Thursday 29 August 2013

Time to Run 2013 :: part 1

Hello Lovelies,
this year has been a rather strange one so far. There have been several sources of worry for me. The biggest , but not only one , being mums health. Even though mum is now on the mend I have other things that are praying on my mind, disturbing my sleep. I hope that doesn't sound too dramatic.....I'm hopeful everything will work out fine...... I just wanted to try and explain my running motivation.

Back in January, with good New Year intentions,  I booked myself a place on three 10k runs and an Autumn half Marathon. I did the first 10k in March , then the second one, in June, was cancelled so I didn't need to train for that. Then Mum was ill and the weather got super hot . All in all I wasn't doing much running .....Just one or two short ( 2 mile ) runs a week.

When we were away last week my eldest asked about the  half marathon I booked a place on all those months ago. In my mind I had written it off as a no go....not this year.
But when I actually said " oh, I wont be doing it" it sounded so defeatist...I didn't like how I sounded.

When we got home I checked out how many weeks it was away....Eight.....ummm, maybe.
I've just been out for a 30 minute run....a proper run, not one of my run a bit, walk a bit, stop and take a few photos runs. It was hard, I was dripping with sweat when I got back, but it also made me feel good. I can still do it .

 There is time, just about ! to get up to half marathon distance by October the 20th.
Most importantly It's a positive thing I can focus on instead of things I have no control over.
 I don't want to do a fast time , just get round O.K.
 I'm roughly following THIS plan, but I'm not worrying abut the different sorts of runs, just clocking up the minutes and the miles.

I'm sharing my goals and any hiccups ( I'm sure there will be some ) here with you lovelies so it's harder for me to change my mind again. It really helps to motivate me to have this space to share my thoughts and experiences ....I'm often writing blog posts in my head when I run.

I hope some of you will be inspired. I know I loved Kate's running post. So much of what she said resonated with me and made me smile.

Running is hard, but it lifts my mood. I'm doing something positive for myself and I feel really alive.  And on race day,when you cross the finish line all the training and effort is forgotten and you just get a huge sense of achievement........ and this year, more than ever before, I need that.

On Saturday I need to do a 10k training run, that takes about an hour at my pace. It's further than I've run in many months....wish me luck lovelies.

Jacquie x

P.S hope you enjoyed the random pictures....I can't do a post without some colour:0)
P.P.S you can see my previous running posts by clicking on " running" in the  labels section in my side bar.


  1. I can't run for toffee, but I admire you for being able to. I love the mix of the story with the flowery pictures, I could look at flowers all day long. Good luck with your run, I hope that you get a lot out of it.

  2. Wow, wonderful pictures. You can see every detail.


  3. It's good to set yourself goals, especially at a time where you are being pulled elsewhere, something just for you! Running......good stress buster! :) x

  4. Good for you... enjoy!! loving the close ups.... Cx

  5. Good for you! I want to get back to running, but I hurt my foot on holiday and can't run until October. So run for all of us who can't run!

  6. I know how you feel - I am only doing 2/3 miles at the moment but you can do it in 8 weeks - good luck - I shall watch your progress and be inspired:)x

  7. Good luck with the whole thing! Am sure you'll rock it, I can't run because of my dodge ankles and am currently having my crunchy knee sorted out but after that maybe I'll look at gym/classes! It's great to have a focus, really feels like you can sort things, plan around it. Glad you're Mum is on the mend too, send her internet loves!

    Verity x

  8. Good luck and good for you! Happy to hear that your mom is steadily getting better - it is really weird when your parents are ill (no matter how old you are) - my dad is deteriorating rather rapidly after a heart attack last year, every time we think he is on the mend he has another setback! I craft like a crazy person to get my mind off that - I would probably end up having a heart attack myself if I attempted to run further than the mailbox!j Love your colourful posts - please keep it up!

  9. Your pictures dont seem random to me!
    I agree that any form of exercise lifts the spirits.
    Good for you, I dont think I could run a bath right now xx

  10. I think goals have such power and I am sure if you put your mind to it you can get there. Sport is such a great source of support for the mind. Thinking of you through a difficult time. xoxo ps well done for your first proper run.

  11. Well done you :)
    You always inspire me.

  12. Well done you! Am planning to dust off my bike when life gets back to a bit of normality next week. I sew and quilt like crazy when stressed but it doesn't burn the calories!! My son has lost 8st over the last 3yrs, he is a different lad, and he loves his running now. Good luck! You'll do it!!

  13. Enjoy your running - it's important to remember to leave time for yourself to get away from "stuff" and recharge your batteries. So much easier said than done "to only worry about what you can control".
    Take care. x

  14. Good for you taking this on and making it a goal of yours. There are lots of things you can resolve in your head while running.

    Good luck,

  15. Jacquie we are behind you every step of the way dear, running is so therapeutic only wish I could run along with you. A wonderful post as always Jacquie
    Lots of love

  16. I'm not a runner myself but I'm a great cheerleader. Go, Jacquie, go!! You can do it!!
    Good luck!
    Blessings :-)

  17. Well done you! I have really got out of the running habit - mainly just because what with being backwards and forwards between work and the two houses I really haven't had time (and am permanently done in!) but I have missed it and am determined to get back to it. You may just have given me the kick I needed to get going again... Definitely good for the soul to be out there with your own space and thoughts. Look forward to your updates - will be cheering you along! xx

  18. Well done. I don't run as I don't enjoy it, but I always admire people who do.
    Keep us updated on your progress and we can all cheer and encourage you on.
    Good luck
    Sally xx

  19. Can you hear me cheering you on from Oz Jacquie?
    I hope so......go for it, I know you can do it.
    10kms in an hour, wow, in my book that's pretty jolly amazing......
    We all know how hard it is to do some things in life, but the sense of satisfaction and achievement when the task is completed is beyond words.
    So good you can focus on running and take time out from the worries life brings.......
    Love the pics radom or otherwise.

    Claire X

  20. Oh wow, you are AMAZING!!!
    10km is a long way.
    I'm doing half that at the moment.
    I cannot wait to follow your running journey.
    And I love your motivations.
    I love that we can cheer each other on.
    Go Jacquie xx

  21. Hi Jacquie,I think anything you do that makes you feel good about yourself,is totally worth it!!!And setting goals for yourself,well we should all do that!!!Good luck for Saturday!!!I am sure all will be just dandy!!!

  22. Yay! Go Jacquie! I'm not put together right for running (that's my excuse) but I have great admiration for those that do and I'm sure you will feel great to achieve your goal. I'm pushing myself at the moment by learning to swim properly- not going to win any races but I'm pleased with how it's going. Have a good weekend.x

  23. Go Jacquie! Just do it. What's the worst that could happen? Walk the last km or so? Nup, I think you are a fighter, so barring illness or injury I think you will do fine.
    I've just started exercise after many years of sitting around doing sweet FA and it is a killer.
    You go girl! :)

  24. Plenty of time to get ready for your 1/2 marathon. Just remember to keep your pace down and not push too hard too soon and it's OK to walk if you need to. In distance training, time on feet is more important than speed. As you already know, running is a great stress-buster and will give you some of that all-important 'me time' to be alone with your thoughts. Good luck!

  25. Good for you! Blogging is a great motivational tool, I find. We are all running with you now. Sending some peaceful thoughts and hope your worries are eased soon xxx

  26. I'm glad you've decided to run the half-marathon. My motivation for exercising went out of the window last year following bereavement. I am still grieving, but am back in the gym regularly now and it is really the only place where I feel like the 'old me'. It is true to say that the days I exercise are the better days (must be the endorphins) and I hope this is true for you too, and that the running helps take your mind off your worries.
    Keep looking forwards, Jacquie, it's really all we can do.

  27. What lovely things you have in our garden! I can't wait for spring and summer (I'm in the Southern Hemisphere), when my garden is full of birds, bees, butterflies, geckos and flowers! I think my cat is looking forward to it, too. Lots of things to chase!

    All the best with the running and look after your legs! Much love.
    Jéanne. (Mum To A Meezer):)

  28. Oh well done Jacquie! It would have been very tempting to let it pass by (I probably would have done!! I hate running!). But we will all be here to offer you encouragement and celebrate whatever time you get!

    BEST OF LUCK with the training,
    Jones x


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