Thursday 18 September 2014

A Family Walk

Hello Lovelies, how are you?
I have to admit I'm struggling somewhat with the demands of these September days. Having three boys at secondary school is taking a bit of adjusting to, the looming exams my eldest two are gearing up for are a bit too important for my liking. I wish I could turn back the clock to those carefree days of their earlier years for them ( and me)...but I know that's not to be.

Of course life's not all work and school. I just seem to be struggling to find the time to record the fun bits.

On Saturday we went to one of my favourite places. HERE

I just love wandering through the woodland...........

Past the place where they turn huge lumps of wood into sculptures............

them to climb the short, steep slope to the rocky summit............

So many swallows darted through the sky above us............

I love the far reaching view fading into the distance..........

and the slightest tinge of Autumn in the trees, both near and far............

I love the smooth brass of the Toposcope.............

and my boys love climbing around on the rocks with their dad............

While I wander off, distracting my thoughts from the dangers............

aaaaahhh, such a beautiful view this way.............

and this way...........

there is a fair amount of bickering between my boys, but there's also fun and piggy backs from a big brother............

The cloud was gathering as we descended the hill.....but I loved the soft light and the spots of sunshine on the landscape below.............

There was a herd of highland cattle on the hill and they looked very content, searching for the tastiet grass between the ferns............

And all around there were signs of the turning of the seasons....
Berries changing colour on the glossy Holly..........

Fruit ripening on the brambles...........

and colourful Fungi appearing in a woody if by magic...........

It was a familiar walk but there's always something different to see.

We have walked past this wood carving many times and never spotted the little mouse before :0)

I do hope you are finding some time to enjoy the seasonal beauty wherever you are lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. It is really nice how your teenage boys are still happy to come along on your walks! My teenager is very reluctant. I looks like a lovely walk. x

  2. It is surprising how much stress a parent feels for their children's schooling isn't it? I was always more worried about the heavier academic weights my kids were carrying and they thought it was funny that I could get so concerned for stuff that I didn't even have to do! But, that's what parents do. Right now I have 3 boys in college (freshman, junior and senior) but just 4 years ago the three of them were all in the same high school (9th, 11th and 12th grades). Now that they are in college I am not so closely involved in academics and I do sleep easier. I also noticed my photo taking was reduced when they all hit high school as there weren't so many things that they did that made for fun family photos even tho. they were very busy. I actually enjoy all the different stages of parenting and when one stage went, I was usually ready for the next but you will look back at your logs of family walks and those memories will be very special for you in a different way than they are now. Enjoy it all!

  3. A beautiful lovely walk making some wonderful family memories.

  4. Isn't this weather wonderful for enjoying some early autumnal walks. It's tricky when exams aren't too far away isn't it. You want them to understand that it's important to work hard and do their best, but in reality there's nothing that can't be re-taken! Good luck. Matt survived, usually with a smile on his face - now he's tackling AS levels and getting used to the idea that although he is only studying subjects he likes now, that does mean triple Maths some days! x

  5. Wow, those fungi are perfection. What a lovely place, the views are stunning. I have learned a new word here today - toposcope. Love it! I know what you mean about scary exams, I've no idea how I'll stay calm when mine go through it. You have reminded me to enjoy these carefree little school days while we can, thank you. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx

  6. It's lovely as always, and hopefully the fresh air helped de-stress some. I love the mushrooms growing out of the log. I've been out taken picture of mushrooms too, seems a lot are growing this time of year. We woke to find the temps in the 50's (F) this morning, definitely fall-ish now, a few trees changing too. How nice to find something new on the carving you know so well. ;)

  7. I love your local landscape, Jacquie.
    It's tough finding yourself the mum of high school kids! Enjoy it though. You've probably woken up wondering how you went from cute, little babies to where they are now. In another blink, they'll be taller than you!
    My boys are now all grown up and making lives of their own with partners. It's incredible. :)

  8. Oh!! Gorgeous walk! I'd be there every day. Beautiful.

  9. It has been a while since I walked the Brecon beacons-wonderful it looks too.

  10. Thanks for taking us all along this beautiful walk! I'm always fascinated by similarities between the place where I love and other places, and I found it amazing to see the wooden sculptures you passed by: I always spot very similar ones around here, works of real craftsmen!

  11. Thanks for sharing sharing I do love your walking posts
    Clare x

  12. Hi from Oregon! Oh my goodness, you captured some wonderful images on your hike.. my eyes popped at the photo of the mushrooms on the tree.. wow! And the blackberries and the Highland cow out nibbling on the hedgerows.. lovely. Thanks for sharing... ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Beautiful countryside, it definitely helps doesn't it, immersing yourself in nature when life seems to be too much! :) xxx

  14. Glad you have time off from the stressful life during the week! :-) The pictures are beautful!

    Take care

  15. I love that you take us all along through your adventures. And, my favorite in the whole, the highland cows are just splendid! I am trying to talk hubby into having one as a pet. He keeps telling me that half an acre is not cow pasture. Someday, I will have one of these wonderful bovines. Hugs, Sheri

  16. Oh, I do love Highland cattle! And the colour of that fungi is incredible...
    S x

  17. It's nice that you can enjoy the family walks all together. I used to go for lots of walks with my parents - I'd walk for miles and miles in my wellies and was so excited when I got my first proper walking boots. I'm not sure I totally enjoyed it at the time, but I look back with fondness on the times we spent exploring the countryside. It looks like you had a lovely afternoon.
    Jones x

    PS. did you get my email? Worried I might have got lost in junk/spam folder x

  18. Gorgeous photos - brings back memories. Actually, realise I really miss those family days out - now my 3 are bigger (and have 'extra' people in tow!) we just rarely all get together and when we do its not likely to be a lovely day walking. Sigh...guess things just change and move on and we have to embrace the new 'now'. I definitely don't miss the all consuming stressfulness of school, after school stuff, exam etc! x


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