Tuesday 13 August 2013

Our Cornwall Holiday :: part 1

Hello Lovelies, 
I love having this space to share good times, and to be able to record them for myself and the boys. This is the fourth summer I have been able to write about our travels and this is quite a long post , but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Since we have had children we have been lucky enough to enjoy a yearly seaside break with extended family.
My boys are very fortunate to have cousins of exactly the same ages as themselves,  they get on so well that it's a delight to watch  and it makes for a relaxing break for us grown ups.

For various reasons it looked like 2013 was going to be the year that it all ended , but at the last minute things changed and we booked to go to one of our favourite destinations.....Cornwall.


This is Porth beach near Newquay. The first ever family holiday we had, back in 2001, included a trip to this beach. 
On Saturday, after enduring the usual tailbacks on the A30 we headed straight here, so happy to stretch our legs and feel the sand beneath our toes.........

Of course the children were not content with staying on the sand....they urgently needed to have fun in the waves, and who can blame them.Thankfully they all managed to squeeze into last years wet suits and off they went.......

I simply love this photo, the colours of the sea changing from blue to green. The grey and purple  of the rocks and the sparkly waves. And two cousins having fun while a young seagull looks on.

I was happy to paddle in the shallows and watch the sunlight dancing  on the water......

Soon it was time to head to our caravan site , dump our bags and head to the supermarket for supplies. Not my favourite part of the holiday, but returning "home" with fish and chips and eating them while taking in the wonderful view of the distant beach from our static caravan's window more than made up for it.......

As our booking had been last minute we had decided to make do with what we thought would be a budget caravan, but what we actually ended up with was a delightful, brand new model....how lucky were we :0)

 Anticipating a slightly shabby holiday home I had packed some crochet to cheer things up a bit. My giant granny square blanket and a crochet flower vase. The boys stripy cushions also added to the homely feel, along with fresh flowers and shells gathered on the beach..........

 As the weather in Britain can be rather unpredictable it's great to have a cozy place to shelter when the sun doesn't shine.
The weather on Sunday morning did not look promising. But of course children are not happy to stay inside all day , so the afternoon saw us back at Porth . The great thing about this beach is that you can park right on the sand. I sat in the car and did some crochet while Mr BM and the children enjoyed some body boarding.  Brave things :0)

 After a while I decided to do a sketch of the beach scene in the little sketch book I always keep in my handbag.........

It's just a small book, about 5 inches by 4 inches, so this photo is as big as the drawing actually is.....

I coloured it in back at our caravan......and made it look sunny.

This was the view from our caravan on Monday morning. Boy did it rain through the night and flash flooding even made it into the local news. We had a power cut for about half an hour and I was feeling a bit fed up but very glad we were not in a tent !

Thankfully by late morning the rain had stopped and we decided to head off to another favourite spot.....

The weather was not cold at all and we  enjoyed a delicious ice cream from "Planet Ice" the ice cream parlour  you can see in the picture.........

 Perranporth felt lively and seemed to be thriving . I loved the painted shops and bunting hung across the street.

Soon the beach was calling and I stood in the shallows trying to make out family members in the surf......

This beach is more exposed than Porth which makes for great waves but it's also rather breezy and I was not tempted to head into the waves myself, though I had to smile when I saw these white haired  ladies, with their retro wooden boards,  being braver than me.

 It's a huge beach ........

 And very popular with surfers...........

I was happy to shelter inside our beach tent and try and get a photo of the seagulls overhead....as you can see I failed and had to make do with a kite instead..........

 In the evening the beach we could see from our caravan was calling.
 So despite the looming cloud and fresh breeze we all set off in coats and jumpers. This picture is taken from the dunes behind the beach, looking back towards our caravan site...........

 As we walked along the sun suddenly appeared below the clouds...........

And the hillside was bathed in golden light............

 As we reached the front of the dunes we could see the beach and setting sun stretching out before us.......

 The children rushed ahead, speeding down the dunes and chatting happily as they headed towards the sea.......

They did a bit of beach combing , presenting me with a pebble with a hole, which I attempted to photograph artistically :0)

Luckily we had brought bag of swimming things , just in case, and soon the boys were heading into the sea for the second time that day. Coats and jumpers were discarded and it was declared that the sea was warm.....

After a little while Middle son, who was not as wet as his brothers , asked to borrow my camera and the rest of the photos in this post ( and the sunset picture in my previous post ) are all his ..........

Thank you for taking this sweet picture of Mr BM and myself son, I love your photos and I  think they are my favourite images from the whole holiday.

It certainly was a magical end to a day that started out looking like a washout.
Jacquie x


  1. What a beautiful post, I felt as if I was there with you. (wish I had been) :) xx

  2. Your son makes quite good pictures. I SO love the last one in your post.

    Cornwall seems great and your story is fantastic, we can imagine every step of your holiday. (nice caravan by the way)

    Your drawing in your little book really is cute. Wish I could do that.

  3. Fab photos, especially the beach stone one. Just writing to let you know about a cake recipe here http://joeveryday19.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/courgette-cake-recipe.html

  4. Oh I love that last photo of you and hubby taken by your son.... that is such a beautiful evocation of love, life and a wet beach. Thanks for sharing, I can hear the gulls and smell the salt. Mmmmm.

  5. I wish I could draw like you :)
    Actually I wish I could take pics like your son too!

  6. Beautiful pictures, yours and your sons, I love the artistic pebble one!

  7. Oh Jacquie I so loved this post. I have holidayed in Cornwall sine I was a child and have always wanted to live there. We had to forgo a holiday this year to a long standing illness in our family and boy have I missed it, sounds very selfish but I think everyone needs to recharge now and again. Your wonderful photos really brought back memories of happier times and bought a tear to my eye. Thank you for sharing with us Jacquie, I loved your pictures.
    Lots of love

  8. Hello Jacquie

    I love this post, your pictures are magical and beautiful, especially the sunsets. thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us.

  9. Such a beautiful post! I absolutely love the look of that sunset. Amazing! It's been a long time since i've been to Cornwall.

    Gemma xXx

    P.s - I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you are interested. It's a set of 6 school milk bottles!

  10. What a lovely post. I really enjoyed your photos and I am so impressed that you bring all the pillows and crochet with you on holiday to make the camper more cozy. That's very nice.

  11. What beautiful photographs. Cornwall looks absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  12. Oh my, it looks just lovely! Gorgeous stormy gray days, and then blue sky just in time for ice cream. Perfection. :)

  13. Such a lovely post, I loved reading it and felt I was on holiday with you. Love the homemade items you took with you on holiday, a really good idea - a little bit of home comfort. Liz x

  14. Wonderful pictures !! I actually said to my husband yesterday I would love to go to Cornwall in England !!
    Have seen so many Cornish inspired crafts, kitchenware, etc too. . .
    So many places though, pictures are great and that last one is just a gorgeous one !!
    Thanks for sharing !!

  15. It's such a long time since I've been to Cornwall, it's such a beautiful place. Sounds like you had a great time and I'm looking forward to the next instalment! :) x

  16. You've made me want to go back to Cornwall - we've not been for years!
    I think your son has inherited your artistic streak - wonderful photos (and yours too!) x

  17. Your photos and dpicture of your holiday in Cornwall are wonderful and must have given you some very special moments to treasure. The sunset pictures are fabulous over the sea. My daughter was camping in a tent further up the coast at Polzeath, and experienced that rain ,how she wished she had been in a caravan instead!
    Sarah x

  18. Oooohhh... Jacquie.... a lovely photos.... and a lovely place....

  19. It's lovely to be able to record memories, isn't it? Perranporth beach is lovely, I've been there many times. Great photos!


  20. Oh, what lovely photos! Thank you for this taste of Cornwall and the coast, Jacquie, I loved every word. Your boy is very handy with a camera, like his mother. x

  21. Wonderful photos! Yes, your son's are stunning! I too noticed and admired the bunting in the town. I love how you brought your blankets and pillows to make your vacation spot more homey; that's a great idea! You said your kids wore wet suits in the first photo. Was the water so cold that they needed to do that? Just curious. It looks like you had a lovely vacation; such a blessing. :)

  22. Lovely post and I also like take home comforts (and indeed bake) when on holiday. Your son has a fabulous eye for pics (he must take after his Mum) that last pic is very special! Lovely memories of a lovely holiday. Elaine x

  23. I have never been to Cornwall....maybe some day! Your sons photos are amazing, ali

  24. Jacquie, you and your middle son have taken such terrific photos. They really give the rest of us an idea of the beauty you all found on that beach.

    What luck to find out the rented caravan was indeed a winner!

    I imagine that quite a few great family memories were formed during this stay.


  25. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and the report of your holidays! I do love british sky, with clouds and a special color.. here in Sicily is always sunny and blue (very beautiful) but too hot! Enjoy your summer, Clara.

  26. What lovely photos! Thanks for sharing. It is interesting to see what your English beaches are like as I am used to our Aussie beaches. The photo your son took is just beautiful. You will have lots of happy memories of your family beach holidays just like we do over here in Oz.

  27. What a lovely post. The seaside is one of my most favourite places to be, my three boys always have a whale of a time, I love watching them enjoying it. Your post made me remember that feeling.
    Your sons photos are amazing! I would be framing a few of those to hang in the walls :)

  28. Hi Jacquie, What a lovely post!!!!I so wanna go on holiday to the same place and in the same caravan!!!!It looks absolutely fabulous!!!Perfects sunsets too!!!!Have a fab day!!!

  29. I'm really glad you had such a lovely holiday, and thank you for sharing your photos. Your son must be following in your footsteps - he's got a real eye for a great photo.

  30. i have all ways lived in Cornwall, the colours of the sunsets, sea, sky etc are always changing but always as beautifull as your photos! i have never wanted to live anywhere else, and when i have been away on holiday (i use the A38) i get so excited to see the Brunel bridge and know that i'm nearly home!

  31. Lovely!! I do love Cornwall - many happy family holiday memories, and more to come, I hope!

  32. Great photos, your son has taken some corkers!

  33. Beautiful trip... cozy seashore... :) so happy you had opportunity to go there!


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