Thursday 5 March 2015

Early March Nature

Hello Lovelies,
I'm enjoying the lengthening days that March brings. It's even light when I finish work at six pm.

On both Monday and Tuesday I was thrilled to see a wonderful acrobatic murmuration of Starlings as I walked through the car park at the end of the day.........

Such an unexpected treat in this most urban of settings.

Once again the promise of Spring and a new month has encouraged me open up my copies of the lovely Country Diary books. If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know of my love of these books ........ 

I adore these beautiful illustrations..........

and I enjoy  reading Edith's  nature carefully recorded over one hundred years ago.......

Like the 4th of March 1906, yesterday was sunny. I was delighted to see leaves and flowers emerging on the flowering currant when I went out for a little morning walk.......

There was a lot of birdsong, from Sparrows, Blackbirds, Robins and this little  Dunnock.......

High in a still bare branched tree I spotted a pair of Bullfinches...........

I'm not sure if they were still nest building, or already guarding their eggs........

The countryside still looks wintry.........

But there are more flowers emerging daily.

Snowdrops continue to delight...........

and cheerful, lilac coloured Crocuses peep through lawns........

I was especially happy to spot some wild primroses.....I think they are my most favourite spring flower.........

Welcome March.....with your promise of Spring, and a world of Flowers and fresh green leaves.

Jacquie x


  1. That's a great post I'm so pleased that Spring is finally here.
    Clare x

  2. Have I told you too many times how much I love your pictures? Well, nevermind, I'll tell you once more: I love each and every one of these! : )
    Spotting Starlings already? We usually get to see their acrobatic shows in Autumn, now we're waiting for Swallows to arrive and bring us Spring...

  3. It's a beautiful nature journal isn't it. Such a lovely way to record the beauty of the countryside. I've been noticing how light it's getting too. Not long until the clocks go forward, and then it really will feel like spring. CJ xx

  4. Spring is wrestling with winter here, 60's (F) yesterday with frogs croaking, honey bees gathering pollen, today in the 30's and freezing rain. My poor daffodils! I have seen geese heading north though, and birds building nest, as well as a few trees blooming so it's near. yay! So lovely to see the flowers and trees waking up and I love seeing flocks of birds like that, reminds me of a school of fish swimming .lol It's comforting knowing the same took place back then as well, a lovely book. Have a great one! x

  5. We had tons of freezing rain yesterday. Today -15c. My snowdrops are there but underneath 1-2 feet of snow here in Canada. Much too cold to take walks. So depressed.

  6. Hi.LOVE your Stunning photographs,I LOVE Spring and all it's beauty with nature sooooo huggable.Love that diary,says it all really.It is a Beautiful day here in Cornwall,well our part anyway,blue sky,sun out NO WIND,makes you feel so good to be alive.xx

  7. I adore the birds. They are so sweet. The bullfinch looks well fed and ready for the responsibility of looking after baby birds.
    Here in Australia, there are so many different weather patterns happening. While it was 17 today where I am, whereas a bit over 1000 miles up the road, it was in the mid 30s. It's a wonderful but strange place. :)
    I love autumn, especially in the parks and gardens here as we have a lot of European decidous trees planted and I just enjoy the leaves drying and changing colour before dropping. Not so hot on winter, but autumn days of lovely sunshine with cool evenings are nice.

  8. Beautiful Spring photos. How lucky to catch the murmuration of starlings, I would love to be able to capture that, such a stunning sight. I love the Edith Holden diary and nature notes, full of beautiful illustrations and think the weather and countryside sayings in them are lovely. There is no lovelier sight than that of the first wild primroses of Spring, they always make me feel so happy. xx

  9. Aren't primroses such a happy flower?

  10. I'm happy to see your nature emerging there.. we've had such an unusual early spring with all the daffodils out and all kinds of other things. Yay! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Oooooh I love those primroses they are such pretty flowers
    Jackie x

  12. I'm loving the light at the moment - and seeing some more flowers and hearing the bird song is great. x

  13. Such wonderful happy spring moments and sights! xx

  14. This is a wonderfully uplifting post and I must agree with you primroses have to be my favourite spring flower too :)

  15. After seeing Holden's diary in one of your posts I was able to purchase a used copy, and it is a treasure...I would love to create such a diary, but my efforts thus far are quite different :-) I just posted some photos of our early Spring recently, but have not ever seen a murmuration of starlings as you amazing! I am off to try to crochet a little yellow baby hat as a gift. Wishing you happy days, Jacquie xx

  16. Those starlings are amazing, so we'll caught must have the reflexes of a Ninja! ;) xxx

  17. I posted your Wintry Day picture to my blog with one of MY wintry day that I just took. For comparison's sake. (smile) I love Edith Holden, too, and have three of her books. I really enjoy your blog, it's such a pleasant place. Thank you.

  18. I love your photos, and you have convinced me I need to buy the Edith Holden book.

  19. thanks for wonderful picyures, I admire fantasic places, nature in your country, bye

  20. Gorgeous images and signs of spring. I really love that first images of the starlings doing their incredibly fascinating flying formations! Happy Sunday! Your heart pattern features discreetly on my blog today. I made it ages ago as you will remember!

  21. Flowering currant is one of my favourite things - I'm going to get one for my garden, I've decided. And the 'Country Diary' books. I have a birthday coming up!
    Have a wonderful week.
    S x

  22. I love to read March page and see the flower pictures!

    Cheers, Sandra


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