Thursday 27 August 2015

Cornwall 2015 :: Afternoon Walks

Hello Lovelies,
Thank you for all your kind comments on my holiday posts. Here's the final instalment :0)

As well as a morning walk, these days I sometimes get the luxury of an afternoon wander as well. It's so nice now the boys are older and they don't need me so much. Most days my sister in law and I left our offspring with their Dads and their Nanna for a little while.

Our favourite beach to visit has to be Porth. It suits our whole party...and parking right on the sand makes life so easy. We have been coming here, on and off, for many years. Though it's only now that I am getting to explore the local area a little. 

On this afternoon we headed past the river Estuary, and stopped here a while to soak in the relaxed holiday vibe........

Families having fun in the water and on the sand  .............

A little further along the road climbs steeply and we found ourselves looking down on Whipsiderry beach.........

Such a contrast to Porth, still visible in the background.

We walked a little way along the South West Coastal path that runs along the cliff tops here....

I love the colours in this photo...the shades of blue and turquoise in the sea and the colours of the cliffs..........

Looking inland and towards Watergate bay we could make out spots of colour on the Boardmasters festival site. A zoomed in shot shows the mass of abandoned tents and rubbish waiting to be cleared away......

 I'm sure the organisers remove all this, but it does make me a little sad that we live in such a throw away society.

On another sunny afternoon....the day of our departure....we walked in the opposite direction.

Passing pretty Lusty Glaze beach ..............

and looking towards the headland........

Oh, the colours of the sky and the ocean were stunning..........

the tide was a long way out and the beaches were huge.....

It might be hard to see but lots of people were enjoying surfing, body boarding,  or simply being in those beautiful waves............

We were happy to gaze down on all the fun and cherish our last few hours at the coast........

There are so many beaches at Newquay....each with it's own different vibe...........

Tolcarne beach looked very inviting but for us it was time to head back.

Back on Porth beach it was lovely to enjoy a little more crochet and a yummy cream tea....delicious with added strawberries........

As the sun sank and the cloud built I stood in the waves for one last time.........

And felt a little bit sad that our days on this favourite beach were almost over for another year.........

This spot has a special place in our life. We have built up so many happy holiday memories here over the years..... It's woven into our children's childhood and our own parenting journey.

These last two photos are of my Twins. "Eldest" and "Middle" son as they are known here. Though they are only 15 minutes apart in age :0)

Firstly them on Porth beach this year..........

and then , this one of them on their first ever holiday and first visit to Porth beach 14 years ago...........

 How blessed I am.
Jacquie x


  1. Wow! You have some amazing photos there. The festival field made me feel a bit sad though, probably just a lack of thought but when there are so many homeless around the world, all of those tents abandoned felt wrong. x

  2. Oh, how bittersweet to see those last two pictures! What treasures they are.

  3. My first holiday away with a friend was to Porth Beach - we stayed in a little B and B nearby - I haven't been to Cornwall for a couple of years and I miss it. My sons are in their 20s now but I too treasure the days when they pottered around in rock pools, they are gone all too soon. Happy memories - thanks x

  4. A perfect holiday I think. I know what you mean about feeling a bit sad when it's coming to a close. Such a shame about the mess from the festival. They weren't supposed to be like that when they started I think, but as you say, it's a throwaway society now where so many can't be bothered to care for the planet. Sad indeed. Beautiful pictures from your walk, it makes me long for a cliff top. Glad you had such a lovely time. CJ xx

  5. Great photos. I think a lot of the tents might have been abandoned at Boardmasters because they were too wet/damaged to pack up, there was a torrential downpour on the Saturday night/Sunday morning

  6. Gorgeous's so nice to see what the beaches look like "across the pond". They seem so much more relaxed then ours here on the East Coast in the US. We don't even bother to go unless it's early June or September to avoid the crowds and high prices! I love how open your beaches are and they seem much less crowded! We have a special spot on a lake in the Adirondack Mountains that we vacation to every year and it's so nice to look back on the memories. :) I wish holidays would last forever!

  7. Such beauty and blessings! Thanks for sharing Jacquie. They grow way too fast don't they?! My youngest just off to Uni. Where did the time go?!

  8. Wonderful pictures it's not surprising this location means so much to you. I love the last two pictures shown the difference in time. The rubbish from the Boardmasters festival looks so awful with so many tents left abandoned! Sarah x

  9. The sea and sky blues are beautiful. Good for you on getting away and gettin' in some girl time.

  10. Beautiful photos! the crochet is as yummy as the cream tea :) Thanks for a great share!

  11. Utterly gorgeous. You are truely blessed. We too head to Newquay yearly, but not this time. Partly to make me yearn for it ready for next year. Oh boy! Has that worked. Suddenly everyone I follow in blogland seems to have been to Cornwall this year!

  12. A wonderful seaside walk with you Jacquie! Thank you for taking us along!! It is a shame about the things left behind after festivals, I agree. I am always amazed though at how quickly and efficiently they can clear it all away and it looks as though no one has even been there, amazing work they do! Glad you had such a great holiday!! xx

  13. I have loved reading about your holiday adventures. It is several years since I have visited Cornwall, something I think I need to rectify soon. Your photos of the gorgeous beaches are stunning and how lovely that your sons have been able to build such happy holiday memories over the years. xx

  14. Been past Porth beach twice today on our way to and from the tip!

  15. Another here who went on an annual pilgrimage to Cornwall for 10 years whilst my three sons were growing up. Do you know about the FB page Friends of Towan beach ? They are campaigning to get the natural beach pool repaired.
    It is with a little tear in my eye I have read your posts ....... it seems so long since I was encamped in a beach tent surrounded by buckets, spades, wetsuits, body boards and footballs. I really don't know where the time went.
    Glad you had a great time and made some more memories. :)

  16. Jacquie, I've really enjoyed seeing all these photographs of your holiday. All that open sky, and blue sea, and striking cliffside landscaping really is soul nourishing.

    It was also fun to see the two photographs of your twin lads, then and now.

    You are very kind to share these happy times with us. xo


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