Wednesday 3 September 2014

A Week in Wales :: a rainy day

Hello Lovelies,
On Monday...a bank holiday for England and Wales, it rained.....typical :0)

But we were cosy in our holiday home and I was secretly happy to have a quiet day indoors.....enjoying the cottage and gentle domesticity.
We stayed in such a beautiful place that part of me never wanted to leave anyway.

In the morning the boys took the opportunity of having grandmas expert knowledge and advice on hand to help them with their GCSE Art coursework.............

I pottered in the kitchen....and got distracted by a vintage Disney movie...........

Pollyanna.........a visual delight and a uplifting story......I LOVED it

After making, and enjoying a roast dinner with the family I wandered upstairs mountains to see today...........

But I zoomed in on the gorgeous Honeysuckle that winded it's way through the garden hedge....

I was enjoying a little quiet creativity of my own, as the rain poured down outside.............

as well as the honeysuckle I could see two of my boys enjoying playing in the stream that ran at the side of the house..........they were getting soaked, but couldn't have cared less :0)

I was happy with just a little water to mix with my paints.........

I was making a postcard to send to mum..........

To thank her for all she does the whole year round.............

 it was  such a joy to spend family time in this special place..........

An idyllic escape in so many ways.
Jacquie x


  1. What a wonderful postcard, you are such an arty family! No doubt your mum loved it. And you're right, sometimes it's nice on holiday to stay in for a while, and just enjoy the home. CJ xx

  2. Lovely painting. Its nice too potter quietly occasionally
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. That is a lovely idea and what a beautiful card. I love the occasional rainy day, snuggled in nice surroundings.

  4. What a beautiful card. I'm sure your mum was so pleased with it. And pleased to know how much you appreciate her help.

  5. I love a good rainy day, as much as a sunny one. lol A very lovely card I'm sure your mum loved.

  6. I love your paintings. Also love rainy days, sometimes one just needs to be close to home and relax.

  7. You've made a beautiful card for your Mum.
    Anne xx

  8. What a lovely thoughtful thing to do for your mum. :)

  9. Beautiful postcard - I'm sure your Mum will treasure it. x

  10. Love your postcard - and it's quite nice to have an enforced day indoors sometimes, just pottering, isn't it?
    Caz xx

  11. Sometimes having a puttering day on holiday can be just what the doctor ordered. One week in London two of mine fell ill either end of the break and I 'selflessly' volunteered to stay home. Best rest ever (they weren't sick ill, just ill) since we watched TV, talked and played games just as a two some.

  12. What a lovely card for your Mum, I'm sure she will be delighted. Sometimes it's nice to have a day when we have to stay indoors to just potter and mooch and fill our time with gentle relaxing things
    Jackie x

  13. Indoor days are great sometimes. Just cozy family fun. The card is amazing. I've never had the talent of drawing or painting and I'm quite envious of those who have that skill. Beautiful.

  14. Your artwork is delightful, Jacquie, and you inspire me to continue to experiment with my own artistic yens. Yesterday I found a set of woodless colour pencils I am eager to exercise! My grown daughter, an RN, let me try her set out a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed them...and want to fiddle more with my water color pencils, too. JOY! xx

  15. I have loved your posts on your Welsh holiday-well I would ha ha. So very pleased that you had a wonderful glimpse of what this tiny part of the world has to offer and captured it expertly in your photography.
    Bank holiday Monday!!! Oh my days it did rain, young Mr H and girlfriend were camping in Abersoch-not that rain dampened their little adventure-bless .
    Glad you had fun, thank you for sharing.

  16. What a lovely card. So bright and cheerful. I know your Mum will love it. I love your posts about Wales. I'm so glad you got to spend it with your family.

  17. Hi,

    I so love reading your blog. You have just the perfect mix of crochet/crafts and living experiences. Your photo's are brilliant too. And that card for your mother, wow. You are sooo talented. Hope you don't feel too lost with all your little peeps at school now. Enjoy it, as the time flies. My two girls have just finished Uni this year and now living back home with us. Where does the time fly. Take care special lady and please continue to blog and inspire us with such loveliness :) x

  18. The card is lovely. I am sure your Mumma is going to love it...


  19. Beautiful postcard! I wish I was able to paint like you!


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