Thursday 24 October 2013

This Weeks Drawing.....Autumn Oak Tree

Hello Lovelies,
on Tuesday evening I felt the need  to pick up my pencil and sketch out another idea for a drawing. This time the thing that inspired me was our weekend walk in the forest and this tree in particular.........

I thought it made a great subject for a drawing. It's so old these props help hold up it's branches......

 they are necessary but not pretty so I was keen to leave them out of my picture.

I also quickly decided to draw a simplified version of this lovely tree and to incorporate other details for added interest. This is my initial quick sketch.........

As usual I then did a neater drawing in my big sketch book and then went over most of the lines in fine pen..........

 I sat up till after midnight drawing away. This is what my picture looked like on Wednesday morning.

As you can see I decided to use Autumn colours for my I'm really loving all the glorious shades of gold, orange, red and brown that are beginning to appear here at the moment.
 All the glorious seasonal creativity I see in blogland  at the moment has been so inspiring too. THIS post and THIS one spring to mind.

So I added some cute woodland creatures...........

both in the tree and on the woodland floor.........

 I couldn't forget the Fungi either.

 I used google images for reference throughout this drawing, it's so useful to remind yourself what things really look like when you are drawing mostly from these Acorns and oak leaves......

And here is my finished coloured pencil drawing..........

I'm so pleased with how this one turned out. I just love all the Autumn colours and I'm very happy with how my tree looks. It may not be very like the tree that inspired it, but I think it does  looks friendly and interesting.

This was a much quicker picture to do than my Yarndale drawing. It's got less detail and I didn't spend as long pondering over every little thing . I finished it on Wednesday morning and it satisfied my urge to create somthing seasonal. Now I better get back to my blanket making :0)

Jacquie x

Looking at my picture again, I've just realised that I forgot to add Tom Tit.....


  1. Really love your sketch with only the yellow leaves coloured in!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Love it - I must admit I did have a quick look for Tom Tit before I had read your final sentence - lol!

  3. I got so immersed in your pic. its so LOVELY!!

  4. That is just lovely. You are a very talented young girl.

  5. I like your drawings and the little things you put on it: flowers, tables,mushroom...

  6. amazing - even only using a few different colours your drawing is amazingly bright and colourful. You chose them perfectly. I like all your work but I think this is my very favorite. Do you sell any of your drawings?

  7. I love your drawings! Thank you for sharing them with us, they always make me smile!

  8. Your pictures always remind me of magical lands that I would imagine as a child. Thanks for bringing back such lovely memories.

  9. beautiful seeing your little sketches....

  10. Another beautiful picture Jacquie. I do love these, and I especially like all the little details you put in, like the birds and animals and mushrooms in this one!

  11. It's very pretty, Jacquie. I especially love the details of the little animals and the acorns.

  12. Love those shiney acorns. Jo x

  13. Such a lovely drawing again. The details are fantastic.

  14. My maternal grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a child. I recently gave up smoking and needed to occupy my after a 40 year break...(I'm only 50, not at all near death) Saturday, having been to a crafty-type shop, I sat on the couch with a hook and some yarn and VOILA! It only took me about an hour or so to get back into it. Amazingly, I remembered all the basics! It's official.... I'm OBSESSED! I'm on my 2nd doggie rug and about to undertake some mini projects - wash cloths, a bag or two, toys for my besties granddaughter. AND I;'m going to give a crack at some divine baby Mary Janes.... I have found some amazing artistes like yourself out there on the interwebs! Just Stitches, Dammit Janet Let's Crochet to name just a few. Interweave, Red heart, Lion Brand.... Just wish Perth had the range of the gorgeous stocks I've seen OS.... Anyhoo! Upward and onward.... I'm off to buy some yarn for owls and birds!

  15. Love your pic, Jacquie, you've definitely captured the Autumn feeling.
    Particularly love the caps on the acorns......gorgeous.

    Claire x

  16. Beautiful drawing !!! Your pictures are just so lovely :)))


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