Saturday 17 August 2013

Our Cornwall Holiday :: the final part

Hello Lovelies,
 thank you for all your wonderful comments on my holiday posts so far...they really make me smile.Here are the final two days of our Holiday....phew.

with the end of the holiday looming the children were keen to spend their pennies.
We headed into Newquay as it has a lot of shopping opportunities. The tide was out in the harbour but it still looked lovely..........

I sneaked into a beer garden to get this shot of the coastline right down to Porth in the far's stunning , don't you think..........

In town the seagulls seemed to have no problem avoiding the anti-bird measures:0)

Newquay is a magnet for youngsters and it has a very cheerful buzz, with lots of street performers, bars, nightclubs and hip shops........

I think it has had a bit of trouble with party goes drinking to excess, but in the day time it felt fun and happening....if a bit crowded for my liking.

We wandered along to Fistral beach to check out the Boardmasters  festival but didn't stay long .......

Middle son had spent his holiday money on a shiny new body board and he was keen to test it out, so we collected beach stuff from the car and headed for Towan beach......

Here he is ready to hit the surf........

While the boys and Mr BM enjoyed the waves I sat and watched bags....and , you guessed it ....did another sketch of the scene......

this was a just a  simple one but I really like it......

The family enjoying a picnic are based on this little group.......

And I was pleased to be able to include the Huer's Hut ...somewhere I wanted to get a closer look at , but it didn't happen ( maybe next time )........

All too soon it was Friday night and our holiday was almost over. I really loved this static caravan and wished we had longer to enjoy it. I think bringing homely touches made it extra special. As you can see I brought the fairy lights from my welsh dresser, and placed them on the window pelmet........

I also brought a small lamp, to add a gentle glow . At home we have lots of lamps and I really miss them when I'm away ..........

Did you notice my cute postcards, I found these in a shop at Porth and had to get them..........

They are by Janet Bell and there are lots more examples of here work HERE

I just love the bright cheerful colours and seaside themes. This card is my favourite as it looks a lot like the Cornish beaches we visited..........

on Saturday morning we packed the car, handed in our caravan keys and headed back into Crantock one last time........

The thatched pub and the cottage gardens were looking lovely.......

But this is where we were headed........the Cozy Nook tea room .......

It certainly lives up to it's name, with a sweet courtyard filled with flowers.........

there are even grapes growing over your head.........

It was the perfect spot to enjoy  a scummy Cornish cream tea......

oooooh it was good.

This little courtyard also has a gallery which we investigated......

It was great to see information about the different artists whose work was for sale.....

I ended up purchasing this sweet little seaside collage by the Elaine Cavell.....

I think it was the seagulls in the picture and the shells on the heart shaped frame that made me choose this one.
It summed up our holiday perfectly.

After not expecting to be able to go away as a big family group this year, this holiday turned out to be one of the best.

I hope you lovelies enjoyed my posts and I'm sure you will understand when I skip this weeks ♥52 weeks♥ post.
I feel I've spent most of my spare time this week sat at my computer. I'm so glad I can record our special times for my boys and myself, and I love to share them with you all. But  I do feel a bit guilty about all the screen time the boys  have had while I've been doing it .
So I'll sign off for a bit. I can't believe there are only two weeks left of the school summer's going so quickly.
See you soon lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. I've loved reading about your holiday, Jacquie. Looks like it was a gorgeous time away with your family - thanks for sharing it with us!

    And mmm that last scone pic, tell me - jam or cream first?!

    Jones x

  2. Hi Jacquie, What a lovely holiday you had!!! Love the little tea garden!!!But in the end there's no place like home!!!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday - thanks for sharing all the pictures :)

    Btw I have 2 of Janet Bell's postcards I bought a few weeks ago - they are destined for the cupboards in my new kitchen once the building work is finished - great taste ;)

  4. Thank you so much Jacquie for sharing your brilliant holiday with us, I've so enjoyed your posts

  5. Thank you so much for showing us all of your lovely pictures and narrating us through your wonderful holiday. I am glad that you had a great time, as the getaway was unexpected I expect it means you really needed it, so I hope it was all that you wanted and needed. Great pictures and postcards and I love the little homely touches that you added to your caravan. Have a great last two weeks of the summer hols.

  6. Great pictures and happy memories of a smashing holiday. Seeing your homely touches means I wont feel so bad about packing my extras this year, including my baking kit!!! Enjoy the rest of the hols. Elaine x

  7. Well I really enjoyed your Cornwall posts!I hope I can go there also one day!

    greats from Holland!

  8. ive really enjoyed your holiday diary have visited some fav places i like to go ;0)...lovely to capture them in drawings too ;0)xx

  9. So glad you have had such a wonderful time. Your photos are so enticing- beautiful blue sky and sea and scones to die for!!!

  10. I've been enjoying your holiday posts. We used to go on holday to Perranporth for at least 5 years in a row when I was in my early teens so it was nice to revisit the area through your photos. Lots of lovely memories stored away now for you and your family.

  11. Look at that wide beach! Love your sketches and the postcards.

  12. I think you should do a picture of the Old Albion Inn. I could just picture it as one of your compositions.

  13. Ahh so nice to see places where I have stood still looking as lovely.
    Crantock....holds many 'merry' memories for me as it was our yearly vw camper hangout, we used to camp in the beach carpark, back in the day when people turned a blind eye!
    Happy happy days!

  14. I've only just caught this last part of your holiday but it looks gorgeous. The sketches and postcards are delightful and as for those beaches....mmmm! I love the homely touches you added, what a super idea. x

  15. Well. First...we are hoping to go to Cornwall next year so this is so perfect..your pictures are just heaven!!! Second and really the most important....YOUR DRAWINGS are WONDERFUL!!!!! I mean really wonderful...I am telling you have a book ..a book of cornwall....I would by it in a heartbeat!!!
    I absolutely adore them...and I think you could also have a line of fabric of the same....they are so great...I've saved them in my photos so I can enjoy them again and again...( no worries I will always make sure your name is attached if I show them to anyone!)
    I just love them!!! I hope you decide to do something with them!!!

  16. Just imagine curtains in them!!!

  17. Love love love your holiday posts! Such gorgeous sites and delights. The caravan looks fun. Always the BEST parts (for me) are your own drawings; someday soon, I hope, I am going to get up the courage to try my hand at one! Thank you so much for sharing...

    Sharon in Alabama

  18. I loved your pictures of Newquay and the colourful postcards too. I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday and a chance to recharge your batteries after a few worrying times with your Mum. Hope she is still making good progress. Your holiday photos were wonderful thanks for sharing them.
    Sarah x

  19. Jacquie I have loved your posts, thank you. You need to have some quality time with your family now. We will miss you but will be waiting here for your return
    Lots of love

  20. Hello Jacquie
    Although I haven't commented I have been following your holiday posts. The photos bring back memories of great times spent in Cornwall and Devon when I was a child.
    These recent photos are wonderful too and of course I'm always keen to see one of your sketches.

    Many thanks for sharing.

    Giveaway into its last week.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  21. I have been following your holiday posts and it was lovely to share your days out. The beaches and towns you visited looked wonderful. I also like to see your drawings when you do them, I can't draw, so have a little envy when I see yours.
    Glad you had a lovely time away with your family.

    Sally :) xx

  22. Thank you for sharing your holiday posts, these are brilliant so any future visits will have been recommended by you. The scenery of Cornwall is so beautiful and you have captured it all so perfectly in your drawings. It's always sad when we leave a place but there is always next time! Yes, not long until they go back and I know that I have a few more bits and pieces to get. Why do they always have a growth spurt in these six weeks?! Have a lovely rest. Chel x

  23. The pictures are lovely. You have a wonderful way of capturing the feeling of the place. Your posts have been a real treat for me. Beautiful.

  24. I loved seeing all the pictures of Cornwall, especially Newquay where I was many years ago!

  25. Thanks for sharing your holiday :) I too love a static caravan holiday and also take little things from home :) Especially good idea to take a lamp as those overhead lights are far from relaxing on a night whilst snuggling up after a busy day exploring :) x

  26. What a lovely holiday you all seem to have had! It is so nice to look at pretty pictures of blue skies and lovely blooms. It's freezing here in my part of Aus!
    Thanks and Cheers

  27. What a lovely post to grandchildren had their first day back to school this past Monday. The summer has flown by too quickly.

  28. Lovely photos as always! When I went to Newquay harbour a few years ago, there were seals bobbing around in the water waiting for fish from the fishing boats!

  29. Looks as though you had a great time in Cornwall. I spent some lovely holidays there as a child, but even though I live in Devon I don't get down there much now. YOu have reminded me how beautiful it is.

  30. It's been lovely seeing your photos of Cornwall. When I was young I worked for a season in Newquay, in a hotel above Fistral beach.
    I love the Janet Bell postcards and the Elaine Cavel hanging you bought.


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