Wednesday 5 March 2014

A February Mosaic and March so far

Hello lovelies,
Once again I've enjoyed playing around with my many, many photos making a monthly mosaic.
Here is what February looks like.............

This first week of March we have enjoyed mild daytime temperatures and seen lots of sunshine. 
On Monday morning the rush hour was particularly bad and I passed the time spent in stationary traffic gazing out at the countryside and wishing I didn't have to go to work on such a beautiful morning. 
This footpath looked so inviting................

Happily the sun was still shining at the end of my shift and these beautiful Crocuses welcomed me home......

 This colour is my favourite. I think it's the combination of the purple and orange....stunning.

Also waiting for me on the doormat was our National Trust membership package. It's the first time we have joined this organisation.
 I've been thinking about joining us for a while and decided to go for it this year. It's not cheap, but I hope it will lead to many memorable family days out as we try and get value for money :0)
I joined us up  on-line for the best deal HERE 

With two teenagers in the house I can see there are not many years left before my boys will choose to do their own thing at the weekend rather than go out as a family,  so I feel the need to make the most of this special time.

Today I've been at home. I've been doing a little sewing, making some binding with the last scraps of a favourite fabric..........

And attaching it to my crochet triangles.............

Here is my Spring Bunting, temporarily displayed in the conservatory and making me smile.
I love the combination of yarn and fabric. It's going to be part of the spring display I'm planning for my Welsh Dresser and I think it will fit in nicely................

I also picked up some more fabric today. I think this duvet cover will make a great tablecloth and there will still be loads left for other projects.............

I'm in the mood to do some sewing and I'm sure it's got something to do with THIS show..........

 Are you watching it too? I wouldn't normally talk about T.V. shows on my blog , but it's O.K. to mention a crafty one I think.

I'm really enjoying this second series . It's got a similar format to the hugely popular Great British Bake off. I liked that a lot too, but I do love the sewing bee. The contestants are all so interesting and the setting is a gorgeous warehouse this year..........

How I would love to have the pick of all those fabrics ( but without the pressure of a film crew! )

I love Tamaras photo screen :0)

And I think the judges are great..........

I'm feeling so inspired that I bought a new pattern :0)
Some of you may remember I bought a dress pattern last year, but it was rather complicated and I ended up making a skirt HERE

This pattern looks much simpler........

EASY, that's what I need.
I'm going to try making it in the fabric you can see here. It was another thrifted find that I've had in my stash for ages, so I wont feel too upset if everything goes pear shaped.

Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some sewing time tomorrow, I can't wait to get started.
Jacquie x


  1. I'm loving the Sewing Bee too! I've been wanting to make an item of clothing for some time now, it's one of my goals for this year, and I'm even more inspired when I watch the show. I need to find an easy pattern! Maria x

  2. Great idea to get the national trust membership while the children will still tag along. There's some great places to visit. I don't know if you follow blog. But Sarah who writes it is the daughter of Lynda who is on the sewing bee. Sarah's a brilliant knitter. Your pattern looks wonderful and all the better for saying easy and your bunting is so lovely. Looking forward to seeing your finished sewing project.
    Ali xx

  3. I would love to watch that show, I wonder if we can see it in the US too. The National Trust membership will be so worth it. I often feel hesitant every time I have to renew my zoo/aquarium/botanic garden membership (it's a triple membership for one rate), but we make up the cost of admission in two or three visits. I'm sure you'll make many great memories with your boys at these sites.

  4. Lovely month mosaic..! I'm making too a bunting triangle, but instead joining them with fabric, I'm joining with crochet. I think our home looks better and more cozy with these little details :)

  5. Oh...the green looks so lovely !! We had snow today....a few more weeks before crocus's....
    I love that pattern....I think I may have to try it....!!
    Enjoy the sun!!!

  6. Any of the views for that pattern are going to look wonderful on you! The sleeveless one in a voile would be great for summer. Have fun!

  7. Having seen the Sewing Bee mentioned on a few blogs I read, I found I could not watch it on line in the USA. so I'm glad you can enjoy it, Jacquie, and share some tidbits with us :) I hope the National Trust membership will be a good investment for you. I had ancestors who lived near Tattershall Castle, and I was able to send away for National Trust information about the castle. The booklet I got is an interesting read and helps me imagine that living close enough to visit there would be worthwhile. Your latest stitching efforts are pretty and cheery! Thanks for posting! xx

  8. I have patterns and fabric ready to make some new work dresses for the warmer weather. I love the sewing bee.

  9. I like bunting with lettering. I've been sewing mine - my grand babies names for their bedroom happy birthday , did one with a skull and cross bones appliqué for my 2 yr old grandsons pirate party and think this might be the year for a happy Easter finally. I have letter templates got a stash of Easter and spring fabric just need to get on and do it. I love your wool projects I am finding evenings the time I do my knitting etc and I do have some crochet hooks awaiting use :)

  10. I love your pretty bunting. It makes me think spring and that I am very ready for. I've never heard of your national trust! but I think it would be very interesting. A wise mum you are to plan ahead for time with the children before they're older. Mine are grown and gone and i would love to be spending weekends with them once again.

  11. I love the Great British Sewing Bee too, it's very inspirational, I'd love to make something to wear. I'm envying you your National Trust membership, there are some really amazing places to visit. We can't afford it at the moment (I did look the other day), but I do have a free day pass and a voucher for a cup of tea, yay! I do hope you enjoy your year of membership, I'll be interested to see the places you visit.

  12. I wish I could watch the TV show here in Germany, too! I wanted to learn to sew for a long time (and even got my sisters sewing maschine when she moved to Danemark) but never got around to. Sigh. Looking at your projects makes me think I really should try though... Oh, why doesn't the day have 5 more hours?!

    Take care,

  13. Lovely mosaics here, we join the NT every other year, you get better deals this way as you can rejoin and get the benefits available to new members! :) x

  14. I'm loving the sewing bee! I've been doing a beginners dress making course and I'm so glad I did, I feel like I may even be able to tackle an 'easy' pattern on my own soon!!

  15. Love your February mosaic Jacquie, and your 'combination' bunting, so bright and cheery. Your dress pattern looks like a nice choice for the warmer weather which HAS to be coming your way soon, and I'm wishing that we could get The Sewing Bee here in Aussie, but haven't seen or heard it mentioned so far, drat! Enjoy your National Trust membership, wise thing to do while your boys are still interested in doing things as a family - don't they grow up too quickly! Happy days to you! Joy x

  16. The sewing bee is fab, I bet they take ages to choose there fabrics there is so much choice. Enjoy the National Trust Membership, there are some lovely places to visit & we look on it as a saving really.

  17. I'm loving the sewing bee too this year as I did a sewing class just at the tail end of last year and then got my very own sewing machine. I have used it a little but realised that in terms of clothing my standards are high and my ability isn't, so I am sticking to crafting things with the machine.

  18. Great pattern, just sew a bit at a time and don't try the sewing bee and make it in 1 hour! that is when it all goes wrong (that's my advice) I think it is going to be wonderful. Jo x

  19. I'm always amazed with people like that with such talent and patience~ i loved tamaras outfit, the stripe wrap she was wearing~ maybe handmade?. My uni's textile and print department where i studied many moons ago for my degree was right next to the fashion department~ i loved watching them do their mood boards and then make up the most fabulous clothes and costumes. My twinny can make a pair of trousers in an evening or an outfit for her little girls~ she did a degree in costume design. i love these type of programs and we NEED MORE OF THEM! x

  20. I joined the N T a few years ago. Unfortunately, in Essex, there are not too many places to visit. But, on a longer journey I have often found a N T place to have a short stop at. A quick flit round, then morning coffee, lunch or afternoon tea. That way I can revisit and not be bored.
    My Mum lives in Retford so I really should visit Clumber Park.
    I love the Sewing Bee. The young woman, Chinela (not sure of the spelling) is so clever, the way she makes her own patterns!!!!

  21. You have made so many lovely things in February! Hope that you enjoy your NT membership, I look forward to seeing where you get out and about to visit! I am loving the sewing bee, but I still wouldn't have a clue where to begin with dressmaking, so I am very impressed that you are having a go. xx

  22. I'm still waiting for my crocuses to bloom - I'll have to be patient, as they don't even have blossoms yet... I'd love to sew myself a dress with a flowery fabric like the one you chose, and the pattern looks classy, I really like its country style, I'm sure it'll turn out great! :) Keep up the good work, your creations are always amazing! Xx

  23. The bunting turned out great. Love the new fabric for the table cloth. I turned a thrifted duvet cover into kitchen curtains, my favorite of all I've ever made. Good luck with the new pattern. I find clothing patterns a bit confusing at times, I usually 'wing it' most of the Happy stitching!

  24. Gorgeous pictures - I haven't seen the sewing bee yet but have it recorded - Oh to have their fabric stash to play with. Duvet covers are fantastic sources of fabric I have made no end of things with them.

  25. I never thought to sew fabric to crochet bunting - now my mind is racing with combos! Thanks for sharing that...and I agree with you about the GBSB, I want a dressmaking lesson with my grandma! chrissie x

  26. Such a pretty mosaic - so colourful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  27. I love the monthly mosaics. I always mean to do one but meh! I always forget. That is my life atm, forgetting lol. I love your bunting, I am hoping to get round to some myself if I don't forget xxx

  28. I love your monthly mosaic and bunting Jackie. And I absolutely agree with you... I also have 2 teenagers and I want to enjoy these few years when they are still with us... I feel time already went by so, so fast. I hope you find many enjoyable places and things to do and that the memories you make are just wonderful and make your hear sing. :)

  29. How funny, we just for our first Natuonal Trust membership last week! Your lovely weekend posts helped me decide, I too have two teens in the house (3 boys too!) so I want to make the most of them and hopefully improve our fitness as a family too. I look forward to seeing where you visit!

  30. Aww the bunting is so cute I love it, I'm also watching the sewing bee in awe, good luck with the dress. Lovely mosiac too
    Clare x


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