Thursday 23 August 2012

Seaside Holiday :: Part 2

Hello Lovelies, our week at the seaside saw a wide mix of weather. It was never cold and we only had one day of solid rain. Generally though, the days were a mix of sunshine and showers. 
On Wednesday we woke to rain and wondered what to do with the day. Searching through some leaflets we found one for an Aquarium at Ilfracombe . It sounded like a good option on a wet day so we headed off. 
As we arrived the rain stopped and I was delighted to find a lovely harbour surrounded by pretty buildings.......

better still it was a working harbour with fishermen mending their nets and lots of interesting fishing paraphernalia.....

And look at the harbour's entrance with it's  impressive towering cliffs

on the other side there was a little lighthouse on a small steep hill......

I've since found information about it here.  Wish we had made time for a visit

As you can probably tell from the number of photos I've taken I loved this little harbour. 

There were several boats offering sailings to explore the coastline.....ooooh , yes that sounds like fun now the rain has stopped.

We booked our places , had lunch then waited on the quay . The sun was shining and I couldn't resist taking even more photos :0)

Soon it was time to embark .

As we left the shelter of the harbour it was great to see this stunning coastline from the water...

And whizz across the waves, getting splashed by spray and buffeted by the wind.......

At each interesting feature the captain slowed the boat and told us a bit about the area. This is Watermouth bay...

It has a castle but it's pretty hard to see from this angle !...look in the trees to the right of centre :0)

The sun kept disappearing behind  clouds , but when it shone the rocks looked so colourful.......

Such a dramatic coastline............

As the clouds gathered it was time to head back ...

We did spot some wildlife.....gannets, oystercatchers and a large fish that jumped right out of the water, but I didn't catch it's name....I think the fish was the highlight for the boys :0)

As we pulled back into our mooring spot the rain began to fall ( you can see the drops hitting the water in this shot ).........

We sheltered in a doorway and thankfully it was short lasting  . When the sun reappeared I squeezed in a couple more boaty shots......

Before it was time to say goodbye to this gem of a spot. It's somewhere I would very much like to return to one day. We might even make it into the aquarium next time :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Another set of lovely photos. It's donkeys years since I was at Ilfracombe . . .I can barely remember it. *Sighs*

  2. I love little fishing boats and quays too! They always look happy bobbing about in the water! The last time I went on a boat trip we got grounded on a sandbank and needed to be rescued by the lifeguard! Glad the weather stayed good for you, I can't believe we only have less than a couple of weeks of summer left, it's never really got going! Ada :)

  3. Despite those clouds you managed to get some spectacular photos Jacquie. I'm always socked to discover how many I've taken after a day out and how many of the same thing! Hurrah for the didital age.

  4. Your photos are beautiful, a lovely reminder of a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  5. ohh that is divine, can see why you took so many photos

  6. Great!! I love such harbour pics, thanks for sharing :-)

  7. Such a picturesque little harbour!

  8. Stunning photos, thanks for sharing.

  9. I have family that live in Ilfracombe and love to visit the area, especially Woolacombe its lovely round there.. Glad you had a lovely hoilday. The little village of Lee Bay is also worth a visit too.

  10. Ilfracombe is lovely - we've visited a few times both with boys and in the days before they arrived!!

    One tip - don't ever visit the Aquarium on a wet day - everyone has the same idea and as its warm in there all the damp coats drying out make it like a sauna!!

  11. It looks lovely and sounds like a fab day out. Linda xxx

  12. I love Ilfracombe and have many happy memories! We had good weather in 2009.

  13. i love your sea side holiday part 1 and 2, looks so lovely, glad the weather stayed bright for you- its very wet here today ;0(

  14. I really enjoyed your pics!!! Thank you!
    xxx Alessandra

  15. what a lovely place...I would love to live there by the ocean...So lovely..
    i wish i could print your pics...i love it..

  16. Ver tu Blog fue hermoso , me gustó mucho tienes unas hermosas imágenes y pues espero poder venir a disfrutar de nuevo de el... Un saludo desde Venezuela!!!

  17. What lovely clear photos, it looks fabulous!

  18. Ilfracombe has a fantastic little museum too, I am assuming it is still is a tiny place chock full of weird and wonderful things...put it on your list. :) x

  19. Super colourful pics, i do love the smell at the harbour, i could sit and watch boats all day long!

  20. Hi Jacquie,

    Lovely photos, especially your part 1 at Croyde, which is an area I keep hearing about from friends...after looking at your pictures I can see why everyone recommends it ....looks perfect for children and I've heard it's great for body-boarding!

    Hope you've recovered from the huge pile of holiday washing- always the worst part of any trip!

    How's the running going? Have you kept to your plan?
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Fleur xx

  21. Fantastic harbour shots! Those boats are just too cute - your crochet wall hanging must remind you of your holiday whenever you see those little white sails.

    Abigail xxx

  22. oooooo, luvely juvely. thanks for sharing your pics of such a lovey holiday spot. the beach and the quaint seaside town with its aray of pretty boats. cant wait to experience that corner of uk next year. blessings, trills.:-)

  23. Enjoy your tutorials. As a novice at crochet they are very easy to follow.

  24. Can you please tell me what wool you are using for your ripple blanket, I love the combination of colours.


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