Monday, 20 February 2012

A Little Outing

Hello Lovelies,
temperatures plummeted again on Saturday night.......Brrrrr freezing. The bonus was a wonderfully sunny morning on Sunday with icy blue skys. Time to visit the country park and see what it's looking like this February. We wrapped up and loaded the boys bikes in the car. As soon as we heaved them out again they were off.......

It's not far to a pretty lake which was looking lovely with the blue of the sky reflecting in the water. The reed beds that border the lake were also looking stunning , their dry stems a pale sandy colour ......

There is loads of bird-life on the lake and many people were feeding the ducks, swans, moor hens and coots.........

The ducks repeatedly dived down after sunken food, going completely out of sight for a few seconds ,before bobbing back up like a cork.

They began their descent by putting their heads under the water so their backsides stick straight up in that comical way that always reminds me of a poem I learnt as a child.....The Ducks Ditty by Kenneth Graham...

I love the reeds all topped with "feathers"......

They look even  prettier illuminated from behind........

Away from the lake the boys zoom around on their bikes ,enjoying the space.......

Whilst Mr BM and I stroll along enjoying the sunshine . I'm happy to spot catkins......

And notice this silver tree with a strange twisted trunk.........

Ooooh look this pussy willow is just beginning to emerge.....

It all looks wonderful against the brilliant blue sky. I'm not sure what species of tree this is but the bare orange branches are stunning........

I love this tangled's pretty tail looking like bunting...........

Admittedly there are not too many signs of spring , but on such a bright day even some dry seed heads look pretty......

It was a lovely day to get out and enjoy the winter sun in beautiful  natural surroundings.......

Just a simple little family outing, but a perfect ending to the half term holidays.

Jacquie x


  1. Lovely photos! Especially the feathery reeds, Really brings back memories for me - my boys were always zooming off on their bikes!! Maggie xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures. The skies over the weekend were so lovely. We have a similar looking country park and lake in wakefield Yorkshire and it is a fantastic place to escape from busy town life.

  3. Yesterday was lovely and sunny if a little chilly but have you looked out the window this morning?? I've been up 2hrs and it hasn't stopped raining yet! I think today is going to be a grey west coast day!
    Lovely pics again

  4. Lovely photo's those shots of the trees and the plants are smashing. It was a gorgeous day yesterday here to it was nice to feel and see the sun. Have a lovely week,, dee x

  5. Lovely pics, just the sort I would be tempted to take. Almost feel I was there with you. Elaine

  6. How gorgeous. I love the UK in spring time . . . so promising. and so lovely to spend it with your family.

  7. Isn't that blue sky just gorgeous....must make the spirits soar to se some sunshine Jacquie.

    Love the contrast of the reeds against the water and sky.
    Reminds me of painting classes down at my local waterhole.

    Love the seedheads and the signs of Spring.........can't be too far away Jacquie.

    Claire :}

  8. My my, how repeatedly parallel our lives seem to be Jacquie!!
    Wasn't it cold yesterday, but so lovely to have such bright clear light.
    I used to LOVE that poem as a child too, you sent me right back to me pre school years!

  9. Seems like everyone was out enjoying the sunshine yesterday. It was so cold here though - had to have hot chocolate to warm up when we got in... any excuse!
    Have a great week! x

  10. Hi Jacquie
    What a gorgeous post, I cannot wait for spring, I'm already checking my garden for signs of life!
    I have started a new blog today, I'd love to have you as a follower :O)

    Clare xx

  11. Gorgeous photos! We were out at the park yesterday as well, and it was blustery and cold here in Arizona, too. Strange how similar the weather was back home in the UK.

  12. Hi Jacquie
    Your photo's are amazing it was sunny and bright here too in N Ireland but today was dull and lots of rain...
    I have posted on my blog today what I have done so far of my crochet Granny Blanket would love to know what you think of my efforts with all of the help from your fabulous tutorial that is, if you could pop over I would appreciate this so much.
    I also mention this in my post and a link to your blog I hope this is ok, thank you again for sharing your patterns it means a lot, i have also became a follower too... Take Care
    Hugs Sarah x

  13. Super trip out with the family. Oh no, poor little person that went home minus their kite, very sad.

  14. Hi Jacquie
    Thank you for your time to leave such kind words on my Granny Square/Blanket it's a great feeling to know that it's has got your thumbs up :):) and for also being on my blog this means a lot, Have a wonderful day, it's a lovely bright crisp day here today, what a change from yesterday!! Take care
    Hugs Sarah x

  15. such a lovely family day out just before the school term began again, i love the way you have captured the beauty around you in nature ;0)xx

  16. Lovely photos, the blue sky is stunning.

    We learnt that poem at school too and I remember drawing a picture with up tailed ducks!

  17. A lovely day out and wowza, no rain!!! x

  18. thank you for sharing the picture! The skies over the weekend were so lovely. abercrombie and I have a similar looking country park and lake in wakefield Yorkshire and it is a fantastic place to escape from busy town life.


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