea is quite a magical place to visit, isn't it? I sometimes miss that here! Though we do have lakes and mountains!
    I love your sand and stones and rocks pictures and those sweet little sandpipers dashing across the sand!

  6. How lovely! We used to live 1/2 a mile from the beach in Cape Town and we really do miss coastal living now that we live in Derbyshire (although Derbyshire has it's own beauty), so we are always looking for unspoilt (meaning as unlike Blackpool as we can find LOL) beaches. This summer we are very excited to be visiting Cornwall!

    I absolutly love your lighthouse snap - the contrast between the brilliant white and blue is stunning!

  7. You took beautiful photos! It seems you had great time there! :o) Thank you for sharing with us!

  8. beautiful and sunny!! love it!!!
    xxxx Ale

  9. I love your lighthouse picture, I have always wanted to live in a lighthouse :-) and your little drawing is lovely.

  10. I love the sea and the coast .. to me here in Italy I live a few tens of kilometers from the sea but still have not got to go .. because it's cold .. I still prefer to cycle around the countryside ... your photos are really beautiful .. was certainly a wonderful trip

  11. Wonderful Jacquie, beautiful pictures and great family time.
    I liked the look of that friendly cat too lol.
    Your sketch is lovely and great coloured too.

    wendy xo

  12. How wonderful, we to went down to the sea for the weekend but South rather than North although the weather looks similar gusting winds but beautiful blue skies. I love seaglass, or mermaids tears as I've also heard it called. Here's to more weekends at the seaside ... Sarah x

  13. Beautiful photos, beautiful coast, thanks so much for sharing. :)

  14. Sometimes only the smell and sound of the sea will do and you just have to grab that little opportunity. It looks like you had a wonderful time, it looks a nice place to visit.

  15. Lovely photos, what a great trip! We lived on the coast for most of our lives until 20 years ago, didn't really appreciate it until we moved away!
    Angie x

  16. Oooh, we haven't been over that way for years. I love the lighthouse, there's nothing like a seaside blue sky!

  17. Hi There, It does look cold!!! But what a beautiful coastline!!! I love the rugged look and the photo with the attic windows is unique!!!A really lovely photo!!!Perhaps a photo for you to turn into a sketch???!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your break!!!

  18. I loved this post. So calming. I'm not familiar with Withernsea, but it looks the sort of place I would like.
    I'm a long way from the sea at the moment, but my husband will be travelling over it today, making his way back to me and the dogs. But I do have some sea glass on the windowsill collected from Northumberland beaches. We lived not so far away from the coast. I love to go back when I can.

  19. I've loved sharing your mini adventure this morning. Although I now live in Buckinghamshire I grew up in East Yorkshire, a couple of miles from the Humber Bridge. So it's been lovely reading about your break and seeing lots of places I remember so well. I haven't been to Withernsea for years. I remember it as a bit run down but it looks lovely in your pictures and I'd totally forgotten the lovely lighthouse. We're up there for a mini break ourselves at the beginning of September, staying in Hull, so I think a trip to the coast is definitely going to be in order. My Hubbie doesn't know that coast at all so it will be lovely to share it with him. Glad you had a lovely time. Fiona x

  20. The pictures are beautiful! I always find it very invigorating to see the ocean no matter what time of year it is. The sea glass is so pretty. I have never been able to find any.

  21. There is something truly magical about the water, I don't live by the ocean, but I do live within walking distance of Lake Ontario outside of Rochester, NY and I love going by the water! Even my daughter had to find a college by the water, so she chose SUNY Oswego which is in Oswego, NY right on the lake!

  22. Thank You so much Jacquie for sharing with us your little break pictures, they are truly beautiful. I live beside the sea and you are so right this time of the year has a beauty all to itself.

  23. I have been hankering for a seaside trip for ages - this looks beautiful!

  24. Thanks for sharing all your most wonderful seaside mini adventure photos. I love them all. Congratulation on finding those sea glass treasure.. Lovely Hugs Judy

  25. I've never been to Withensea but I do love a little British seaside resort - the sleepier the better! There's nothing like a trip to the coast, it makes me so happy. I grew up right by the sea and had a childhood full of sailing and swimming, and I miss the coast terribly now. I need to plan a trip I think... x

  26. Thank you for the mini hol.
    Love from Mum

  27. Your holiday photos and commentary are so engaging! Thank you very much for sharing this getaway relaxing lovely time with us. You've definitely shown us that the seaside is not just for summertime visits.


  28. Gorgeous post Jacquie.

    Like you, we live miles from the sea so I always love to hear about other people's beach visits.

    Wouldn't it be magical to live in one of those houses whose attics peer out towards the sea?

    Heather x

  29. It looks a really lovely place to visit, not been before but I think will now be on my mental hit list! :) x

  30. Ahh beautiful photos and how lovely to blow away the cobwebs. I'm yearning for a salty breeze now!

  31. It's lovely to visit another part of the British coastline through your lovely photographs. I haven't seen groynes with seats before. The lighthouse looks stunning against the blue sky. I'm so glad you had a great time and some wonderful memories.
    Sarah x

  32. Lovely pics Jacquie! And what delight to awake on your first morning to that wonderful blue sky! Lots of lovely memories to look back on and to sketch - altogether an enjoyable and special family time. Joy x

  33. What beautiful colours in your pictures. You certainly will have many great references for more lovely drawings.

    We went on holiday in March to Brean Sands it was VERY cold but lovely, going back to the same place in July and looking forward to being able to use the garden. The sea always seems to have a magical drawing that it makes you want to go to it.

  34. So lovely, makes me realise that I take for granted being so close to the sea.

  35. We haven't had a proper holiday for a few years and we have quick breaks to the coast which blow away the cobwebs and restores your wellbeing! Your holiday looked lovely and I love the interior of the caravan. I could feel that afternoon sun from here, as you say takes you back to childhood holidays. Now your boys will have that feeling too one day :)

  36. Thanks for the pictorial of your mini-break at the seaside. I found your blog yesterday, when i was searching for crocheting blogs. I've never been to the UK. The beach with all its pebbles is so different to what I guess I take for granted (long, wide sandy beaches in Tasmania). I loved your tour around the village, highlighting the architecture. The lighthouse was the 'piece de resistance', with the amazing blue sky. Thanks for allowing me in to your part of the world. I know you have inspired me to get serious about blogging from my little corner of the world.

  37. I thought for a moment that you were in my neck of the woods - the Norfolk coast is very similar and I am thankful every day that we moved here (only 12 miles from the sea) over 7 years ago from London! I'm glad you had such a good time - there is something truly invigorating/energising about being near the water!

  38. I've really enjoyed reading this post. I love the light and airy feeling that your blog and photos give me. I especially enjoyed reading about the lighthouse that was transformed into a museum, it sounds very interesting (even though it was closed that day). The photographs were lovely and the drawings are a really unique way to keep the memories of your trip close to you for years to come. I've always wanted to visit the UK and your photos have really made the sights look interesting!


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