Friday 14 March 2014

A Simple Day

Hello Lovelies,
I'm really enjoying having this colourful calendar above my desk. 
You may remember I was lucky enough to win it in Heathers give away last year. 
It's great to have a different quote or motto each month to inspire me.
This month it only says " Live Simply"

This could mean different things to different people. To me it means take time to notice the little things and special moments that cheer your day.

Like taking a walk along a favourite route.
Yesterday it was so foggy, more like November than March..............

But that created it's own beauty. The blossom is such a welcome spring sight and the addition of glistening water droplets was a happy surprise..........

The gorse is just beginning to flower.........

My familiar route did look a little eerie in the mist............

But the absence of views made me notice the small details like the lichen covered branches........

Further along the pond was just visible...........

The world seemed smaller as the muted colours gradually faded to grey...........

Up close there was colour. More signs of spring were a welcome sight...........

Everywhere was so damp but I loved the stillness and gentle beauty............

When I got home I tapped the barometer glass, happily the needle was stuck on Fair..........It's such a simple weather predictor and rather unnecessary in these modern times, but I still like to see what it says.........

The next simple thing I wanted to squeeze into my day was a little dressmaking. Gosh I'm so slow at this. But there's no rush, I'm taking my time and trying to get the best results I can.

 My dress now just needs hemming and then I'll try and get some photo's taken to share it with you lovelies............

Next I dashed about doing some house work and the weekly food shop. By now the fog had all disappeared and when the food was all unpacked I enjoyed the simple pleasure of a home make scone (more on these soon ) and a browse through the April edition of a favourite magazine, Country Living.
 Mum buys me a subscription to this  magazine every's such a great year round gift.........

I think this photo is simply stunning. Those glorious Tulips in a simple metal bucket....wonderful......

It's part of a feature on Britain's very first "Pick your own Tulips" field..........

Ooooh, yes please. This is a simple thing I would love to do , to wander in amongst rows of these beautiful blooms admiring the view and picking a few to take home, wonderful..........

 Sadly for me it's a long way from home, in Somerset, HERE  I do hope there will be something like this in my area one day.

When  the boys were all home from school I sat quietly, keeping eldest company while he did his homework.
 It was a great opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasure of bird watching . We saw Robins, Blackbirds and Starlings which were all too fast to capture on camera. I did manage to get a reasonable picture of this Great Tit  enjoying our peanuts...........

It was easy to capture this plump grey Woodpigeon as it wandered about...........

And my happy Buddha looked extra cheery in the sunshine :0)

I hope you lovelies have had some  time to enjoy the simple things this week.
jacquie x


  1. Jacquie, you have just made me remember that I have a dress to finish too. Should have done it for Christmas but it seemed to be too big and there was much faffing about....then I saw that the pattern I had bought was American and sized differently. I've been told that most patterns are printed in the U.S.A. now. So beware.

  2. Having just got back from a very misty walk, it really does make the world feel smaller, and the noises very different to when the sun shines. I hope the sun comes out soon - I have washing to go out, and I'll be disappointed if I have to use the tumble dryer. I love the smell of fresh laundry that's friend outside. Hope you all have a great weekend. x

  3. Pick your own Tulips, how lovely would that be? Another great post Jacquie, love the pic of the blossom and water droplets and the lichen. Just love foggy days, when you're cocooned by the weather. I guess you have more than your fair share of them, but I just can't get enough.
    Hope you get some lovely, sunshiney weather over the weekend.

    Claire Xx

    1. "cocooned by the weather" I love that phrase Claire, and that's exactly how it felt.
      Jacquie x

  4. Very misty here as well, both yesterday and today. I'd love to do some sewing one day, I haven't made something to wear in years. We love birdwatching too. The simple things are the best I am sure. Hope you and yours have a really good weekend. CJ xx

  5. What a lovely insight into your day and the joy of simple pleasures. It's been foggy here too in the mornings the last couple of days but it's been followed by some gloriously warm sunshine which is lovely. I love getting the washing outside to dry and it's lovely smell when you bring it in.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Jackie x

  6. I like the way the heavy mist made you focus in on things like those amazing water droplets - stunning. Thanks for sharing them with us. I am loving the idea of a PYO tulip field, how wonderful. I hope it catches on and they open one in Yorkshire! x

  7. I love your pics, I am very new to blogging, I see I have a long way to go!! Thank you for sharing with us xx

  8. Lovely pictures. We still have cold and snow in New England, can't wait for the signs of spring.

  9. I just love seeing your photos of the Lords beautiful scenery. :)

  10. Thank you for those photographs of the misty, moody landscape. What a beautiful place to walk, with an atmosphere to summon contemplation.


  11. I love the walk. So picturesque. I will follow your advice and have a wonderful day. :) thank you.

  12. Thanks for taking us on your virtual walk, I've thoroughly enjoyed it, I love the idea of a pick your own tulip farm and would love one locally but suspect with our weather it would be about July before they were brave enough to peek out.

  13. Pick your tulips, what a wonderful idea, I think I would spend all day in the field.

  14. I love love love your photos! I especially like the ones you took during your walk, as a lover of contrasts I always enjoy the days of the year where everything is (or begins to be) green and the weather reminds of Autumn, with mist and dampness everywhere... thanks once more for sharing, I'll never get tired of your pics! Have a nice weekend! : )

  15. Beautiful photos and it sounds as if you had a wonderful day.

  16. Those tulip fields also appealed to me when I received my magazine too. I have always wanted to visit Holland and see the bulb fields, Somerset is a lot closer! I will try and visit there! Sarah x

  17. Some lovely simple pleasures, wow pick your own tulips :) lovely pictures too as always that blossom is stunning, I wanted to say thank you as my Simply Crochet from the givaway arrived today and really cheered me up. Have a lovely weekend
    Clare xx

  18. What wonderful scenery in the changing atmospheric conditions - and that lichen is so gorgeous!
    It sounds like you have had a wonderful week with so much engaging variety - thanks so much for sharing it so beautifully with us Jacquie! Joy xo

  19. What lovely pictures! You really capture nature so well.. I could totally feel the misty air kissing my forehead ^^ Such an inspirational post.. Have a great weekend!


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