Sunday 8 June 2014

A June Evening

Hello Lovelies, 
thank you so much for your lovely comments on my previous post.

These following photos are from the same day as that post ....Thursday.
After a mostly cloudy day the sun eventually came out in the evening and I decided to go out for a walk once the evening meal was over.

I do love these long days....It's not getting dark till 10pm at the moment....eldest and I wandered past the allotments............

I loved the tranquil view over this hedge to the lush green countryside beyond.........

We were heading nowhere in particular, but ended up at the fairly newly created wild flower meadow  that I only discovered in the winter. I was keen to see what was flowering..........

The (usually uninspiring) dock flowers glowed in the setting sun...............

And there were loads of Oxeye Daisies............

The view was so pretty..............

And it was lovely to wander through the flowers for a while..............

By now it was nearly 9pm but I just wanted to explore a little further, down this rough track...........

The kind owner of the cottage above has put out a bench for weary walkers............

The sign says "If you are tired, rest a while"

We didn't sit down, but we did stop to smell the Roses..........

Before standing in the gateway and gazing across the landscape............

Everywhere is so lush and green right now. On days like this I'm so happy to be able to get out and enjoy it's beauty.

Jacquie x


  1. Lovely pictures,,, and views!

  2. Oh what a beautiful evening walk and stunning photos too. xxx

  3. Beautiful pictures and views and how kind of someone to place a bench for weary travellers, x

  4. What beautiful flowers, and such a lovely walk. The bench is a very kind idea. Hope you got back before dark! CJ xx

  5. Such a kind gesture to weary walkers! Your photos of the wild flowers are stunning. I keep having to check the time now as the bedtimes have been getting later with the light evenings!! Have a wonderful week :-)

  6. Extremely nice pictures; especially the one with the pretty view.

    I can smell your pink rose here (the reason of course is that I am typing in my own garden right now , very close to our roses... wonderful , aren't they?

    Brigitte from Belgium

  7. Beautiful images - I love the evening light it is quite magical. Sarah x

  8. That rose is just gorgeous. I love the bench to rest weary feet, what a kind thought.....making the most of evenings like that are a must xx

  9. You really have to take advantage of beautiful evenings like that and get out for a walk. It looks so lovely and those views are just spectacular. And it's always a good idea to stop & smell the roses!
    Happy new week...

  10. Lovely green, lush countryside. All ths rain is at least making the English countryside extra beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous images. Really inspiring me to get out more!

  12. Don't we live in a beautiful place - and the evening light just adds that extra glow. Gorgeous pictures again Jacquie although I do wonder what eldest thinks of the positions you must have to get in to to take some of them ;) Jane xxx

  13. Another wonderful walk, great pictures and amazing not dark till 10 xo

  14. It is so nice that it is light so much later now isn't it, it makes a huge difference to the evenings. What a lovely thought that bench for people to take a seat is! You can sit and rest or just sit and enjoy the view, the passers by or whatever, so very kind indeed! xx

  15. Beautiful outdoors! Lovely pics Jacquie
    Pat xxx

  16. What lovely pictures! I wish I could be with and walk along those green paths...

  17. lovely photos and how I love the UK countryside you just can't beat it can you?

  18. Wonderful photographs. I'd love to visit your part of the world as it looks so lovely!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxx

  19. A lovely evening walk. So thoughtful, the owner of the bench. :))

  20. What a lovely evening walk. I tried to create a bit of a wildflower part in my garden - it's much harder than it looks. I thought ox-eye daises would be easy - they are everywhere by the side of the road, but I can't get them to grow by the side of my fence! x


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