Wednesday 30 November 2016

My Walk 1000 miles in 2016 Challenge

 Hello Lovelies,
as I mentioned in my previous post, at the start of this week I was nearing the completion of my 1000 mile challenge. That's walking 1000  outdoor miles in 2016. A few of you may recall I also did this last year, and just made it on New Year's Eve.
THIS  post has a lot of detail about what I did last year and I started again with the same rules and the same goal at the start of 2016.

This year I have reached that goal already. Yay. Yesterday I wasn't starting work until lunchtime, and Eldest was home again, so we both headed out to do the final few miles on local footpaths.

It was such a beautiful, frosty morning. With icy puddles to crack.....

And rock hard ground under your feet.

The fields had a pink tinge I loved.

And the grass was nearly white.

Such long shadows.

Hello :0)

It was quite magical.

The familiar made special.

And when we got to my favourite church Eldest did a great job recording this 1000 mile moment for me.

Then we carried on.

Eldest is always happy to be outdoors. Here he's telling me how he could mend the rotting  footpath sign...bless him.

At sixteen he's still quiet the chatterbox. I hope it never changes.

I loved the stunning Ivy berries ......

And the misty view of distant hills.

and the free apples kindly put out by a neighbour.

This year I may not have gone anywhere exciting to complete my challenge, but I had lovely company and perfect weather. I feel so lucky.

I must thank all of you lovely people for the many congratulations, both here and on Instagram. You all all so kind.
I especially love to hear that I have inspired some of you to join the challenge too, or simply to get outdoors and walk a little more. It's so good for both body and soul.

Of course I will continue to record my mileage and see how many miles I manage by the end of the year.
Then next year I will start all over again...who will join me?
Jacquie x


  1. You are awesome! After reading about last year's 1,000 miles, I decided that I would do 500 miles in 2016. I have about 46 miles to go, and should accomplish it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Well Done Ruth!
      I hope you enjoyed the challenge.
      Here's to another year of walking
      Jacquie xx

  2. Congratulations! Love the photo of you at 1000. I'll join you with Ruth's goal of 500! I guess I need to come up a device to log my miles now.

    1. Great news Ellen.
      I simply write my daily total on a calendar and note the running tally for the month too. It's a great incentive.
      Jacquie xx

  3. Well done. It sounds a difficult challenge, but it's not. Just requires determination.

  4. Congratulations that is such an achievement and it is not yet December either! You had a wonderful magical morning to reach your goal. Sarah x

  5. You are such an inspiration! Congratulations on reaching your goal. You may think your treks weren't anywhere exciting, but for those who went along with you through the blog, you took us places most of us will never see and we enjoyed it so much.

  6. Congratulations Jacquie....great endeavor!! I think that's a good idea to tote up how many miles you do per day....much more motivating!

    Wonderful photos... I could almost feel that crisp cold feeling (nearly!). Nature is beautiful throughout all its seasons.

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  7. That's brilliant Jacquie, well done you. Sorry for missing the bit in your last post about your progress with the mileage and then asking you about it! Not sure how I managed that. Love the photo of you, beautifully framed and gorgeous winter light. And that frosted greenhouse. I shall look forward to following along with your next 1000 miles! CJ xx

    1. Thank you so much CJ. Not to worry about missing the P.S.
      It's always so kind of you to comment xxx

  8. Well done!
    Enjoyed you photos!
    Thought the mileage too far for me last year, and did not try it.
    Hoping for better moving days in the coming year.

  9. Well done you! I had been inspired by you to try, then I had a bad fall in the spring which slow me down a lot, but I should reach 500 miles by the end of the year anyway. I hope to reach 1000 next year!

    1. Well done Angela!
      Hope we both manage the 1000 next year

  10. Many congratulations! A wonderful achievement. It has been such a pleasure sharing your walks and wonderful photographs.

  11. Congratulations! I decided to try 500 miles this past year after reading about your goals last year. I struggled to keep up all year but was on goal from January through September. Then in Sept. i injured my foot & couldn't walk at all for a few weeks. I was so bummed. By the time it healed enough to do much walking I knew I couldn't make my goal & stopped keeping my log. I was pretty discouraged that I'd made is so far & stopped.

    But I do plan to try again. I have nerve damage in my feet & legs from an old back injury. At times I don't have any feeling in parts of them so it's a constant balancing act to keep them healthy enough to stay consistent. I'm hoping this year I'll be able to make my goal!

  12. well done Jacquie!A brilliant achievement x

  13. You are an inspiration, well done on persevering and thank you - I've decided I'm going to take up the challenge for 2017 as well. I work part time and have two boys (5 & 7) but I'm hoping that will keep me going rather than giving up. I love the simplicity of your method - tracking your walks on your calendar and doing a monthly tally. I shall totally magpie that idea!
    Your posts are always full of interest, the pictures are lovely, and please keep us posted with your walks and musings as I have a feeling I'll need it to keep me going!
    I already feel brave having posted this on the big wide web, no going back now! :o)
    ps I wish you and your dearest a peaceful and happy Christmas. x

    1. Yay, so glad you are feeling inspired. Thank you for the lovely comment.
      Here's to much happy walking in 2017.
      Happy Christmas to you and yours
      Jacquie x


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