Sunday 26 August 2012

Time To Run :: part 3 ( a seaside run )

Hello Lovelies,
 as some of you know I'm currently training for my third Half Marathon. Our holiday coincided with week five of my nine week training schedule. The little sheet of paper pinned on my calender told me that I needed to do two runs . Four and nine miles in distance.

 It's always lovely to run somewhere different for a change but also slightly worrying that you might get lost or end up on a busy narrow road with no footpath. To try and get an idea of  possible routes I visited this site . It gives you an idea of the area and includes routes already plotted by users ( try entering your postcode and see what's there :0)  ). Here  I could see there was a coastal path....... Now I was feeling excited about my seaside run.

 As I mentioned in my last post the weather was pretty mixed for our holiday but on Tuesday I woke at seven, peeped out of the caravan curtains and saw sun. Yessss. I crept out of bed  quietly, and whilst the family slept, headed off for my long run . Well, my eldest woke up and insisted I took my phone ( bless him ...such a caring boy )

 I love being out in the early morning on a sunny day. And in such a stunning location it really makes me happy and thankful I made the effort to get out of bed..........

Looking back towards Croyde Bay..........

As this is a coastal path designed for walking some bits were too steep or dangerous to run.....this scary  view made me wonder if I was breathing deeply  from running or really was breathtaking :0)

I was glad when the path turned and was not so close to the cliffs, though it was still tough going ,with steep climbs and "locals" to negotiate........

I knew from the map there was another sandy bay around the headland and was excited to see it in the morning sun............It did not disappoint..........

Woolacombe Bay........WOW gorgeous

A little further along the track I realized there is a caravan site practically on the beach .......

What a view to admire from you cozy  little home from home .........I'm sure you must have to book very early to get a pitch here :0)

In this picture you can see the caravans from the other direction and the headland I've just run along reaching out into the sea..........

Looking at my watch I can see I've been out for for 50 minutes already so I decide to turn back and retrace my route, just time to take a couple of macro shots of the pretty plants lining the path.......


And one I'm not familiar with........anybody know ?

Back over the stile....

It's so nice to think this wonderful bit of coastline is protected for future generations to enjoy........

As you can see the paths are great for walking but a challenge to run on ...this is a good bit....

I think I only managed to run about 80% of the time and I now have a healthy respect for trail running :0)

Obviously the scenery more than made up for the tricky paths .........

I took the high path on the way back to avoid the scary rocks and was rewarded by a wonderful view .........

Just had to pause here  to drink in the colours and sunlight and space  , it's the sort of moment you want to bottle up and open in the depths of winter.........

These Crocosmia were growing wild all around the village.......

Nearly back now, I can see some big waves and people already in the water..........

Arriving back at our holiday home the sight of our family of wet suits makes me smile. 

Inside my boys are waiting and I feel so blessed . Time for some breakfast and a bit of rest before the beach and body boarding fun. Another day to remember.
Jacquie x

P.S. thank you all for your comments on my holiday posts. It's wonderful to be able to record happy family times in this way  . 

There is one more holiday post to come..........hopefully not quite so long and it includes crochet :0) 
Jacquie x


  1. absolutely stunning landscape! wowza! what a view from your run ;0)...happy holidays to you and the boys x

  2. Wow, what stunning scenery Jacquie! How wonderful would it be to live in a place like that?
    Victoria xx

  3. Looks like a fabulous route! I am very envious of such a nice running route and your commitment!! Cx

  4. Wonderful photos, it looks a beautiful spot for a holiday, and the weather looks great too. Lucky people!
    As to your comment " it's the sort of moment you want to bottle up and open in the depths of winter" I know exactly what you mean and often find myself thinking that way when I'm out and about with my camera, especially at this time of year (certainly today) when summer days seem few and far between.

  5. Thanks for sharing your run with us Jacquie, and a beautiful place you chose to holiday in!

    Have a lovely week

    Claire xxx

  6. Stunning views for your early morning run. I would love to wake up in one of those sea view caravans, how wonderful.

  7. Hello Jacqui

    Thank you so much for sharing your stuning and beautiful photos, they are truly breathtaking. I love to walk/jog early in the morning (not as far as yourself though). Good luck with your taining.

  8. A stunning set of photographs and I almost feel I took to the trail with you. I used to do a lot of cross country running in my army days and always loved it ... sure beats pounding a pavement :) It sounds as though you are all have a fabulous holiday. Elizabeth x

  9. So beautiful ... I am very jealous!

  10. Your photos are gorgeous. Sadly not enough to make me take up running but an early morning walk would be great. Wish I was there!! Sarah

  11. Great post lovely photos just ever so jealous that you can stay motivated with your running I really need a bomb up my bum!!

  12. We've been down to Woolacombe a couple of times and its fab, bet that run was spectacular! Ada :)

  13. Incredible scenery, I'd enjoy walking that route
    Karen x

  14. If you are in training for a marathon and have a session scheduled while on holidays, I couldn't imagine a more beautiful place to run. Beautiful, scenery and vistas. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  15. What an awesome piece of coastline to enjoy! I hope the weather stays clear and sunny for you all.

  16. What a beautiful place to run!

  17. Stunning views! and you have sunshine! Do you detect a bit of envy?

  18. Hi Jacquie, just been catching up with your wonderful holiday. We had a brilliant holiday with our boys at Woolacombe (not that camp site, but like you we would LOVE to stay there) such a gorgeous part of the world. I just have to say OMG you would NOT catch me running along those cliff paths, we walked them, well I say walked I spent my time holding onto the vegetation for fear of falling off the world!!!!! Glorious views though. We had to go East this year we've worn out our road map of the west, it's in tatters LOL!

  19. Thanks for sharing that with us.It brought back many happy memories.Are you doing the run for charity and if so can we sponsor you?

  20. What fabulous scenery for your run, it looks beautiful!

  21. lovely to see the coast path Jacquie! it's such special place for me. It can be scary though! well done, Heather x

  22. I'm sure I could be persuaded to run if it was as beautiful as that! Congrats on your training so far and good luck with all the running to come! x Maggie x

  23. I have walked that path ... so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these pics Jacquie, nearly as good as being there myself!

  24. wow wow wow, I wish my jogging route looked like that!

  25. always a bit of a reality check to read on someone else's blog about somewhere you go yourself - you think you are the only one to report on it! We stayed at Ruda, Croyde earlier this year and I blogged about a stroll out to Baggy Point one sunny evening. We were a bit crap though, not as dedicated as you in your running. (Used to be though - ex-county athlete and all that gubbins) Good Luck with the Great North. x

  26. im SURE i was lead here with some kind of a crochet link, but i have to say, im so glad i took a few minutes to read about your running!
    just this morning, i hefted my big body out of bed extra early for me, and while walking the dogs, i started thinking about how long its been for me since i ran, and was inspired to just do some slow jogging in between bouts of walking. (one does need to start AGAIN somewhere!! haha) i say the term "run" loosely, as i literally used to enter 5k races and while jogging on to LAST place i was constantly being passed by 70 yr olds that i yelled at "make it look difficult at least while youre passing me for the love of pete!!!"
    your pictures are beautiful, your run inspiring. glad i found ya today, because it just brightened up my day and reminded me in an encouraging way to keep on. thanks a bunch for sharing!


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