Wednesday 16 November 2016

12 Reasons I ♥ this Walk

Hello Lovelies,
This morning was the perfect autumn day. I headed out on a circular walk that I love. One that I have shared many times before on this blog. 
 As I strided along I thought of all the reasons it is so special to me ......

1 :: It's straight from home. No getting in the car and driving. Therefore no cost, no pollution and no added time. 

2:: It's the first "proper"walk I did when I got into this hobby a few years back. And I think the first longish walk I did in my first ever pair of walking boots. For those reasons alone it will always be dear to me.

3:: It's a good chance to be  mindful. There are no distractions just seasonal beauty.

 4:: It has "surprise views"...well they are not really a surprise to me these days...but it's still lovely to wonder what the view will look like at different times of the year and in varying weather conditions.

5:: It's empty of people. I hardly every see another soul on this walk. Having a job which is very communication based and full of people means the solitude is so restorative. I like to be quiet.

6:: It has hills. Not very steep hills but enough to give elevated views and enough to make you out of breath if you march up them. Being physically fit is so important to me. I feel blessed with good health and I am of the "use it or loose it" mindset. I want to be able to do this for many years to come and I feel better about getting older if I make an effort to hang onto my fitness.

7. There's a village half way round. I like to have a break from the wide open on a walk too. I love to wander past cute cottages and be a bit nosy :0)

8:: There is water. Possibly not as much as I would like. Just a few streams to cross and walk beside. I love walking by water. I love the reflections on still water, the sound of running water and the extra light it gives to a landscape.

9:: It has lots of trees. Mature trees are such a joy aren't they. I love that there are many different sorts on this route and it's wonderful to see the deciduous ones change throughout the seasons.

But I'm always thankful for the evergreen as a contrast...and a sign of life in winter.

10 :: It has shelter and a rest stop. It's a long enough walk to feel I deserve a little sit down here. And on a windy day it's lovely to shelter by the church wall.

one of my favourite things is a picnic. In the summer I walked this route early and brought my breakfast. That is a special summer memory. Today it was just a biscuit, but it tasted so much better for having worked up an appetite.

11:: It has clear, easy paths. Away from road noise. Just the sound of birdsong for company.

12 :: It has views towards home

The village on the hill that has been so kind to me and my growing family.

And when you reach it there are things to make you smile

It's just two hours ( 5 miles) of putting one foot in front of the other. But physically and mentally it means SO MUCH to me.
I hope you enjoyed the autumn views. Thank you for joining me lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. A really beautiful walk, how lovely to have it right on your doorstep. I love the yew tree at the church especially, and the allotments too. Walking is wonderful at this time of year isn't it. And always so restorative. I wish I could fit in a bit more. Must try harder! CJ xx

  2. Sounds and looks like the perfect walk! Thanks as always for sharing it with us.x

  3. That is a beautiful walk! and congrats to you for doing 5 miles! Now you have made me want to take a walk in the twilight when I get home from work. I was almost talking myself out of it but now I'll do it! Thanks for sharing this treat!

  4. That's a splendid walk, Jacquie - something of everything - and you had good walking weather for it.

  5. I really did enjoy your walk and what a blessing to have this beautiful area to walk in. I'll be over tomorrow at 9:00. :) I need to start my walking again.

  6. You certainly did take us on a beautiful walk, stunning views and a mixed terrain. What could be better?

  7. Certainly it was a wonderful walk! I loved the views of the fields and the house in the distance... England was always my love :)))

  8. I enjoyed your walk. We live in a beautiful country.

  9. What wonderful walks you do. I love all these scenes of the English countryside!

  10. I have read your Blog for a time. I like your "Use it or lose it" mindset for fittness and health. I plan to walk more and remind myself of your "Use it or lose it" mindset. Thank you for the inspiration! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. They are lovely!

  11. Thank you for sharing your walk ...and for taking us along.
    Your blog is so calming and is much appreciated.
    Kind regards.

  12. So lovely to walk in such tranquil and safe surroundings .. Thank you for the photos!

  13. I'm envious of your beautiful walk being right on your doorstep. I loved 'walking' it alongside you. Thank you.

  14. Beautiful walk! "Use it or lose it" is a great mantra, but sometimes ability is taken away from us. I used to walk miles and miles but can't anymore. Great pics, and super views! Enjoy! :) xx

  15. The magic of the Internet.. even those who can't get out can feel as if they have. I am sure looking at these pics gives us all a feeling of peace and joy. thank you.

  16. What a gorgeous walk! Wish I had something like that. Thanks for the great pics and details.

  17. Looks like an amazing path to walk, I enjoyed your pics so much: all those lovely landscapes, and the trees, the streams, the buildings... wonderful!

  18. Lovely photos. I find walking and nature very therapeutic.

  19. I love reading your walking posts. Your pictures are always so nice! You live in such a beatiful country!
    Thank you again for sharing this!


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