Saturday 28 April 2018

On a Hot Day

 Hello Lovelies,
today I'm hiding from the cold wet weather outside. Its 5 degrees Celsius and raining heavily. I though it would be nice to look back on last week when we had a mini heatwave. When the temperatures reached 25 degrees. What crazy weather we have.
I don't actually like it too hot. I like to be active and that's no fun when it just makes you sweat profusely. I do love the sunshine though so the best solution I know is to head out early to enjoy the day before it gets too hot.

I headed out along local paths and smiled when I arrived at this familiar view. The simple churchyard looked so pretty now the spring green is everywhere.

I love to try and capture how gorgeous the Daffodils are with sunlight illuminating their petals.

Just look at those shadows.

Happy colours.

Primulas in the grass.

Celandines along the roadside looked very happy to see the sun.

As did the cockerel :0)

So many different types of daffodils.

and pretty Blackthorn blossom. It's really beautiful in close up.

My walk was taking me ages as it was already quiet hot and I felt like dawdling. Quiet a novelty after a winter of dashing about to keep warm.

I'm not sure what this shrub is but it smelled lovely.

It was right next to this bench. Ahhh. sit down for a little while Jacquie and enjoy the moment. Bliss.

I gazed up at the blue sky and the crab apple blossom about to burst open.

And watched the world go by. Quiet a few cars went passed at one point, then I realised they were my walking group heading out for an hours drive to the starting point of a 9.5 mile walk. I felt a little sad not to be going, but I knew the heat would make it a struggle for some...and that might me.

No, better to stop and enjoy the flowers today.

Walking through the trees was bliss. Such welcome shade and a gentle breeze.

My slightly odd shadow. A summer dress with my jacket tied around my waist. I need more dresses with pockets :0)

Enjoying the birdsong and blossom from the shady path.

I walked a miserly one and a half miles, not great for my challenge to walk 100 miles in April.

Back home in my own garden the sunshine was making the Tulips happy too.

 And the marsh Marigolds in the pond.

I then retreated indoors and plotted an evening walk to see the sun set :0)

Apparently one of the walking group was taken a bit ill and had to stop walking and wait to be rescued. Maybe I made the right choice...though if I had gone I wouldn't still have eight miles to go to get to my goal.

I'm just off to get out my waterproofs. Chat soon :0)

Jacquie x

P.S. I'm experimenting with different Headers. Something to change with the seasons. I do hope you like the change. Have a good weekend lovelies xx


  1. A beautiful walk and I love the new header, very Spring like. X

  2. You managed to capture the full glory of a marvellous spring day. And I enjoyed learning the names of some plants. Great post, Jacquie. And yes, so sad nice weather never seems to last more than a couple of days here in England.

  3. What a lovely spring flower post. I enjoyed your walk in the sunshine. Hope your walking friend is feeling better xx

  4. Lovely spring post while I am in autumn Jacquie. Weather is crazy, here we were still having 35 and heading to winter wonder how it will be in Oz. Love seeing all those flowers on your walk and hope walk buddy is ok.

  5. I love the new header, I change mine often and have fun with it. Your photos of the daffs and tulips and flowering trees was very happy reading and looking. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Suddenly spring is everywhere isn't it. Gorgeous photos, you've captured it beautifully. CJ xx

  7. A gorgeous post, as always! I love all the flowers, they really lift the spirits. All but a few of my daffs gave it a miss this year :( but the bluebells are starting to show! Looking forward to your next post x

  8. Gorgeous photos ... gorgeous countryside :)

  9. Lovely photos Jacquie! The fragrant shrub is Sarcococca aka Sweet Box. Susie x

  10. What a sunny blossomy post! All the flowers look so lovely. Hope your weather improves soon so you can enjoy being out of doors again. :)

  11. Yes, the weather is being so weird, from cold to hot to cold again. It's been freezing here these last few days. Spring seems to be bursting forth, at last. The blackthorn blossom is very pretty.

  12. I don't wish to cause a big controversy but I think the shrub is some sort of Osmanthus, possibly "Osmanthus × burkwoodii". A fun investigation for your next visit to a garden centre maybe?


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