Sunday 1 March 2015

February Walking Review

Hello Lovelies,
I thought I would do a bit of a round up of February's walks at this point. It will be nice for me to look back on as the year progresses and hopefully it will be interesting and maybe inspiring to some of you.

The February page of my Derbyshire Life "walking calendar" i.e the calendar I'm using to record my miles walked, has a gorgeous sunny and frosty winter image that I've loved looking at all month.........

Though I haven't been mentioning them, I have been on three group walks this month ( just missing the half term week, as I couldn't convince two teens and a pre-teen that they would like to walk six miles in the rain with a lot of adults they don't know....I'm can't imagine why)

Thursday's ( group walk day) have been grey and often damp. Not great for photography. Two of the walks were still most's great to discover new paths and pretty villages. And stop somewhere sheltered for a picnic lunch........

This mosaic is made from images captured on my favourite group walk this month. Eight and a half miles over rolling countryside with some great, far reaching views, well they would have been on a better day............

But my least favourite group walk was a seven and a half mile yomp around the local airport. True, again the weather was pants, but we didn't see much that you could call interesting or pretty.

There wasn't many planes to be seen.  And when we did spot one the weather was so depressing it just made you wish you were leaving on a jet plane too.........

Lunch, sitting on a wet picnic bench listening to the roar of the motorway and looking at the menacing cloud emanating from the power station , didn't add much to the experience........

golly, I did wonder if I was slightly mad spending a precious day off on that particular excursion.

But on the positive side the company was pleasant and it all added miles to my tally.

It is a shame about the uniformly bad weather the walking group endured last month.

On other days there has been some gorgeous sunny weather and the winter walking has been a joy. Whether it was with family or alone. To a city or climbing a hill. I've loved it all..........

I'm feeling inspired by  my Derbyshire calendar to plan  some Peak district walks this year.......I can't wait to find an edge like this to explore........

Isn't it stunning

But today it's really windy and there is a drippy tap in the kitchen that needs our attention..... I will have to be patient a little longer.

In the mean time I'm enjoying keeping a record of my activity and working towards my 1000 mile GOAL for the year.

February stats are

Miles walked with walking group                             23.5
Days with no outdoor walking                                    3
Longest walk in miles                                                  8.5
Total outdoor miles walked this month                    82.0
Total miles so far this year                                          162.0

Not bad considering it's a short winter month. Here's to March and the arrival of Spring !

Jacquie x


  1. Hello, I love your blog, it gives me a lot of inspiration, thank you, greetings from ann

  2. You are doing brilliantly with your walking tally, I don't get to do anywhere near as much walking as I used to, my job involves a lot of driving, not quite the same!

    I was lucky enough to be on one of those planes leaving the grey skies for a few days over half term, it was very nice I have to say!


  3. Well done on keeping to your rota Jacquie, even if it means you have to do some walks that don't quite 'rock your boat' - it makes the other walks so much more pleasurable doesn't it?! The wind is blowing a gale here today but the sun is shining and our walk this morning along a river gave us the biggest surprise... a seal! I wonder what I will be writing about next week :-) Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and keep up the good work!! xx

  4. You are so inspiring, I can just see how much you love being out in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside! Well done, keep it up, keep sharing....I for one am loving it! ;) xxx

  5. Well done on your walking tally for this month, you inspire me to walk more. I manage a daily walk but no where near as far as you do. My daily walk varies between 3 & 5 km
    Jackie x

  6. February is such a dreary month too so a big achievement! Congrats! I'm sure you'll reach your goal, the coming seasons will add motivation and spring in your step. ; )) My usual routine is 30 minutes to an hour a day 5 days a week (but this month has been a challenge).Here's to more miles for us both! x

  7. You're doing really well so far Jacquie. The airport walk doesn't sound inspiring, but no doubt there are plenty of wonderful walks ahead of you this year. We went up to a high common this afternoon for a walk. After twenty minutes there was torrential horizontal sleet and I couldn't persuade anyone to continue. I know you would have kept going with me though, wouldn't you..? CJ xx

  8. Happy March and here's to more walking:)

  9. I'm very impressed with the mileage you've made! I bet you're in tiptop shape. I bet you'll have some really nice hikes this Spring! I look forward to seeing your photos. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Wow - what an achievement to have done so much walking already. I guess if you do some walks that aren't so interesting, it makes you appreciate the good ones more. x

  11. Boy you sure have done some walking.....go you, inspiration plus I reckon xo

  12. I love reading about your walks - way to go on how many miles you went in a month! I really should log my miles this way.

    A note on the power plant. More than likely the cloud over the power plant is steam. The air released from power plants today are extremely clean but very hot & produce a great deal of steam on cool days, making ferocious looking steam clouds on very cold days.

  13. Gosh, walking 1000 miles is a great goal. I wish you well with it. xx

  14. You've inspired me to start a walking tally. I walk randomly and don't record it, and funnily enough I was thinking at the weekend about setting a goal for this year (bit late but who cares:), so thanks for the extra motivation :)

  15. I'm painfully aware that this is an archetypal, nerdy mathematician's response, but, since I can't change my spots: a quick calculation shows 6x162 = 972 so you're almost exactly on target with the 'sunny' months - well longer daylight anyway - still to come. I like both the 1000 mile challenge idea and calendar mileage log.


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