Wednesday 22 August 2012

Seaside Holiday :: Part 1

Hello Lovelies,
I'm back from Devon and it's two weeks since my last post !
Heck, I didn't think I would be so busy in the lead up to our holidays that I wouldn't even have time to pop in and say bye. We had a wonderful time and I want to document it here before the daily routine gets a grip and it slips into a distant memory.
The washing machine is working overtime and I'm back at work already so time is limited but I've loads of images I would love to share with you  . I will  spread them over a few posts , squeezed in when I can.

We booked our holiday back in January , when August seemed like a distant dream. After all the anticipation the the hassle of the packing it was bliss to finally hit the motorway , the sun was shining and the boys were singing in the back of the car......

I'm not too keen on motorway driving so on long journeys I'm the navigator. Living a long way from the sea I love it when the map page includes some blue :0) and not driving means I can crochet. Actually the journey was not all plain sailing.Heavy traffic and roadworks at Bristol caused some frustration..........

But eventually we arrived at Croyde.None of us had visited this idyllic part of North Devon before.

 First impressions, with it's rolling hills and quaint villages were certainly good. But what about the beach....Yessss...Look it's gorgeous and the sand is so soft..........

We dumped our bags .The boys put on their wet suits and grabbed their body boards and , along with their cousins , had their first dip in the sea this year. I was happy to paddle till I got used to the chilly temperature.......

It was wonderful to stand in the water and watch the youngsters play  whilst surrounded by such gorgeous views.......

There are dunes behind the beach, great to climb to get a better view, this is the other side of the bay with the cute lifeguards hut in the foreground.........

From the top of the dunes the people in the water look like little black specks . On this first day there were some mutterings ( from my boys ) about the lack of waves and looking at this picture I can see the sea was pretty flat........

This picture of our faithful old beach tent was taken on day 2. I love these shelters for stopping the wind and providing some privacy and shade.......

They make a great spot to sit and look at the ocean whilst hooking a few ripples....

This second day was one of those long beach days , time in the waves ( which were a bit bigger today ) and lots of sandy play along with some rock pooling.....

We stayed on the beach quite late and I loved the low sunlight reflected on the sea........

Ummmmmmmm, blue skys, golden sand, turquoise sea and pretty countryside. Perfect.........

made all the more relaxing by the excellent work of the RNLI

The end of a wonderful day.........

Right, I'm off to peg out another load of washing.Back soon with part two :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Croyde is a lovely place to visit - my two love bodyboarding.

    Have finally caught up with all our holiday washing - my poor machine worked serious overtime!!

  2. Looks idyllic, so pleased you had some wonderful sunshine in this not so good british summer this year.

  3. WOW - that sure looks like a great place to holiday. Thanks for all those wonderful photos xxxx

  4. beautiful! I love the ripple blanket as well... especially your use of blues and earth colours!

  5. I absolutely LOVE Devon. It's been years since I was there and I really have to take my husband to England, he'd love it. Love the colours you chose for the rippled blanket.

  6. The pics of the sea are amazing!!!
    thank you for sharing, xxx Alessandra

  7. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside....what a lovely post. Particularly loving your colour choices for the ripple.


  8. Nice to see you back again. I enjoyed all your lovely shots and especially the low sunlight reflected on the sea. The surrounding countryside looks gorgeous too! How well your ripple blanket fit in with the seaside colours. I know you have chosen these colours to remind you of the sea and sand and blue skies. Perfect!!
    I'm back at work too, but still finding hooky time, just a little less!

  9. Is that the hut that was cute, or the lifeguards that were cute? Either way it all looks fabulous. Sounds like you had a great time, I'm sure you deserved it.

    Looking forward to more photos.

    Arwedd xx

  10. can't beat a lovely British Beach Holiday...with children...
    Lovely photos, thank you and looking forward to more photos very soon
    Take care

  11. I have never been to Croyde it looks lovely...may you conquer the laundry mountain soon xxx

  12. What fabulous photos, thank you for sharing them.

  13. What a gorgeous holiday! You made me realise how I have neglected my ripple blanket (in favour of quicker projrctes) so I must get back on to it! That sunshine looked blissful! Happy week! X

  14. Welcome back :)
    Great photos, looks like a perfect holiday.

  15. What a lovely time you had, we've been there a few times, great part of the world! Welcome back, where does all the washing come from! Ada :)

  16. Welcome back the beach looks so beautiful
    Your blue crocheted thing is beautiful
    Your tent is colorful
    I hope you had a fab time
    Have a fab weekend
    Ella xx

  17. Oh my god, I can't believe it! This is where I'm going on Friday for a week! I used to go every single year as a child so it's like a second home to me. I take it from the shot of the entrance to the beach that you were staying on or near Ruda? we always stayed at the other end, through the village, just before you round the hill to Saunton. Oh, I'm so excited, I can't wait!!

  18. such lovely pictures and I love your blanket its gorgeous.

  19. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like a wonderful time. And I love your ripples ... the colors actually remind me of the beach too :)

  20. Looks great! Bet you wish you were back there. The last photo is particularly fabulous!

  21. Sounds like heaven to me,the Bristol mention made me smile as when we were over there I got lost for 4 hours each time landing back in Bristol!!! horrid them lots of laughter about it now lol your rug looks wonderful

  22. Looks lovely - and you had sun! Looking forward to the next installment. Linda xxx

  23. Lovely :) I've been to Woolacombe which is pretty nearby and it's the same sort of nice flat sandy beach.

  24. great pictures, lovely wee post :) x

  25. Beautiful pictures - even though we live in Devon, you can't beat just looking at a lovely view. Glad you had a good holiday - the simplest ones are always the best!! FM x

  26. I just love your colour coordinated crocheting...very beachy..and matches the map too!

  27. A bit late, I know, but I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your wonderful holiday snaps. I tried to comment on this post last week but I was on my phone and it seems to eat my comments on Blogspot!

    It looks like you had lovely weather - the sunlight glinting on the sea looks so pretty. I love the photo with the lifeguards hut as well. I want to be sitting on that beach! xxxx


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