Thursday 2 August 2012

Time to Run :: Part 2

Hello Lovelies, I'm struggling to write this post....I guess I'm not used to reading running blogs ....I've tried but they can be pretty boring to be honest and I want to avoid that.
 I also have a bit of a love /hate relationship with running magazines . At the moment I have this one on subscription as there was a good offer so it doesn't cost me any where near the cover price..........

I love the inspiring personal stories about people who have found a love of running and what it means to them........there are some good tips too. But all the equipment reviews and " beat your personal best "(PB ), got to get faster/ spend more on gadgets leaves me cold.
I like to keep my running simple and try to keep in mind that I do it for myself. I'm not really bothered how long it takes me to complete a distance. I'm never going to be the fastest. I just want to keep fit and avoid injury. 
Naturally I feel a great sense of achievement when I do improve . 

At the moment I'm increasing my running to prepare for my next half marathon. Of course you don't have to take part in organised events but , no matter what distance, they are such a wonderful incentive to get off your backside and put it the training. It's a bit daunting to begin with but the atmosphere is great and I would certainly recommend it. 

Getting ill or injured at this point would be  a problem ....that's my biggest concern when signing up for an organised event.........will I be well on the day?  I try to improve my diet when I'm training , you know, more fresh food and protein ( as well as some chocolate and cake :0)   ) . I also take a couple of supplements. Glucosamine ( to protect my knees ...hopefully) and vitamin C to help ward off the dreaded  cold (a nighmare when you run )........

These may or may not be doing me any good but they make me feel proactive. For this, my third half marathon ,I've also invested in some new shoes.......Asics again , mainly because my running friend recommended them.......

I've gone up half a size to try and avoid the runners toe I've suffered in the past but  it feels like I'm still going to get it ...sigh. 

Running for thirteen miles non stop is quite tough , you can't just do a few short runs then go for it....well I can't . I have to have a proper plan to train to. There are many different programs you can follow,available on line or in magazines . In my opinion lots of these are way too complicated. I look at THIS and think WHAT ? 

Mine is much simpler ....I run thirteen miles a week in the eight weeks leading to to a half marathon. You can see as my weekly long run gets longer my short runs decrease in distance and frequency. That's because I've found running more than 13 miles in a week gives me sore knees . I followed this plan earlier in the year for my first solo half marathon and the only thing I've changed is that last time I did a 12 mile training run . It was not a good experience as I rushed it and felt pretty dreadful afterwards so this time I'm giving it a miss as it's not essential to run  12 miles in training.

The other thing built into this plan is a "taper period" ...that's doing less miles in the week or two before a race. The theory is that it gives your body chance to recover and you go into the race well rested but still physically ready. 
I've ticked off the runs in the first two weeks of this plan now and yesterday evening I did this weeks long run (7 miles) .
I ran with my MP3 and it certainly helped to motivate me through the boring bits and towards the end when I was struggling a bit despite the cool damp conditions . I looked like a beetroot at the end ! I think it would be easy to loose faith at this stage if I hadn't been through this before.  It was a hard run and it's a long way short of this distance I need to achieve. I know I wouldn't have entered my first half marathon without a running friend to guide and reassure me. Now  when I  find the long runs tough  I have the experience to know that's how it's goes some days .
I've been running for two years now and a good tip is to keep a record of your runs. It helps you to look back and see how you have progressed. 
It also means you can't kid yourself you have been out running more than you really have  .

                         this scrawl on the calender says "2 1/2  ( miles ) after !  "

Yes running is hard and lonely sometimes but I know on race day it will all be worth the effort and I love being able to do it. I'm in my late forties now but I can achieve something I think is a tough physical challenge. It's wonderful to set yourself a goal and achieve it through your own determination. 
If you would like to start out in running but this all sounds like crazy distances then remember I didn't start out running so far. It's been built up gradually and there are lots of resources to get people into running including one by the NHS.  Do take a look at the couch to 5k program if you  would like to start .
Hope this didn't turn into a boring running post , back to crochet next time :0)
Jacquie x


  1. I enjoyed your post..... I can identify wuth the challenge and you can't crochet all day every day anyway, can you? Off to walk the dog (no running here unfortunately, I had a knee replacement 5 yrs ago when I was 42!) But I can go out on a bike, or swim :) Good luck in the half! Fiona

  2. go you. I've tried to get back into running recently bt i have a little pull in the back of one leg. i leave it for a couple of weeks go out again and it still hurts! stupid leg. hope you stay injury free. x

  3. You are very inspirational Jacquie! I would love to start running but I have two babes under 3 - did you run when your children were smaller?
    Victoria x

    1. Hi Victoria, no I didn't manage any craft or crochet when mine were very little . It's definitely easier when they get older. I started by doing some aerobics when they were at playgroup.
      Jacquie x

    2. Ooop,s I meant craft or running :0)

  4. well done you x...that seems like a massive step 13 whole miles. 3 mummy friends run in the evenings but all have partners to babysit. sometimes i feel a bit left out in conversations at the school gates beacause they do a lot of training together/exercise and do the city fund raising marathons...they have offered me to come with them several times. I am thinking of starting to jog to begin with around the park. then gradually build up. I will have to save and buy a descent pair of running shoes though- And one of my pet hates is trainers!. I was very fit before my pregnancy at 26 years old. Now my weight holds me back on a lot of things, confidence mainly. I think its that big kick i need to do it though. I love power walking and walk miles and miles and swimming but I know i'd shift weight by jogging. good luck on the marathons ;0)x

  5. First good luck with the half marathon. You seem amazingly organized.
    I'm keen to start running but have a back injury which played up really badly
    a couple of months ago, so for now this has put me off. I downloaded the coach to 5 k and it seems really useful. Your post has not only been interesting but inspiring, however I don't think I'll pick up a running mag :)
    Thanks Ali x

  6. I love your running post Jacqui! I am now in week 8 of C25K and have my first 10k race coming up at the end of September. Good luck for your half and keep the running (and crochet) posts coming :) xx

  7. I came by your blog through a friend, and I love your "bunny" title (my very first stuffed animal was a pink bunny, given to me by my grandpa who passed away a year and a half ago AND my little boy was born in the year of the rabbit), your crochet ideas (LOVE the sailboats and will be making that sometime soon!), and your running! I used to run ... oh, so long ago. :~) Someday, I will start again!

  8. I was supposed to be running in one of the Race for Life events this year, but my choosen event would have been in late July and my due date is in August so needless to say I never did it lol though someone offered to push me around in a supermarket trolley . But I intend to do next years race and hope to start training from Christmas.
    x x x

  9. You go girl and run all you can for as long as you can. I would almost give my right arm to be able to run again...I walk, but it is so boring. I started running at 15, stopped at 24(also track, cross country) and loved every minute. Sometimes while running I felt if I could just run a bit faster I could fly!!! Oh, the wonderful feelings I had running. I completely understand the part about your own personal best and not worrying about what the "experts" may say. In high school, one day during practice, I ran an eight minute mile. All my coach said was, "I want a seven minute mile out of you!!" I knew then, that 8 minutes was my best. So hated the competition part of running after that.

    Although I can not run due to early stages of arthritis in my right knee(running injury) and my back, also caused from running, I would still run again if I could.

    Best of luck with your next race.
    blessings, jill

  10. Incredibly impressed - I can only manage a brisk walk (knees not very good) - I've always thought it must feel wonderful to be able to run - really free. So hope you do really well and avoid too much runners toe!

  11. Not at all boring for me and I certainly forgive you not posting about crochet every time ;) I am probably the worlds most unathletic person but for some strange reason I started running (or taking incredibly long stumbles, as it sometimes feels like) in April and so far it's going great. I don't do any great distances yet, 2k is probably the most I've ever done. But I can fit in my old jeans again, which has got a plus and I'm enjoying the feeling of doing something positive and healthy. Good luck with your half marathon :)

    Sandra x

  12. i know what you mean about running magazines. I ran the London 10K in honour of my mother-in-law in 2011. It was such a great experience, but I didn't care what my time would have been or beating my personal best (I'd never done 10K anyway so it didn't matter!) What I loved was chatting here and there along the race with one person or another as we both slowed down a bit. I didn't use my mp3 player, because I found counting my steps with my breathing a fantastic "mantra" for me. I'd love to start running again...I got pregnant basically right after the race and haven't returned to running yet! Good luck with your training and half marathon!

  13. I would so like to start running. I want to take part in race for life next year. Thank you for the link Couch to 5k I will have a look later.

    I found the post really interesting thank you.

    I have just started blogging and have added a link to your blog from my sidebar I hope that's okay x

  14. I envy you your running ... I have arthritis in my feet so it's just too high impact for me. Good luck with that half marathon :D

  15. Interesting to read your training plan - I've been a bit freaked by the complicated and varied advice out there! Difficult to know what's the best plan. I'm trying to stretch one long run a week but the thought of 13 still seems a bit unachievable to me! In part its the time factor to get the training in (and I do know thats a pretty poor excuse but it would take a while for me anyway to run that distance!) but I also have to confess I get a bit bored after a while! I have made my regular run at least 5k now and find if I don't go three times a week I'm missing it but maybe time now to crank up the training... Agree with you about timing etc being a bit irrelevant, I've never been very competitive and this is about personal fitness and satisfaction rather than anything else! Good luck with the half marathon! x

  16. Hi Jacquie....just catching up on the last few weeks' worth of posts, i love to read your running posts.

    Glad to hear that you've got another race planned, it really helps the motivation, I've got a half marathon (unfortunately a hilly one) planned in September so I've already got another two 10ks planned in before ....perhaps that's something you could add to your training plan ...helps you try out your race pace. I did a 10 mile race last week and really enjoyed it ...just posted about it today if you pop over.

    Did you get a gait analysis with your trainers?? I've always gone to an independant running shop and had my trainers fitted - they video you on the treadmill and can see how you are running. I do probably between 20 to 30 miles a week and have never had any problems with my feet because of this. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about running.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy running your training plan : )
    Fleur xx

  17. Hi Jacquie, thank you for the couch to 5K link, I'm lovining it: I'm just at week 2, but so far so good and most important, and I never thought one day I would say this, I love running, I can't wait to do my next run every two days!

  18. Just reading back thro some of your posts and came across this.

    I hate running but i love it too. Sound crazy??? I'm not good at running on the road and definitely prefer treadmills but after a LONG break have managed to get up to 4 miles. I'm so proud of myself.

    I also figure that if I'm running at the gym I'm more likely to carry on through the winter - I'm a real fair weather runner too but i did invest in a really nice Ronhill showerproof jacket at the beginning of the summer that I'm yet to use. :(

    Good luck with your run and keep up these posts.
    Oh, and thanks for the link about runners toe- I'd wondered what that was (especially as it had developed under nail varnish so was a little surprise!)


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