Tuesday, 17 April 2018

One Sunny Day

Hello Lovelies,
How are you? Thank you for your comments on my latest posts. Today I bring you some sunshine :0)

April may have seemed unremittingly wet at times, but there have been a couple of bright days. These photos were from one such day. A really lovely walk around the Charnwood Forest. I love this area of Leicestershire so much. It's a totally different landscape to most of the East Midlands. It has proper hills and stone walls. 

This walk started with paths I hadn't walked before, around Broombriggs Farm.

We walked and quietly enjoyed the beauty and the fine views...as instructed. I hope you enjoy them too :0)

Ooooh a windmill.

Sadly it's very much shortened these days.

If I take a picture like this you could think it's still lovely and tall. Oh, I've just googled it and if you scroll down HERE you can see that it had a wooden top. That explains why only this bit is left standing.

The next part of our walk was through lovely sunlit woodland.

past grazing cattle

loved this one's wonky horns

To a blue sky view.

and a tasty snack

This is my kind of Coffee stop

This view is familiar but it still makes me smile

then it was back through woodland to the car

On the way back we decided to stop at a heritage railway station we have passed many times. I was thrilled to discover it's free to explore and it looked simply gorgeous on this beautiful day.

 I loved all the period details. So much work has gone into this and it's heartening to see how well supported this must be.

I took quiet a lot of pictures :0)

I do hope you enjoyed them.

Jacquie x


  1. What a lovely station. There's one a bit like that near here, great that they're preserved. That sky is absolutely amazing, I'm hoping for sun here sometime soon. Wouldn't mind a hot cross bun either. CJ xx

  2. Lovely walk and fantastic railway station - I love social history.

  3. Lovely! I wonder if the other cattle notice the wonkiness of the horns on the one. I would think they do since horns would be used defensively if they weren't so domesticated and their well being could depend on noticing. hmmm....

  4. Thanks for sharing all that glorious sunshine and blue skies.. and the historic train station was a wonderful treat for this wife of a railroad engineer (retired). ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Oh I sure did love this sunny walk, beautiful places along the way and the poor old windmill. I am train mad so loved the station and the look around and noticed a number of planes (leaving their trail) flying over there ☺☺

  6. I love this post!!! So wonderful to see the place where you walk. The train station is beautiful!

  7. I loved seeing all your pictures of such a beautiful area! The station is so lovely and how nice that it's being preserved for others to enjoy. Thank you for sharing all your lovely pictures!

    Blessings - Julie

  8. What a fun one, thanks for sharing!


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