Monday 2 June 2014

Half Term at Home

Hello Lovelies,
Oooooh, the first three weeks of May were gorgeous around here. 
The week before the school broke up for the half term holidays I was so enjoying wandering about in warm sunshine, wearing my home made dress. 
Admiring the Roses in my front garden.............

And enjoying loads of yummy Strawberries and Melon from the greengrocers in town.........

Youngest had an INSET day at the end of the school term and he spent a happy couple of hours at the park with a friend. They loved  the fantastic new play equipment.............

And I enjoyed sitting on a bench making crochet circles...........

I love visiting the park and was planning further trips here, in the eagerly anticipated week off with my boys.......

But the weather had other plans.

We had day after day of least I could get on with my latest crochet tutorial for you lovelies........... 

Did you spot my little mascot? I love this tortoise, made for me by eldest. It always makes me happy when my boys get creative........

However you're more likely to find them creating virtual worlds .........Minecraft continues to entertain.............

And on such  wet days I don't mind them enjoying some screen time.

I spent some time updating my dresser display, the spring shelves have been replaced with a summer theme and one shelf is dedicated to holiday dreams........I was so happy to find two more "Blue of Devon" jugs in the charity shop the other week......for 75 pence each..........

And the photo is one of my favourites, my boys in the sea when they were younger.

When the rain  stopped briefly we did manage a short  walk through lots of puddles..........

My lot are actually happier to go walking when it's muddy

and the countryside still looked pretty............

As did my garden. This year my front garden finally looks how I've always wanted it to look......with lots of flowers and no soil to be seen..........

But where was the sun?
 The boys made the best of the cooler weather, burning rotten wood with their Dad in the evenings............

I loved seeing them sitting in the garden, chatting around this fire....but boy did their clothes stink.

And the chilly nights made me pull out my circle blanket as the summer duvet just wasn't  warm enough........

It's bright, happy colours certainly made me smile.

But by Thursday, waking up to pouring rain was getting me down somewhat...........

I don't like that my mood is so affected by the weather....but the fact is , it is.

I made the boys dropped scones for breakfast as a treat...........

And baked a cake.............

THIS recipe..........super easy and always eaten with gusto by my lot

On Friday I enjoyed a that special trip to Shugborough  and this weekend we have been celebrating my eldest two turning Fourteen..............

Saturday passed in a blur of tidying up and making the house and garden look nice.........Daisies in an old glass jar make me smile...........

The boys were great at helping with the setting up too.

Then we welcomed family for a barbecue........amazingly it was dry and even warm!

I can't take the credit for either of these wonderful desserts. The Birthday cake was made by my Mum in law and the Cheesecake was made by my niece...........

It's always a special time when we get together to celebrate these milestones.

Yesterday was much easier.........and the sun was shining all day :0)

In the morning we went on a little outing........more about that next time.

And in the afternoon there was time for some more al-fresco the garden this time.

I've been making a little test piece to see if I like my latest blanket colours and plans..........

And I'm thinking it's going to look nice.

The colours are a little bit muted, compared to most of my makes, but I think they are still cheerful.....and cheerful is good :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Sounds like a lovely week, despite the weather. I love your little turtle!

  2. All that rain makes everything so green, I am jealous, I know it's depressing to have rain all week long but we get it only a few times a year here. Those birthday treats look delicious! Hope you have sunnier weather for the week ahead.

  3. So lovely to catch up on all that you have been up to Jacquie. Sorry that it rained so much for you, but it looks as though you all found lots of fun things to do in any case. I like the colours for your new blanket very much by the way!! xx

  4. Looks like you had a great week, despite the weather. Your garden is looking amazing. Mine is full too this year, but if you look closely there are lots of weeds adding to the effect! Your new blanket colours are gorgeous. I look forward to hearing about it along the way. x

  5. Cheerful is always good!
    Happy Birthday to the birthday boy. Time flies and before you know it, it will all be O and/or A levels or thereabouts!

  6. Thank goodness for yesterday and today...sunshine! Hope its improved where you are, it does get you down.

  7. A lovely post, full of lots of beautiful things, not least your new blanket - it's going to be gorgeous!

  8. Looks like you had a fab week despite the weather! We've both been celebrating birthdays too....oh and your new blanket will be fabulous, those colours, hope you have a good week My Lovely :) x

  9. I'm East Midlands too (near Kettering) and the weather really was abysmal. We did manage a trip to an aminal park on Friday though. Yesterday was lovely though.

    Your front garden is stunning!

  10. Thanks for sharing your week and belated Happy Birthday to your boys. We had grand-daughter to amuse for 2 days during the miserable weather but fortunately it stayed dry for long enough to visit a local farm and feed the animals, oh and eat ice-cream, lol, x

  11. Your little blue jugs reminded me so much of my Nan, she always had them on her mantelpiece! They look lovely on your dresser, and I like the idea of giving your shelves themes. Also, your crocheted blanket (the white one) is absolutely amazing!! Love Julia xxx

  12. What a lovely, happy week - despite the weather! Memories are made of this. Hugs x

  13. Your garden looks lovely - beautiful photos despite the weather! Rainy dull weather affects me too - my husband says it makes no difference to him. Ha ha!

  14. Those circles in squares look just lovely and I really like the colours! Your garden is looking gorgeous, so fresh and colourful and green. It sounds as if you've been making the best of the bad weather with treats for the boys and a birthday celebration too!

  15. You wrote about my thoughts and feelings here Jacquie. My two complained yesterday that it was just typical that the weather was awful all week and now they are back at school, the sun comes back out! Luckily my two were also on the computers, iPods, and under cover when we went out. At least they had two good days. Your week still looked colourful, fun with lots of nice treats. Love the idea of sitting around the fire in the garden - we should have done that (but yes, their clothes stink afterwards don't they). Enjoy a sunny week xx

  16. Your front garden is gorgeous Jacquie :-) It definitely feels like an accomplishment when you can't see the soil. The soon to be blanket and the older one are beautiful.
    Tracey xxx

  17. L-o-v-e your garden! Wished mine looked that full (in time).Hope the boys had a grand birthday, 14, just on the cusps, enjoy! Lovely muted colors, look forward to seeing what you make.

  18. I absolutely love your circles blanket! I actually have it saved on my computer as inspiration for a future 'me' blanket - and I even started collecting yarn for it the other day!

    The new crochet looks like it is going to be fab, I really like the slightly muted colours. Can't wait to see more!


  19. It was a bit damp wasn't it. That new play equipment looks good, I know mine would love scrambling about on it. The Devon blue jugs are lovely, what brilliant finds, and such good bargains, lucky you. It looks like you had a nice walk, and crochet in the garden sounds blissful. I must try and find time for it myself! I hope you have a good week Jacquie. CJ xx

  20. it feels like a sunshine blanket! I like the yellow. Nice to see your half term, your a lovely lot! :-) Heather X

  21. Sounds as though you had a good week even though the weather was not cooperating. Loved the turtle and the colors in the new blanket...keep us posted as to the progress on that one. Happy birthday to your child.

  22. Your crochet colours remind me of summer flowers such pretty colours thank you for your entertaining blog


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