Wednesday 19 November 2014

Happy Things Again

Hello Lovelies,
gosh but the start of the week has been busy. I'm happy to get to the middle and enjoy the luxury of a little slow time.
Here's a  post full of simple things that are making me happy right now.

1. My Katie Daisy calendar.......

Love these quotes and the autumnal colours.

2. Sunshine in the city. The light was beautiful on this trip to buy school shoes the other weekend.........

3. Mist in the garden.
This little patch of earth and the view over the neighbours gardens always makes me happy.........

our silver birch tree is glowing at the moment..........

and Mr Squirrel is burying nuts in the lawn.......

4. Planting this years Amaryllis.
When the days are short and there are hardly any flowers in the garden it's nice to have some indoor colour to look forward to............

5. Making soup.
How I love a bowl of heart warming, home made soup. It's so easy and healthy and perfect on a grey November day............

THIS recipe

6. Walking alone.
just a little trip to fill my lungs and stretch my legs at the weekend. Noticing freshly laid wreaths at the war memorial...............

and smiling at this stunning cherry tree, which added cheer to a sunless day..........

How I love these leaves...........

7. A quick Saturday morning crochet project.
I really enjoyed working in Stylecraft pinks and Grape, to create this practical little project...........

Whilst walking last week my hair blew in my eyes and my ears were chilly.

So I made a headband.


I followed THIS pattern and I love the texture created by the simple cross over stitches.

I've made crochet headbands to give as gifts before, but never for myself.
It's super comfy and I'm looking forward to trying it out on my next long walk..........

I hope you lovelies are finding time to enjoy the simple things
Jacquie x


  1. Great post Jacquie! Nice autumn simple things!

  2. That will be a warming headband which protects your ears during the colder months.The colours are so pretty too. The first picture with the Thoreau quotation would look beautiful done as an embroidery, wouldn't it?

  3. I really like your headband! It suits you very well. xx

  4. Your pictures of trees are beautiful - amazing colours at this time of year. We have silver birch in our garden and I really love them. We have a lot less leaves on ours now - almost bare. I love your headband. It will be very useful for when you go walking. I made a headband last year but have never worn it! Funnily enough, I was just thinking about it earlier this morning and wondering should I start using it.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your post!!

  6. Still I cannot crochet... One day!
    I love the calendar. I can never seem to find a nice one, unless it's a ridiculously expensive one. Maybe I should get making!

  7. Such beautifil pictures... I love seeing the colours changing around me, too...
    Oh, and I can't wait to see your amaryllis in bloom, it'll be so pretty!! : )

  8. Very cute squirrel! There are several near my house and I just loovvee to see them!

    Take care

  9. All lovely happy things. Pretty headband! That has been on my to do list awhile and with the cold temps (14F this morning) here of late it is working it's way closer to the top of that All the walking I'm going to do today is out to feed and water the chickens (and with these temps, that's twice a day right now) ;P Have a great day!

  10. I alway's love to read your post, and love your fall fictures...
    lots of love from holland, and big,,big kisses

  11. Happy things and beautiful pictures. Your headband is lovely.

  12. Lovely photos and lots of feel good things :)

  13. Lots of lovely happy photos, that cherry tree is stunning . Thank you for sharing
    Jackie x

  14. Hello, Pretty autumnal colours in your garden and surrounding areas-I noticed your garden bunting, I keep saying it but I just love bunting, cheerful 12 months of the year.
    Happy crocheting, soup making days.

  15. Good headband. It's great when craft can be practical as well as pretty!

  16. What I love about you is you see the beauty around you and make the most of it. I adore your headband.. this will help on your next group walk. I make hats as I seem to need warmth on the top of my head.. lol! You are so cute! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Thanks for sharing your joy, Jacquie! [it is catching!] I love seeing the world around you through your camera lens and narrative. I have been thinking about trying to make a headband for myself and yours you just made is pretty and practical. I am almost done with the knitting part of my boucle bunny. xx

  18. Gorgeous headband - great idea for staying warm and stylish!

  19. Lovely happies, nothing better than home made soup this time of year, I made chicken noodle earlier this week, yum
    Clare xx

  20. This post makes me smile too!
    We have had a mild start to the winter haven't we?

  21. I LOVE the headband, no doubt it will keep your ears warm too, I really need to make one of these. The silver birch is looking gorgeous, and the (cherry?) leaves, beautiful. It's nice to take a moment to look at the war memorial isn't it, I always pause when I see one. Enjoy the rest of the week, I hope it's less busy for you. CJ xx

  22. I love your blog and these beautiful autumn photos hit the spot! I have snow in my world, so enjoy looking at the golden glow of your autumn one yet. I VERY recently started a blog myself purely because of loving blogs like yours inspired me to take the plunge. Still a lot of figure out but getting there.

    Stay warm and cozy! PS: LOVE the headband (& all the lovely things you create!)

  23. That was a lovely post. The pictures are great especially the soup. Look so tasty!

  24. Love this post!
    The Thoreau's quote is one of my favourite!

  25. Hi Jacquie! Lovely photos, as always! :) That crochet headband you made suits you, very nice!! Hope it will keep you nice and warm on your walks! Like you, I also made some fresh soup yesterday, just some stock and lots of vegetables. It was wonderful on such a cold day!
    Lovely colour of those leaves, so stunning!
    Did you go to Manchester by any chance (looks like that in the photo above)? Do you ever pass by Abakhan's, Fred Aldous and the Craft Centre ( All those are on my list whenever I get the chance to return to England... brilliant places if you love crafts/making things!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ingrid xx

  26. Love the headband....and the lovely cherry tree. We planted one in our garden this year, it's still a baby, but I love it very much! As always, a lovely inspirational post. X

  27. That headband looks lovely. I popped over to see the pattern and found a lot of comments saying how tricky it is to follow. What did you think, and have you any advice? Is it in UK or US terminology? I would love to give it a try.

  28. Hi Gill, I found it fine to follow. It's U.S. terminology but I think in those terms anyway, since rediscovering crochet on the internet back in 2008.
    Hope you find it O.K.
    Thank you for your kind comment
    Jacquie x


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