Sunday 13 November 2016

Weekend Moments

Hello Lovelies,
Just popping by to share a few pictures of things that made me smile this weekend.

1. Saturday was cold and rainy, but I got up early anyway to do my supermarket shop. I love the empty car park and the empty isles at 8am, and leaving just as it starts to get busy.
Finding an Amaryllis Kit in the supermarket really made me smile and as soon as the food was unpacked I potted it up. Look it's already trying to sprout. I just love growing these flowers in the winter. To see it's fresh green shoots and big bright flowers during the winter is a real joy......

2. Yesterday morning then saw me baking. Lemon Drizzle cake. How I enjoy pottering in a warm kitchen on a miserable day.....

THIS  easy recipe

3. Thankfully today we woke to sunshine. Time to go for a walk. There were new wreaths by the little church when I passed. Not a happy sight as such, but it's such a pretty setting, especially on a sunny day.......

This curly horned sheep also made me smile...and the pheasant.......

4. Back home I laid out the squares I've made for youngest's blanket. 120 five round granny squares. I'm going to sew them together as I like the solid look this I did for THIS blanket...which is still a favourite of mine

I had planned to make it 10 X 12 rows, but that looked a bit short and wide. So I've changed to to 9 X 14. Just need to make 5 more squares now........

 5. Cake on a pretty plate this evening. I just love these little plates I found in the charity shop a few weeks ago.

It was a good weekend, full of time to enjoy the simple things. That always makes me smile.
I do hope the week holds this same...for all of us.
Jacquie x


  1. Blanket looks good. I'm also doing a 9x14 blanket. I've only done 5 rows up to now. Colours are very nice too.

  2. wow! Only 5 more squares to go. It's going to be nice. That lemon drizzle cake looks delicious especially on those charity shop plates...sweet! Lovely photo of the church and sheep.

  3. That blanket is going to be awesome Jacquie :D
    MMM love drizzle cake but on low carb these days so a distant memory lol

  4. It was your pink flowers behind the new pot that intrigued me.. loved the pheasant and sheep on your walk. My DIL bought a lemon bread and I am soon to have a slice.. I need to make a homemade one, though. Bravo on that massive and wonderful blanket! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Lemon drizzle looks delicious, I think I might potter in the kitchen and join you.

  6. Lovely photos as usual, and you've made me REALLY want a slice of lemon cake with my cup of tea! I can feel some baking coming on ... :-) xx

  7. A lovely time of it! Congrats on the blanket, really growing beautifully! No outdoor walks here for now, too much smoke from the wildfires. But lots of crafty time indoors, chocolate chip cookies planned for today (promised the eldest) but that lemon drizzle looks so yummy! x

  8. Takk for vakre bilder. Så fint helg du har hatt. Deilig søndagskake å bake.
    Teppe ser ut så veldig godt. Oppløp med siste fem. Ha masse glede...
    Hilsen fra Viola

  9. A lovely blog, i do like your new squares all ready to go. I always use your instructions for a nice flat border. Now I feel like making some drizzle cake too ! Nice and sunny here today in NZ even though we have had a bad earthquake a few days ago. Carolyn NZ

  10. Ooh yes, getting to the shops early - and then escaping! We shop at the local market for our fruit and veg. You have to brave the weather but it means you fill your bags, whizz around the supermarket for the rest and get home before the hordes descend.
    It's the little things...
    S x

  11. Hi, what a lovely blog you have, I loved your Lemon Drizzle cake, and the curly horned sheep, so beautiful. the squares are awasome, I love squares!!!
    Have a nice week.
    Ana e Vivi

  12. Love your blanket. Have you ever tried dc them together by catching the back loops only on the squares when you hold them right sides together. You get a flat finish and you don't loose any of your dimensions. Jo xx

  13. I haven't had breakfast yet and that cake is making me really hungry. It looks delicious and your blanket project is going to be fabulous when it's finished. Can't wait to see it...


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