Thursday 30 August 2012

Seaside Holiday :: Part 3

Hello Lovelies,
 on the days that the weather was not kind it was nice to spend a bit of time pottering around inside our little holiday home . The interior was predictably neutral so a couple of Hydrangea blooms popped in a makeshift vase added a bit of colour. In the background you can see my granny stripe completed back in's still one of my favourites and in daily use..........

My Giant granny square blanket , made last summer , and patchwork cushions made earlier this year also add some colour and homemade cheer.....

While  the boys were off playing with their cousins I enjoyed playing around taking these pictures. Love the look of my latest project on the round coffee table..........

I didn't make much progress on my ripples this holiday , just hooking an odd row here and there. This was a quite moment which lasted about ten minutes.........

Soon everyone returned and the peace was gone. I'm not complaining though. I love the fact that we holiday with family and there is a ready made gang of five children who get on so well and have a wonderful time together.....

Our modern caravan was very practical but I was thrilled to see this vintage Airstream. I longed to peep in through the windows but there were too many folk around :0)

If you would like to see the interior of caravans like this I found some lovely examples ( with crochet ) here. Just click on the individual caravans for pictures....wonderful.

Staying with holiday nostalgia I also found a display of holidays at Croyde through the decades at our site. 

Loved this Fifties image  of some glamorous looking ladies with their wooden body boards . You can still buy these and we did see them in use.....they worked well. 

No wet suits in sight :0)

I also loved this Fifties caravan. Apparently the box on the outside is a cold store........

This seventies photo reminds me of my own childhood holidays........we had a caravan similar to the ones in the background on this shot. It had gas lights and no fridge or oven ( just a hob and  grill ) but I remember it as being  a very cozy place to sleep with it's bunk beds.........

Does any one remember slides like this ....I do.

Back to the present day......

I love this sketch of the beach, done by my youngest . You can see the body boarders and the lifeguards with their flags, along with the sandcastles and wind breaks........

 a great memento of a lovely holiday

Apart from over 200 photos I didn't bring back many souvenirs . A small gift for a neighbour who looked after the animals. A calendar for my mum, a great way to support the RNLI. 
 For myself A little Emma Ball tin and a postcard add to my collection :0)

I was sad to say goodbye to the sea and the journey home was long ...... but it's always nice to come home . In the garden my White Buddleia had come into flower and the Peacock butterflies were back :0)

Phew , that's the last of my holiday posts.Happy thoughts and memories saved for the future. As I said before , thank you so much for reading and commenting...your comments always make me smile. 
Next time a new crochet project....hopefully if I can get it's a bit of a fun experiment :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely holiday posting! Now we have September knocking on our doors and I just adore that month!

  2. Ooh we are off to Croyde next month, fingers crossed for the weather.
    Love your seaside ripple, makes me want to start another one!

  3. the butterfly in the last pic!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  4. I love the airstreams, the link you gave is wonderful to browse. A super drawing by your little one.

  5. nothing beats seaside holidays and the nostalgia of our own childhoods. I lived near a caravan park growing up as we lived by the sea. I'd ride my bike through the caravan parks and often chatted to the kids staying on hols. My grand parents owned a super sized family tent and my parents would borrow it or we'd all holiday together...I love those memories of setting it up and the adventure of a exploring a new camp site- my dad would always pick one without entertainment, usually in a big farmers field in the middle of no where!-we loved it!!!! was always so exciting!!. some of our other family members had caravans and we'd camp our tent beside them.
    Evenings around a fire, chatting under our blankets eating b-b-q food- It was all so comforting. lovely vintage photographs- looks like a fabulous trip ;0)x thank you for your kind words on my blog x

  6. Glad you had a lovely time. Lots of memories there, we had caravan holidays when I was young, I think it was a Sprite Alpine with an orange stripe! then we had one for a few years when our girls were small. Happy days :)

  7. oohh loving your ripple blanket, I really must start mine. Also loving seeing inside those vintage caravans, thanks for the link. oohh your new postcard looks like our Campervan Katie, I will have to blog about her very soon x

  8. I have really enjoyed reading about your holiday and enjoying the pictures. I love the tin! It is lovely that you take your blankets along to make your caravan so bright and homely. :-)

  9. I love how you took things on your hols to brighten up your caravan!! x

  10. Olá Jaquie bom dia!!
    Quantas coisas bonitas você mostrou, fiquei encantada!
    Os lugares são lindos, seus trabalhos renderam ...né!!
    Amei as fotos dos sapatinhos enfileirados!!
    Você é uma fotografa exelente! Parabéns! beijosssno coração!!
    Tina artesanatos!!

  11. Hi!

    I just fuond your blog and I LOVE that Ripple Afghan! And YES I do remember slides like that... And that Airstream made me think of Uncle Bob's & Aunt M.A's!


  12. Dear Jacquie,

    Another lovely post - those pictures of holidays gone by have made me very nostalgic, particularly the slide - I remember burning my legs during hot days on those kind of slides, and not caring! Also just spent 10 minutes drooling over the link to the airstreams - some lovely inspiration....really enjoying reading your blog at the mo!


  13. Hello Jacquie

    Thank you so much for showing your wonderful family holiday photos, they are
    amazing and bring back lots of happy memories. Gorgeous crochet makes in stunning colours, and a perfect drawing by your son.

  14. I love the old caravans too, I was on a caravan site this week and casually mentioned to my friend how much I would like one! She looked at me like I had grown 2 heads! Takes alsorts I suppose! Ada :)

  15. Just found your blog via KnitKnatKnotUK and I love all of your crochet goodies you took with you on your holiday. I just adore those vintage caravans, they are so shiny and glorious!!

  16. I hope you have enjoied this summer. Your ripples blanket is beautiful!

  17. Sounds like a lovely vacation. I loved seeing all the old photos.
    Your ripple blanket it looking beautiful. I love the colors you chose.


  18. I remember slides like that as well. Not soft area underneath in case of falls - I can't remember anyone falling off one, can you? There was always a bit that didn't slide wasn't there!
    Love from Mum

  19. Fun pictures! And I have never seen a peacock butterfly -- beautiful!

  20. Love your seaside ripple blanket. Its a pattern, ripple, that I am eager to have a go at myself ... one day I will. It looks like you've had a lovely holiday time together and how do photo a beautiful butterfly like that - I never have my camera ready or the boys scare them off! :o)

  21. Yep, definitely remember those slides! Pre health and safety days - terrifyingly, thrillingly high and superfast to slide down - flat on your back, headfirst, loved them!! xx


  23. I've really enjoyed your holiday posts Jacquie, just like being there myself.......such familiar places to me. Can't wait to see the results of your experiment. Oh and we were just talking the other day about those old slides OMG they were soooo high, what about the evil roundabouts and cheesecutter all on tarmac LOL happy days!

  24. Adore the colors in your ripple... I think it is about time for me to start on anew ripple project now when autumn is here.


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