Saturday 1 November 2014

Halloween Moments

Hello Lovelies,
this was the messy scene on my conservatory table yesterday. The boys had had great fun carving pumpkins and, so did I :0)

It's not something we did when I was a kid....Halloween was a very quiet affair, with maybe some apple bobbing games and scary stories.

I remember watching E.T. as a teenager and being baffled by the scenes were the children got dressed up in fancy dress and went out walking the streets....we had never even heard of Trick or Treat.
( home pizza delivery was also a mystery...well, so was pizza....gosh I sound OLD!)

Before I had children I thought the whole idea a menace......but now I love it.

Around these parts anyway it's the most wonderful, fun night. When the boys were younger they would get dressed up, go around friends houses ( with us adults hovering in the background)  and the atmosphere was really great.

Occasionally their knock on a door , which normally revealed a smiley face, would produce a scary mask and a loud boo!....we would jump out of out skins and laugh while our hearts thumped.

These days the boys like to stay home, but love to answer the door to littlies, so some decorations are needed to show we are still keen to join in the fun.

I was just going to put out pumpkins till I saw THIS post and totally loved Jackie's black paper decorations.
 I  shamelessly copied her ideas. Making a paper template for some bats, and using the off cut bits of paper that were left over to make a mouse too...........

I was so enjoying this paper play and the idea's kept popping into my head. As fast I I made one thing I was planning something else........don't you love it when that happens..........

 A witch problem, just google it and copy a design you like.

we couldn't wait for it to get dark, so we could light the pumpkins..........

  this witches cat was middle and youngests design on that huge pumpkin we were kindly given.

 Here's mine and eldests...........can you guess who's is who's..........

 Yep, mines the house :0)

The paper decorations were all displayed in our front room window, so they could easily be seen from the road..........the witch on her broomstick........

the bats with scary orange eyes........

 Tissue paper on the back of hole-punched circles.

Tombstones with the same tissue paper backing..........

As you can see we have vertical blinds.....not very pretty, but practical to diffuse the light in this south facing window. They were also great  to light up our window from within......with a lamp placed strategically behind them.

and here's the whole window..........

I love it!

I had the paper banner already, but the rest is totally hand made from a few bits of black paper and card  I had in my stash.

It was SO MUCH FUN to do and I hope it made loads of people smile. We got lots of knocks at the door and happily handed out little treats to local children, young and old, who seemed to be having a great time.

and most peoples favourite bit? little mouse.........

Jacquie x


  1. Happy Halloween to you too ! your decorations are really well done. the result is great ! have a lovely week end !

  2. I love the little house pumpkins and the window silhouettes ...glad to hear you had a nice Halloween with your family :)

  3. My goodness, what fun and I just love your window decorations.

  4. What cute decorations, next year I am going to shamelessly pinch both your silhouette idea and the pumpkin house! :)

  5. Love it! I did something similar one year for Christmas when the kids were small; it was really good fun. I might do it again, now I've been reminded.

  6. Happy Halloween, it is a great holiday and my oldest sons birthday. Love your decorations.

  7. You did a really great job with all your black decorations Jacquie - I love them. Thanks so much for the link too :0) xx

  8. such a beautiful window decoration!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  9. What brilliant decorations - a real treat for your Halloween visitors! I've been catching up with my favourite blogs and have loved reading about your relaxing, homely, creative week :) x

  10. Great decorations, did you get many visitors? x

  11. WOW!!! Bravo on making a totally FUN window scene! I love it! We live on a farm and no one even comes in to trick-or-treat, so I've given up decorating much on the outside.. but have a lot of fun on the inside. We're heading home from the beach today! Back to reality. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. I've never seen a pumpkin house before, how nice! brilliant decorations, X

  13. Looks great! Love the mouse.
    When we were children we always went out dressed up at at Halloween, we called it guising. Slightly different to trick or treat as there were no tricks, only treats - a song or some jokes. Good times...

  14. What a lovely window display. Living away from the village centre, no one ever gets this far to trick or treat, but like you, we never really did anything when I was a child. It was all about Bonfire Night for us. Enjoy your weekend. x

  15. What brilliant decorations, clever you. Lovely pumpkin carving as well, it looks as if you did it all in style. CJ xx

  16. Bravo! I love it! The jack o lanterns and the paper silhouettes, I think the blinds make a great backdrop for it all (I have blinds in my south facing windows as well, a must here in the South). I've done the paper bats and rats before, but I love the whole scene you've created. Mine are too old to trick or treat now as well, but we love to see the little ones come and all the different costumes. Trick or treat was and still is a big thing here in the states. I have very fond memories of trick or treating, we made our own costumes back in the day, nothing like the ones you find Thanks for sharing. :))

  17. Absolutly fab ,i loooooooove your little mouse too jaquie xx

  18. Your window decorations were such fun what a great idea.

  19. That's so much Halloween fun!! I absolutely wish we had Halloween over here, but since we don't I'm thankful I could enjoy yours through this post! I love your decorations!! Thanks for making me smile!

  20. Hi Jacquie! What fun decorations! I love how you made them together with your kids, so much more fun than just buying them. They look really great!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ingrid xx

  21. Wow Jacquie it all looks amazing, such a great idea love the window so much and the pumpkins sure looks like fun was had by all
    Clare xx

  22. What a fabulous idea! Sadly we live in a peculiar upside-down house and have no windows on the front, on the ground floor, otherwise I would be inspired to just the same, next year. Love your house pumpkin too.

    Heather x

  23. Wonderful, a great effect! Love the witches' cat pumpkin, definitely my favourite! : )

  24. Hello I visit your blog and love it so much!!Really funny your home decorations for Halloween!!especially pumpkins!!see you soon

  25. what a great time, I love halloweenx


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