Tuesday 18 August 2015

The Perfect Start

Hello Lovelies, 
sorry it's been quiet around here again.
We have been lucky enough to have another seaside break. This time with Mr BM's side of the family.

Last Saturday we woke at 4am and managed to get on the road before 5am. 
You see we had a long and potentially busy journey to a place we have visited on and off since the boys were babies.

300 miles.... and five and a half hours  later we arrived. The journey had been busy towards the end but not too frustrating. And wow....how wonderful to be back on one of our favourite beaches on such a perfect, warm and sunny day...........

It's beautifully soft sand but in places there is shingle....rather uncomfortable to walk on........

But great for shell seeking.........

And after lunch on the beach and a bit of a snooze, we left the children with family and my sister in law and I enjoyed a walk along the headland..........

It was easy to imagine you were somewhere on the continent.........

We crossed the small wooden bridge onto Porth Island and watched swimmers in the turquoise sea.......

and gazed back towards the beach...trying to spot family in the sea........

Here we sat on the grass, quietly breathing in the sea air and watching the sparkling sunlight reflected on the waves..........

It's such a rugged and dramatic coastline. On the horizon we could just see the big marquee of the Boardmasters Music Festival at Wategate bay..........

There was certainly a happy vibe in the area. Groups of youngsters having a good time, mingling with the rest of the holiday makers.

But for us it was the colours....Oh The Colours..........

The Atlantic ocean is so stunning.

As we walked back to the beach we felt blessed at the perfect start to our precious week away.......

Back soon with more Cornish views lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. It looks so beautiful, I love your commentary too. xxx

  2. What a beautiful place! And by the looks of it, well worth the hours it took to get there!

  3. Love a good Cornish view. Looking forward to you sharing some more!!

  4. Oh how fabulous! Wish we could make a beach trip this year, I so miss it. I look forward to living vicariously through your posts. ;D

  5. That looks like a lovely place. I'm missing the ocean and may need to take a trip to the Oregon coast before long. The sea is so cold there that there isn't much swimming but there is a lot of walking and shell finding.

  6. So beautiful !!!! I like pictures of the sea very much, we are living in the middle of the continent, so I saw the sea twice in my life. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences.

  7. I know that beach well - lovely to see it. x

  8. Lovely photos. Enjoy the break.

  9. It is very easy to see why it is a favourite place for you! I think that it would be for anyone who visited!! Glad you had a great time. xx

  10. A lovely post, full of coastal colour. Cornwall is perfect for holidays and your beach looks gorgeous. I like your shell collection - I can never leave a beach empty-handed. Looking forward to a bit more Cornwall in your next post:)
    Cathy x

  11. Lovely, lovely Cornwall. Well done for starting early, the motorway has been hideous lately, I'm glad you avoided the worst of it. It looks like you had the perfect day, that sparkling sea is gorgeous. It made me heave a deep happy sigh. Wonderful. CJ xx

  12. WOW! beautiful, Never saw sea/ocean except on movie but we do go to river beach http://goodmorningbeautyful.blogspot.com/2015/03/yesterday-on-sunday.html

  13. Oh, to go to the seaside! I'm still hoping we get there this year. Your photos are lovely and yes, so are those colours.
    S x

  14. Lovely place, I must visit one day
    Julie xxxxxx

  15. Hi, I'm italian and I have a dream...to see ocean!
    Sorry, but I speak a little english :-)

  16. Are you sure this is England?! It's amazing how the right sunshine and weather makes this country look so continental. Beautiful shots of this fair isle :-) xx

  17. Oooooh are you coming to St.Agnes where i live,if you do give me a shout.x

  18. Keep those views coming. We have been visiting local places this last week.

  19. I want to be there!! It sounds so wonderful and peaceful. I love all of your photos and the more the better.


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