Saturday 7 June 2014

Arty Crafty

Hello Lovelies, 
It's been a busy week around these parts, good busy. My days off have been filled with interesting and exciting trips out. 
On Wednesday I spent the day accompanying youngest on his last last primary school day trip. I love going to help out at these memorable days visiting interesting places and I am more than a little sad that this was my last opportunity.

On Thursday I went with Mum to the Patchings Festival....somewhere I visited for the first time last year.
There are lots of marquees filled with a mixture of skilled arts and crafts people.
This stand caught my eye...............

I loved this lady's bike and her paintings filled with colourful cycles.......she was painting a lovely watercolour of some cottages and a pond....with her bike in the foreground..............

THIS is her website

The day was cloudy but warm and there's a lovely relaxed atmosphere at the event. I was super busy in parts but there are lots of places to sit a while. Here people are listening to a Jazz band.....and you can just see the Pimms stall on the left.........

At an exhibition by amateur painters in one of the permanent log cabins on the site I loved this painting of Staithes...........

And this mixed media collage of Haworth is very appealing.........

There are lots of Bronte references in there if you look closely.

I'm sorry I couldn't find any web sites for these artists.

I loved spotting this Robin..............

On the way to the craft studios............

And look , there was yarnbombing.......yay..........

These rainbow drain pipes were very effective..........

And the gardens looked wonderful........

But it was this corner that I found the most delightful...........

I loved all the bunting and granny squares.
See it painted HERE

This display of wonderful yarny creations against an old brick wall was perfect.........

They are made out of knitted rings and I've never seen this idea before...........

Here you can see some more............

and looking up there was a delightful display of crochet bees...........

just brilliant

I also loved this African flower motif duck on the wall..........

and the floral garland around the well...........

Inside these little studios are the ladies who had created this wonderful yarnbombing display. Such a  pretty porch window..............

 I bought a pretty embroidered heart they made............

A sweet memento of a lovely day.
Jacquie x


  1. Thanks for sharing your day out and will check the artists work out :)

  2. Jacquie it looks beautiful - I had to keep going back to the picture of the courtyard to try and spot all the extra things! Those yarny rings are quite lovely - never seen them before - but I think my favourite has got to be the crochet bees. Lovely that you could spend this time with your son x Jane

  3. Looks like a really intereseting day was had. Love all the photos you've shared. Especially love the yarnbombing and other yarny things. Also loved the Haworth collage, very true to life, x

  4. What a lovely day you had, thanks for sharing! There were some really beautiful items out there... : )

  5. Love the yarn bombing - I'm rather tempted to jazz up my drainpipes! x

  6. What a beautiful day filled with lovley yarn creations.

  7. Lovely photos of your day out, love the yarn bomb photos :-)
    Thanks for sharing x

  8. You do find the loveliest places to visit. I love both of those paintings as well, beautiful. And that colourful corner is wonderful. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. CJ xx

  9. I'd love to go there, it looks fabulous. I love the heart you bought and the bees. Bzzzzz!

  10. Such a vibrant, creative post! Thank you for sharing your trip, there is something so fulfilling about spending time amongst creative folks and wonderful artistic endeavours! Chrissie x

  11. What a beautiful and quaint place to visit. I loved all the paintings and yarn art. You got a wonderful souvenir to remember the day by.

  12. The Haworth collage really took my eye, I love art that makes you look to see more. The crocheted rings are a great idea too, I'm starting to think of ways to colour up my walls in my garden ;-)

  13. The knitted butterflies are from the books by Arne and Carlos, well their latest book but I don´t know the English title. It´s all about their garden. And BTW this message will most probably say that it was posted by Leo. But it wasn´t. It was posted by his wife Katy and I don´t know how to change that yet.

  14. Well, what can I say Jacquie - everything is so beautifully colourful and exciting - those flowers made from the knitted rings are different to any I've come across, how gorgeous they are. Oh, everything is wonderful and what an experience to be able to wander around and amongst all that talent! I do love the little robin, he is soooooo sweet! Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us! xoJoy

  15. A wonderful day and enjoyed joining you ☺ Love the little robin ♥

  16. I love the painting of Staithes, wouldn't have been able to resist buying it! Good thing I'm on the other side of the pond or I'd be broke for certain. :)

  17. Oh what a wonderful outing! I love the yarn bombing, especially the bees (since I'm a beekeeper.) Those flower rings where very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I imagine the creative ideas were spinning around all day. lol My favorite was the Bronte picture.

  18. I love that blue bike and the artist at work and all those painting with bikes in them. What an interesting visit you had. I love visiting places like that, especially when there are local artists.

  19. What a lovely day out. I love the crochet bees. :) Thanks for sharing, Jacquie.

  20. What a lovely day. Loved tne mixxed media collage of Haworth and the pin cushion, particularly.
    Jacqui x

  21. It looks as though you have been having a great time! The yarny things are especially nice. The paintings with the bicycles are very good aren't they! xx

  22. hello lovely, so enjoy your countryside've got some lovely walks around you...beautiful!!!!! x

  23. Thanks Jacquie, that was delightful! I love the "Bronte" painting - it looks like it's just stopped raining; the colours are fabulous.

  24. Oh, lots of interesting things there Jacquie! I really love the Haworth collage and the yarny bees and toadstools.


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