Wednesday 19 March 2014

Happy Spring Sights

Hello Lovelies,
this third week in March spring really seems to be here. The hedgerows are suddenly beginning to turn green and Hyacinths are blooming in my front garden.......

 These are bulbs that bloomed indoors in previous winters, but outside their colour is even more intense and beautiful.

All along the roadsides  Daffodils dance in the breeze.........

And pretty spring flowers add colour and joy ..........

The fields are full of Lambs, like this cute trio who gambled over when I approached this gateway......

They were so inquisitive........

investigating the world around them..........

Look at those cute faces and pink ears............

They seemed so unafraid and I managed to take quite a few photos.
I think this one is my favourite.......

And then, just as quickly as they had approached, they turned and scampered off........

Dashing across the field on those long legs ..........

Back to their mother ..........

Such a happy Spring sight.
Jacquie x


  1. It always makes me smile when I see lambs - they are just adorable. x

  2. Aww lovely to see the lambs, Spring in all it's glory.
    Clare xx

  3. Jacquie, what perfect Spring images you've sent along to the rest of us.

    The hyacinths and daffs are lovely...and how I wish that our weather would soon warm up enough to see some daffs in Central Park. Meanwhile, I just keep on bringing home little pots of mini daffs from my grocery store.

    Now...on to those lambs. They define the word adorable. What a trio...with their precious faces in close up, and then the view of the three of them bounding off to get back to their mom. Precious.

    The brilliance of those green fields just adds to the joy.


  4. Oh my goodness those lambs!!!! They are so, so cute. Words elude me. Thank you for tis post.

  5. Wow, how green are those fields? Just beautiful and such a contrast to our bare sun bleached paddocks, which have a unique beauty of their own.
    A lovely post Jacquie, those lambs, so full of energy and bounding around with each other, they are just having so much fun.
    Love seeing the Daffodils blooming, a splash of colour amongst the greenery.....Love the second pic, what a beautiful place you live in Jacquie.

    Claire Xx

  6. Your picture of the church is pretty much spring personified for me!! So beautiful. I love seeing new lambs gambolling around in the springtime, there really is no lovelier sight than when they are just bouncing around is there!! xx

  7. Oh thank you so much Jacquie - I so love to see the little lambs prancing around in the fields - that to me is a real sign of spring! Add in your pretty blooms so bright and cheery, and you have a wonderful post and time of year. Enjoy it! Joy xo

  8. Heaven on earth!! We are still coooooold!!! No green yet....soon though!!!
    Love the smell of spring!!!

  9. A perfect post, Jacquie :) Thanks so much...especially for the lambs!

  10. Lovely pictures as usual! These sheep are real cuties! :-) Until last year I lived near the notherns sea and during spring there would be tons of little lambs on the dike - I miss watching them...

    Take care,

  11. Oh those lambs, beautiful, I love them. Spring is here indeed.

  12. Aw bless their little cotton tails, ever so adorable. x

  13. Spring is such a lovely time of the year.......and the photos of the lambs so cute.

  14. Just what the doctor ordered. What could be better than a sunny spring day and nature bursting to put on her first real show if the year. Lovely photographs to lift the spirits. X

  15. Hi Jacquie,

    What lovely pictures!

    I work for PR agency Good Relations and we would love to work with you. If you're interested (or even just intrigued!) could you please email me at so I have your email address and I will give you more details?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  16. I love lambs and their gamboling is just so cute. They have such a joy of life. And these are triplets! Amazing.
    Although the equinox is now upon us, it is still quite warm here in Australia. While the days progressively become shorter, we are still waiting for those super crisp mornings and evenings and leaf fall. This is my favourite time of the year.

  17. Oooooo, such a darling post! Oh those little lambies are the sweetest! You must have had to stop yourself from climbing over the gate for a cuddle! Flowers and lambs, pretty photos, this post indeed puts a smile on my face! Chrissie x

  18. Lambs are cuties, I can't wait to see some around here! Your flowers pics are amazing - and finally I'm enjoying lots of flowers here, too... : )

  19. Oh, those lambs are so cute - they look so soft and cuddly but my dad always said that when you lifted them they were skin and bone!
    Caz xx

  20. I am missing the lambs in the forks next door to our home in the UK,so thank you for those wonderful pictures. I just wanted to tell you that your lovely bunny crochet pattern has resulted in me taking a Lott with Cream Eggs between their paws to our local charity shop here in Spain. They were delighted so your kindness is going around and around, far and wide x

  21. The grass is so green and the lambs so darling it warms my heart although here Spring still seems quite a way off.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of the village and the long awaited arrival of Spring...

  22. I never really noticed how green the grass in the UK when living there. I love my cactus scrub in Mexico but spring is much browner here.

  23. They are so sweet, I am spotting them on my way to work these days, difficult not to get distracted!!
    bestest d xxxx

  24. PS did you get mt answer to which skirt i made? it was not the shortest one is was the next one up from that!!
    can't wait to see it...D xxx

  25. A happy site indeed!!! YaY for spring!

  26. Spring has arrived and is such a glorious time isn't it? xx


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