Wednesday 12 November 2014

Early November Snapshots

Hello Lovelies,
the last seven days have brought a mixed bag of weather.
Sometimes there have been  blue skies. Perfect to capture a snapshot of my favourite tree in it's wonderful Autumn colours.............

the russet leaves are falling and revealing it's beautiful twisting branches once more........

Sometimes it has poured with rain....on Saturday morning it was "coming down in stair rods" as my parents always said in Yorkshire........

and my tired garden looked rather messy and forlorn.

It was a morning to stay indoors. I was happy to do a little crochet and look at the beautiful illustrations in my much loved Country Diary books........

Later in the day I snapped this photo in the Supermarket. I take my Mum in Law shopping, and she always takes longer than me to get around the isles. I spend that spare five to ten minutes cheekily having a flick through lots of magazines...........

They are expensive, so the only ones I have at home are borrowed or my Country Living subscription which is a Christmas present from Mum. 

In the afternoon the boys spent a happy hour making a cardboard  Guy with their dad. Middle son took this snapshot of their creation........ 

In the evening thankfully it had stopped raining and family came to see him burned.............

Mr BM put him into the flames, and he was gone in seconds!

Then we enjoyed some traditional Bonfire night food.....jacket potatoes, sausages and  mushy peas with mint sauce......perfect to warm you up before more garden fun.

Sparklers are always popular....but they need gloves and respect.

 I played around with the fireworks setting on my little camera, capturing these bright white ones..............

then the boys and their cousins had the idea to write the date with these coloured sparklers.......

it's the wrong way round as they were writing it from their view....but I think you can just about make out 2014 :0)

We just had a few fireworks. These crackly fountains were a big hit..........

We also had a few small rockets.........

Happily we had TWO Catherine wheels this year..............

My most favourite fireworks

And finally here's a snapshot of my crochet blanket progress. I'm enjoying making my circles into squares. Joining them as I go and seeing this latest blanket finally come's looking good.
  I've joined 72 squares so far......and neglected to sew in any ends.
That's 144 little bits of yarn that I really must deal with before I go any further..............

 I'm writing a detailed tutorial for this just takes time, but I know once it's done it will be there for you lovelies to try out now or at any time it the all the work is worth it.

Jacquie x


  1. I just love your crocheting, all of your looks like the boys were having fun trying to write something with the fire. The Trees are just gorgeous....

    Happy Crocheting
    Linda K, Railroad

  2. Can't wait to see the finished blanket! : ) And it looks like you all had a nice partying time, that's great!

  3. I love the country diary books too, they are delightful. Love the blanket, looking forward to seeing the end result.

  4. I love your idea for bonfire night, I'm definitely going to copy it for next year & the guy too, no fireworks in the garden though as I have a scared little dog to contend with.

  5. Fabulous photos of the fireworks!!

  6. What a gorgeous tree! Lovely times in between the bouts of rain (my grandfather would have called those "toad stranglers" lol) I always thumb through magazines in the stores at the check out and, find them too expensive to take home as well. Lovely to make progression on a project but hate all those ends! I prefer the join as you go method for the very reason of less ends to deal with. Unfortunately my current project will require sewing all the squares together (knitted blanket).Hope the sun shines for you today!

  7. I love Country Living too - it's the only magazine I buy with any regularity.
    And I do envy you the bonfire party. It's my dream to own a garden big enough to have one of our own! Glad you enjoyed yourselves.
    S x

  8. Beautiful illustration you have made. You have cappured the fall colors and plant nicely.
    All those little yarn ends cost a lot of time and energy. But after dealing with them your blanket will be gorgeous.

    Dear greetings, Margaret

  9. Great Pictures of the fireworks!

  10. I get 3 magazines on subscription as they are half price if you find the right offer :) Love the guy :)

  11. I love your tree, and against that beautiful blue sky.
    I buy way too many magazines and am trying to cut down as I don't really read them I just flick through them!

  12. You take such beautiful pictures and I check your blog a few times a week and find such joy from it. Thank you for sharing

  13. Sounds like you had a really good bonfire night, I love the guy. It's been so damp here until today which was sunny and wonderful. At last I got the washing dry! I like to have a quick nose through the magazines in the supermarket sometimes too, it's the closest I ever get to them, they are so expensive. CJ xx

  14. Hello from Oregon! It looks like you had a wonderful fireworks and sparkler time. I look forward to your pattern as I am SO impressed with your crochet blanket! You have a special eye for color combinations. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Lots of lovely tidbits in your post, as usual! Thank you for sharing your secret about magazines. I love magazines - there are so many fantastic periodical on so many subjects that I would love to buy but when they are so expensive, I cannot justify the cost. I pick one or two titles and that's it. I could save more money if I took out a subscription but my postie bends everything - my magazines would get ruined before I even opened the package.
    I love your photograph of that big tree. What kind of tree is it? You have a good eye for interesting shapes.
    While you are having bonfire night, we are having hot weather and fire bans. At this time of the year in South Australia, it is prohibited to light fires in the open due to the bushfire danger. There are currently severe bushfires burning in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales as I type.
    We also had fire cracker night banned as well because of careless people, injuries and accidental fires! Shame.
    Good luck with your ominous 144 ends to weave in! Goodness! It will be worth it in the end, and will keep you out of mischief! ;-) have fun.

  16. Wonderful pictures as always, oh the ends and sewing in how I put it off but it makes it worse in the end, I had a pile flowers for a cowl sat looking at me for a week, while I summon up the energy to face the ends. The blanket looks a stunner.
    Clare x


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