Monday 31 March 2014

A March Mosaic

Hello Lovelies, 
just a quick post today to share a March mosaic and a few other spring images from the past week that didn't make it into a blog post.

This is my fourth year of blogging, but it's the first year I've made a mosaic for each month.
And what a month March turned out to be...........It's great fun choosing images that sun up the highlights for me. This is what this past month looks like............. 

Also this week I've started buying seeds for a cut flower patch I want to grow this year. THIS post inspired me to buy these gorgeous Cornflowers...........

And I have some more ideas from THIS post....... Cosmos, Scabiosa and Nigella.

Do any of you Lovelies have any suggestions for easy to grow flowers that last well when picked...I'd love to hear your recommendations.

Outdoors the weather is definitely warming up and the hedgerows are looking greener by the day..........

Pretty blossom is everywhere...........

And we continue to have very hazy days, where the horizon is lost in mist and the sun struggles to shine brightly.............

I do love the layers this creates in the distant view.........

But I'm even happier to see our neighbours Magnolia beginning to bloom

Each year the sight of these beautiful flowers makes me very happy...........

Thank you for all your comments this month Lovelies.....they really are appreciated so much.
I'll be back tomorrow with the promised biscuit recipe.

Jacquie x


  1. I grew stocks last year and asters - both gave an abundance of flowers. I do love the bike saddle cover:) x

  2. Dahlias & Asters & something frothy like Gysophila or Ammi Majus. Sweet peas are a must. Herbs also make good green fillers, in fact I could go on and on so I shall stop now.

  3. Definitely pot marigolds and nasturtiums to add a ping of hot colour in amongst your blues and pinks!! sweet peas too if you have a space for a few canes of climbers, or a bog pot to throw them in xxxxxxxxxxx I also love the little daisies of Feverfew, my mum always grows those and they look so pretty in a jug x

  4. What a lovely month you've had, I like to grow sweetpeas as the more you pick the more they flower :) as for magnolia's they make me smile so much to see them too
    Clare xx

  5. I always have several herb pots for a touch of green and great for the kitchen. Lavenders are great for that heady smell and great for drying out at the end of the season. Marigolds are great for keeping bugs away from tomatoes. Stocks are brilliant for giving an abundance of flowers. Hope that helps.

  6. Love your photos especially those misty layers, like a beautiful water colour. Must be warmer in your part of the country than ours.

    The cherry blossom has been splattered by the rain sadly but the daffs have survived thankfully. Hope it warms up soon.

  7. Zennias are another great easy to grow flower and comes in many colors. Lovely mosaic.

  8. Beautiful pictures and I do love your bike seat cover ♥☺

  9. Gorgeous photos, how I love spring blossom - nasturtiums are gorgeous and edible, as are violas, marigolds...yes, I do prefer growing things that I can pick and eat rather than pick and keep! ;-) Chrissie x

  10. Zinnias are lovely in the garden and the vase!

  11. Me and the boys are going to be growing bee and butterfly friendly flowers this year in their raised beds. Last year I grew cosmos, and they were absolutely wonderful. Masses of flowers, all through the summer, lovely to pick (although they didn't travel home from the allotment very well in a trug full of muddy vegetables!) and they're great for bees. They are my number one suggestion, and Sarah Raven is very keen on them too for picking and for insects. Some of the open dahlias are lovely as well (Bishop of Llandaff etc.) and it's always nice to have a few sweet peas in summer.

  12. I totally agree with the suggestion for sweet peas and nasturtiums. Nasturtiums are very hardy, bright and cheerful, they self-seed well so you will get season after season with them. Nasturtium leaves also make a zingy addition to a green salad and the flowers make great garnish.
    Sweet peas also self sow easily. Their pretty blossoms are only surpassed by their heavenly perfume. I grow mine along a fence next to my washing line to infuse some of that fragrance into my clean clothes.

  13. Your photos are so beautiful. I love your saddle cover and those three inquisitive little lambs really made me smile. I don't have very green fingers but even I can grow marigolds and sweet peas without them dying on me so they're a safe bet!
    Karen x

  14. Hi Jacquie great pics ,love your collage xx


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