Wednesday 11 April 2018

Water Water Everywhere

Hello Lovelies,
gosh we have had some rain over the past week or so. It's been more of an April deluge than April showers
There have been extra water hazards on the golf course.

Mud baths on the footpaths

and others have turned from paths to streams.

Not to mention the pools in the paddocks.

At least puddles on tarmac give you the chance to wash some of the mud off.

 It's all wreaking havoc with my challenge to walk 100 miles this month.  At least some creatures are benefiting.

As my Dad would have said...."It's lovely weather for Ducks", or in this case geese.

 The rivers have burst their banks.

 Thankfully this flooding quickly subsided.

It all puts the dampers on my spring joy somewhat, but then a sight like this makes me smile :0)

Mum and I were out trying to make the best of the day last Wednesday. It was a mild day and I enjoyed a wander round a pretty village while mum sat in the car to do a sketch.

More lambs...and even a little bit of gambolling 

The stream was quiet full and raindrops landed on my camera lens.

This stream between houses was babbling away.

I do love a cute cottage with a pretty garden.

and the Willow trees just coming into leaf were a happy sight.

That's what I need...a big brolly....and maybe a little dog :0)

I liked this red brick house.

With it's pink pink trees.

And I loved this thatched cottage.

With it's stream-side setting.

I enjoyed wandering about in this idyllic spot, despite the rainy weather

 Getting wet taking pictures of water.

Eventually though I had to retreat to the cover of our "tin overcoat"...another of my lovely late Dad's expressions :0)

This is what mum sketched while I was away. I really love how this turned out mum

Jacquie x


  1. Ah it is all so wet here too. We went to Buxton last week and it was so wet when we tried to go for a walk - we got a bit more than spring water! Andy is struggling with lambing in the constant wet, it is like the Somme at the farm and all very depressing. The Ewes are holding on and dragging the season out, I think they are waiting for better weather. Chat soon. Jo x

  2. Hello Jacquie oh there has sure been a lot of rain for you over there. Here we are still having hot days in OZ crazy. Loved all of your pics and that was a lovely walk and loved your Mum's awesome sketch ♥♥

  3. It's a good thing you are brave and intrepid to hike through so much moisture! I totally enjoyed all your photos.. and loved the thatched roof cottage by the stream. Your mother is a national treasure, isn't she? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Golly - that IS soggy...but pretty. And very East Midlands? I worry about how much lambs gamble - but loved your mum's sketch; talented lady!

  5. PS - I meant to say that the light in some of those photos is simply wonderful.

  6. A lovely sketch, it must be nice to have a record of good memories and visits to places with your mum drawn by hand. It's a very pretty village, I love the stream squeezing between the houses. It really is mud season at the moment isn't it. I've never seen the streams through our little town as high as they were recently. And there have been more football games postponed than ever before as well. I hear that there is glorious weather forecast for next week though. The mud will dry up! Hope you're able to do some walking under a blue sky soon. CJ xx

  7. I do look forward to your posts! We haven't had much rain here, or even sunshine for that matter! Rather cloudy and grey all the time. It has warmed up a bit though, a balmy 8 degrees! Love the photos of the lambs! x

  8. Hi Jacqui it has been very wet here in the East Midlands. There is standing water in every field and earlier in the week I thought I should probably hired a canoe to get to work rather than the car. The rain water was running down the road faster than I was driving and pooling in the valleys. Thankfully it has subsided a little today but for the most part its still mud, mud glorious mud everywhere.

  9. I really like this walk. (I like them all but some especially stand out) I love walks in the rain and mist and all. There's something special and placid about it.


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