Monday 24 November 2014

A Surprise Sunset

Hello Lovelies,
after the sunshine of Thursday the rain returned. All this weekend was wet and grey. On Sunday afternoon I needed to pop to the local shops. It was so tempting to jump in the car on such a miserable day....but I forced myself to walk, I know I rarely regret the fresh air and exercise. 

I walked out of the house and looked up at the blanket of cloud ........and was surprised to see a little strip of blue along the horizon.
A smile spread across my face and there was suddenly a spring in my step.........

The street was still damp and gloomy, but little pops of colour caught my eye.......autumn leaves.......

and winter window boxes............

as soon as I had been to the shop I headed west.....hoping, hoping to see the sun.
 As I approached the corner there was a golden glow on the wall and the wet road............

and around the bend I was blinking in the bright sunlight. I do love the patterns of bare tree branches.........

The countryside was bathed in a golden glow..............

this evening light was...........actually mid afternoon :0)

Yes winter is fast approaching..........the last leaves are falling..........

But when the sun can peep under the clouds the distant view is beautiful...........

Concious I had already been out longer than planned, I started to walk home. Past that gorgeous garden I like to photograph from the roadside.............

As I neared home I saw a golden glow in the sky and remembered that at this time of year you can see the sunset looking south...............

This gorgeous sight stopped me in my tracks and I wasn't the only person admiring this wonderful sight............

A lady about my age had got of her bike to photograph it on her phone, and an old lady had crossed the road to see it too. We stood and chatted, the suns rays illuminating the clouds from below.......

watching the colours change and the distant hills turn purple.............

Soon the colours changed from yellow to red..........

The old lady told us she lived alone and didn't have any family locally. It seemed so sad. I just hope the little conversation we had, and the fifteen minutes we spent watching this surprise sunset together, brightened her day.

As the light finally faded and the street lights came on I felt even more lucky than usual to be heading home to my little family...........

Jacquie x


  1. Lovely photos as always :O)xx

  2. How funny, I have just posted about the same thing! I absolutely love the photo with the sun rays behind the cloud, it is stunning!

  3. Lovely sunset!
    Over here in Germany the weather has been wonderful during the weekend - lots of blue sky and sun. Today it is raining most of the time though...

    Take care

  4. Oooh love those pictures especially the last one. Jo x

  5. Beautiful pictures Jacqui. I love the picture of the church in golden light and your sunset pics are super. I am sure your chat with the older lady brightened her day. I have just got back from an early appointment at the GP and the sunrise this morning is pretty special too. Golden light, mistiness and frost, ready made for camera opportunities. Elaine

  6. Beautiful sunset photos - a real delight when they happen at the moment. It really lifts my spirits when it occurs. Enjoy your week. x

  7. What beautiful skies there are at this time of year. I rarely regret a walk either; the window box alone was worth the trip. Lovely sentiments about living with family as well. Wishing you a good week Jacquie. CJ xx

  8. Amazing scenery... what a beautiful light Autumn has, even these days when Winter is nearing, and what a wonderful sunset...
    Hope you have a nice and rainless week! xx

  9. A double reward for the exercise! ; ) Just beautiful, thanks for sharing and love that window box.

  10. What gorgeous photos the sunset is beautiful and especially so when it wasn't expected.
    Jackie x

  11. Beautiful photos Jacquie. I love the story of the lady, I always like to strike up a conversation if someone is doing the same thing as me. My Grandma used to say ' you may be the only person that they speak to that day'. Have a wonderful week x

  12. What a sweet and beautiful post, my friend! Maybe you should invite the old lady to dinner with your family someday? You sure did capture a magnificent sunset! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. You would have made her day.

  14. You have an eye for a good picture, love the leaves and red sky.

  15. More beautiful photo's from you and thankyou for sharing with us all, just lovely xo

  16. An amazing series of photos! The skies are so beautiful!

  17. Gorgeous photos. I'm sure that lady was very pleased to have got the chance for a nice chat.

  18. Hi Jacquie! What a lovely post! Such great photos, and so cheery to read!
    Thank you!
    Ingrid xx

  19. Such beautiful photos. You're an angel in disguise (especially to an older lady in the sunset.
    God bless. ;)

  20. The autumn colours are just glorious. I cannot get over just how quickly it gets dark in your neck of the woods. But then, if you are going to be that far from the equator, it stands to reason!
    I remember when one of my workmate's sisters went to the UK on a working holiday. Simone regularly commented on sunrises, sunsets and twilight. She was working in London during the first summer she was there and was amazed that it was still light in the middle of the night.
    Lonely people is such a sad state of affairs. I hope the old lady can find some company.

  21. Hello really lovely photoes of your places after rain with sun near sunset!!so nice you talked with old lady,I'm sure you made her so happy!!!also here in Italia we have a lot of rain in this days!!love


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