Sunday 1 April 2018

Simply Seasonal....1st of April

Hello Lovelies,
Happy Easter to you. The weather may not be great...O.K. it's downright cold at the moment but the lengthening days are encouraging new growth and all around are signs that we are now entering my favoutite season. I just hope it doesn't go too fast:0)

Here is my roundup of seasonal Happies for this past week.

1♥ Daffodils I just love the way these beauties line the roadside and flower year after year without fail. Simply getting better over time not worse.

If you take the time to notice there are so many different varieties too.

In my own garden I prefer the mini daffs as they don't look so messy as they die back.

But lets not think about that now. THIS is their moment in the sunshine.

And what a special moment it is.

2 ♥ Colourful Crochet. I'm making an effort to finish off some long neglected WIP's at the moment. These "log cabin" granny squares are finally joined together...using the deep purple colour of Stylecraft Emperor. I'm now adding a wide border to make this a usable size as a toddler blanket or play mat.

3 ♥ An evening walk...well actually the first daylight evening walk of the year. Hurray!!

On Wednesday I could tell there was a lovely light about 7pm, so I headed out in search of the sunset.

I was a bit early, but the dramatic skies still pleased me.

And I could see a glow through the gap in the hedge.

Peeping through I loved the light on the distant fields.

I snapped away happily, trying to capture the beauty that was all around.

Then I headed off down the footpath for a little walk.

On the way home this favourite view looked very special.

4 ♥ A morning walk. Here's the same view as above, taken the following morning. I love the contrast.

More Daffodils on my way to see a friend.

Here he is :0)

I see pink suet pellets are still his favourite.

5 ♥ My Calendar.  Every year for the past few years I have used a separate calendar to record the walk mileage I'm counting towards the Walk 1000 miles challenge.
This year I've got a very inexpensive calendar of Britain's Landscape. All the pictures so for have been lovely, but I've particularly enjoyed March. This calendar makes me smile because the compilers haven't tried to match the seasons at in March we have lots of Autumn colour. Not usually seen in this hemisphere....but I'll take it when the image is as beautiful as this.

February's picture looked like it was taken in May...but all that greenery was so uplifting. I think mixing up the seasons is a great idea :0)

6 ♥ Using up over ripe bananas Another favourite and very simple recipe this week. THIS one.

7 ♥ Fundraising. I've been out collecting for the amazing charity Marie Curie UK. I think they do a fabulous job ...and I love their Daffodil Pin :0)

8 ♥ Walking in the rain. It has it's challenges....

but I do have waterproof boots.

and an umbrella.

It's so good to have a goal like the walk 1000 miles in a year challenge to spur me to get outdoors even when the weather is not great. I actually loved this walk. Everywhere was so quiet...except fot the gushing brook.

This was a six mile walk yesterday, so I was glad to have a dry spot to stop halfway through. 

I loved looking out on the peaceful churchyard.

And snacking on homemade cake while I admired the Easter flowers.

In the woodland there were bluebell shoots.

And tiny wild violets.

I marched up the hills and felt better for pushing myself

This display in the local Yarn shop made me smile as I passed.

9 ♥ Easter Decorations. I'll finish this week with this shot of my mum in laws Easter decorating. She has been quiet poorly recently, but thankfully she is now feeling much better. I'm so happy she is back to doing fun stuff like this to make her family smile :0)

Wishing you all a good week ahead.

Jacquie x


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your rainy walk. I rather enjoy walking in the rain, and some of my most memorable walks have been ones that involved being caught in unexpected, torrential downpours!

  2. What a lot of wonderful photos you took, Jacquie! My favorite was the closeup of the little patch of daffodils with the church in the background. You Mum could make a nice painting of it!! I hope you had a nice Easter weekend. We sue did.. blog post tomorrow about it all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Love your photos, they are so bright and colourful, and especially love that crochet.

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. A wonderful and very enjoyable post as always! I love the photo of the moon! We had some warm, sunny weather, but it's turned cold and wet again :( Looking forward to the next one! x

  5. Happy Easter to you too....we have snow here today's! I am loving your daffodils and crochet and walks in the rain. Xxx

  6. I love pheasant eye daffs best. The evening glow always makes great photos. I like taking photos at my dads farm at that time of day. Hope you had a good weekend. We are off to Buxton tomorrow for some geocaching and walking. Jo x

  7. just lovely and gorgeous snapshots.. thanks for sharing your little part of the world. :)

  8. The moon, the daffs, the birdy...could this be any lovelier? xo

  9. I love all the Daffodils and beautiful skies! You saw some lovely things!
    That rainy path makes me shudder a little- I always splash all over my clothes, no matter how hard I try!

  10. I love daffodils too, such sunny flowers. Good wishes to your mum-in-law and i hope she continues to recover xxx

  11. Daffodils are such cheerful flowers! A lovely log cabin blanket too!


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