Thursday 15 August 2013

Our Cornwall Holiday :: part 3

Hello Lovelies, 
here's my third holiday post, hope you are not fed up yet :0)

After my run on Wednesday morning I was happy to relax by our caravan for a little while. The weather was too nice to be inside so I sat in a deckchair and sketched the view.........

By early afternoon the whole of our party were ready to hit the beach and we decided to stay local, popping down the hill to Crantock beach. Actually we tried to take one car to transport beach stuff and older members of the group but the car park was already jam packed and we had to hastily dump things and take the car back up the hill.
 Once we climbed the dunes we could see just how popular this beach is on a sunny August day !...........

Here's our "camp" , up in the dunes, looking out to sea......perfect.....

the River Gannell ( the one I was trying to cross in my first run ) flows out to sea here .
 This is the beach shop and at high tide you can catch the little ferry boat to it, or at low tide you can  use the bridge, just visible on the right in this photo...........

 As well as the usual beach supplies they have live crabs and lobsters in tanks you can buy ........

It was lovely to see the families with small children enjoying the shallow river..........

I just loved taking in the the view from our tent, but I also like to join the others in the sea occasionally........

It takes a warm sunny day to tempt me, and this was I pulled on my wet suit and headed off with the gang to do some body-boarding..............

 Last year I finally gave in and invested in a full length wet means I can enjoy the water for at least an hour before the cold gets to me.

And once I'm in I remember that  I do LOVE trying to catch the perfect wave. Watching the sea build into a wall of water , trying to choose the biggest one to catch a ride on. Listening to the roar as the wave gets closer. Turning round to face the shore at the last moment and jumping onto your board, hoping this will be the wave that carries you right into the shallows, speeding forward with a big grin on your face.It's great fun and I can see why my boys love it so.

When we finally got too cold and headed back up the beach the tide was much further in............

But we were safe , up on our sand dune. What gloriously soft sand it was.........

I'm not a sunbather, generally I sit inside the tent, but I do love a sunny day at the beach and I was very happy popping out occasionally to finally get that Seagull shot.........

And notice the bees busy gathering nectar........

Before hopping back into the shade.........

After our evening meal at the caravan the sun was still gloriously warm, so I got out my deckchair for the second time that day and did a little crochet............

It was so peaceful.........what a perfect end to a glorious day .

Another beach day. We live a long way from the sea , so when we get to the seaside the beach is where we want to be...........

We set up out camp at Porth beach again. There as so many lovely beaches around Newquay that I felt slightly guilty about not trying out a new one, but this holiday we all seemed happy to stick with the old favourites.

My lovely sister-in-law and I took the opportunity to explore the village a little more together. We both loved this house by the beach with it's pretty flowers..........

It looked wonderful on such a sunny morning.........

We decide to have a little wander along the coast path...........

just far enough to gaze back at  pretty Porth, with it's cluster of houses nestled in the valley..........

Back in the village we couldn't resist a nosey around the little streets. This house was stunning and I loved the sweet touches like the heart shaped stones on the windowsill.............

And what about this star made from mussel shells.........

I do have a bit of a thing about rooftops and these are just gorgeous in my eyes........

 Another thing about rooftops at the seaside is that they often come with these cheeky chaps. I love to see and hear seagulls at the coast.......

See what I mean .........

 The rest of the day was spent in the sea and relaxing on the beach. These days when I get time I do like to try and capture my surroundings in pencil as well as taking photos. I'm a bit shy about getting noticed so our beach tent make a great spot to sit and sketch.
This time it was the lovely rooftops that captured my imagination...........

I tricky subject, but I think it turned out ok.......

Here is the sketch I mentioned at the start of this post...........

And here's another beach tent drawing.......hopefully you can recognise it from my photos.........

I really enjoyed doing these quick and simple sketches. Dawn first in pencil, then fine pen. That part only takes about 15minutes . Back at the caravan I coloured them in, which I think is my favourite bit as it really brings them to life.They are a simple little memento of special days.
Phew , another mamoth post . Just one more to go :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely! And beautiful drawings :)

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful holiday. I love crantock beach spent lots of time there. loving your sketches. x

  3. A wonderful holiday Jacquie, with lots of precious memories. Stunning pictures and drawings.

  4. Ah, how beautiful! Looks like a lovely place for a beach holiday. Makes me long for our little beach house in Hartenbos, South Africa. And now I'm thinking...wouldn't it look pretty in a green paint, like in your first photo? Seeing as it already has some nice retro stuff inside, and two crocheted blankies and what not...

  5. I'm enjoying your holiday whilst I'm sat in the office - whoops I guess I should be working then! x

  6. Isn't Cornwall beautiful. We are just up the coast from you at Polzeath and are enjoying our first foray into surfing - on my bog Your hols look fab - it will seem a shame to go home! We are off to Hereford next for a few days before returning to Norfolk, staying in a yurt! Should be fun. Jane x

  7. It does look lovely, we are planning a holiday for Cornwall next year.

  8. You just brought so many childhood memories back for me. I was there, about where you and you family are, when I was 12 years old... almost 20 years ago, YIKES! I keep thinking that me and my husband should really go there sometimes. Would love to rent a caravan like that, enjoy te smell of the sea and the wind and crochet a little whilst my husband hangs out with the local fishermen ;-) Have a great summer,

  9. It looks like you all had a fabulous time! Cornwall is very beautiful! I love your drawings (& your very pretty crochet too) ! x

  10. Such lovely fotos. I must go there sometime!

    Groetjes, Monique

  11. Woo hoooooo we are saying in Porth next week for two days to celebrate our wedding anniversary and your pictures have made me want to go even more xx

  12. Such pretty views. Your pictures are great, they would make lovely postcards or greetings cards. Just back from a couple of days in Somerset, but wish that I was in Cornwall now!

  13. Jacquie heavenly photographs, I could look at these all day, they bring back such happy memories. Thank you for putting them on, I just love them. Have a wonderful time
    Lots of love

  14. Wow, what a wonderful holiday Jacquie, I love love love the blue skies of Cornwall xox Thanks for sharing these gorgeous posts x Penny

  15. I definitely not fed up those beach pictures and the walk around the village are wonderful. Can't wait for your next installment!
    Sarah X

  16. What beautiful beaches. Those skies are so blue and the water does look very enticing, if a little cold. And that seagull shot is fab. xx

  17. Beautiful drawings and Fabulous photo's, great post ☺

  18. Such beautiful blue sky pictures .... and the sketches are fab ~ Sarah x

  19. What beautiful photos! I have never seen a beach like that before to be honest. Very unusual for an Aussie. Very picturesque though. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hi Jacquie
    Thank you for your lovely holiday blog, I especially loved your sketches what a talented lady you are!


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