Tuesday 10 June 2014

Snippets From my Week

Hello again lovelies,
 I seem to have found some more blogging time over the past few days....which makes me happy.
Here are some images from the past seven days that I haven't shared  before.....various snippets of my days captured on my camera.

A posy from my front garden looking pretty on my kitchen windowsill..............

Lovely leaves on my kitchen windowsill too.

As my boys were leaving to walk to school they passed me this twig that had fallen off our neigbours tree.
I was about to drop it into the  garden bin, then I really looked at it...... it was too pretty to throw away.........

It's an odd thing to have indoors maybe. But I'm loving being up close to these interesting leaves while I'm cooking and washing up.

A Sunday morning bike ride with my three boys.....they chose the route.....round the roads and through the park.........

I still need to yarn bomb that wicker basket :0)

A big weeding session in my flower bed....this is afterwards.........

Oh dear, my plans for lots of flowers grown from seed have flopped. This patch was full of chick-weed and potatoes.......which appeared despite us not planting any this year.

All that has survived are the Nasturtiums and the Nigella (there are sweet peas at the back, which I bought as seedlings). I think the snails had the rest......including my Sunflowers ......sigh.

A mishap with this weeks Yorkshire puddings. I used self raising flour by mistake..........

They were not extra high, but rather flat and smelt like cake....Oooops.

See how I usually make them HERE

And finally something happy. A pile of crochet circles......twenty to add to the collection for my latest blanket............

These were all made on the coach we travelled on for youngest's school trip............

My  circles make me very happy.

Isn't crochet is the most brilliant portable hobby....I just love being able to  spend time on a journey producing something beautiful and useful.

Wishing you lovely people a happy week.
Jacquie x


  1. Hi, I have always resisted crocheting in the car in case it made me car sick but over Whit week I found it was OK and really passed the time on the motorway when the girls had fell asleep. Bloke and I could just chat and crochet. Great circle colours. Jo x

  2. Your circles look lovely! I hope that you can get some more flowers for your flowerbed, I expect that if you go to the garden centre there will still be lots available, even if they are not what you originally intended. The sweet peas will make a lovely backdrop and provide lots of flowers for you though I am sure! xx

  3. Lovely flowers and leaves on your windowsill Jacquie - aren't your boys thoughtful to pick up the fallen twig for you! I hope you can find some nice seedlings to plant and be able to enjoy some lovely colour in that patch - and as Amy says, the sweet peas will be so lovely in the background.
    You certainly made good use of your bus travelling time, those little circles are fab, and hey, that Yorkshire pudd still looks pretty good even if it was the wrong flour! Happy days to you lovely, xoJoy

  4. those circles are lovely, love the colours. I definitely think you should yarn bomb your basket, you could start a new trend, I have a flower garland around mine :)

  5. Yorkshirepudding - I eat it 40 years ago the first time. Sometimes I make it.
    Lovely crochet circles!


  6. The slugs got my sunflowers too. It's so frustrating isn't it after all the hard work growing them from seed and planting them out.
    Hope you have a good week. x

  7. I've bought a whole pile of decent sized plants and bulbs and somehow things look worse now....! I really need to get better at this gardening lark. I love that you found spuds despite not planting any - now that's my kind of magic garden! I love the Yorkshire puds, its a pity they didn't taste so good esp as they look fab/ Crochet is great as you only work on one stitch at a time unlike knitting which is great for portability. looking forward to seeing your blanket.

  8. The naughty slugs and snails are really enjoying my garden too.
    The branch looks fab, such pretty colours.

  9. Snails or slugs have eaten some of my Dahlia seedlings but apart from some nibbling everything looks to have survived. I love you crochet circles & yes it is the ideal hobby to take on the road with you.

  10. Lovely post- I love the crochet circles. I scattered wild flower seeds in my veg plot this year as my veggies were a flop last year, but nothing much has happened so far! Loads of strawberries tho!

  11. I haven't bother with veg this year - the slugs and snails had a banquet last year! Lots of chickweed means that you have good soil. Lovely circles.

  12. Love the colourful circles, I'd love to try my hand at those for my next project.

    The slugs and snails like to feast on my Hostas too, I've been too busy to pay much attention this year but a good trick is to bury a small container in the soil and put some cheap larger in there, you don't need much, the next morning you will find that the little beasts have had a party in there and are quite drunk and can be disposed of. Better than using pesticides.

  13. We have hungry slugs & snails too - my newly planted lupine have taken a hammering!

    Love the circles. I have just started making some plain coloured circles to make into a multi-spot blanket. I've only made stripy blankets so far since learning to crochet, so circles are a new thing for me & yes, amazingly portable.

  14. Crochet is indeed such a wonderful hobby if you are away from home! I was in charge of a huge event this weekend and whenenver I needed a break, I looked for my hook and some yarn! So did lot of other people whom I taught to crochet! I also made a blanket out of squares for the event (with the help of others) and we auctioned it off this weekend for 290 € for charity!

    Take care

  15. I bet your blanket is gonna look fabulous, the circles you've shown are lovely! I had never heard of Yorkshire pudding before, by reading the recipe it sounds yummy, gotta give it a try, so thanks for the idea! : ) xx

  16. Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of tree that twig came from as we have one too and googling 'green leaves with yellow border' gets a *lot* of results!

    I love crochet just for that portability reason too. I do a bit at my daughter's ballet lesson, children's swim lesson, a bit here and there when the children are playing...

    1. I have that tree too and I'm pretty sure it's a type of acer. That's as far as my limited knowledge extends I'm afraid!!! Heather :-)

  17. Love your posy and funny enough I like the leaves too...I'd love to crochet in the car but sadly I'm the driver...me thinks driving and crochet is not a good combination, lol, x

  18. Your posy of flowers is really pretty and I too like the leaves on your windowsill
    Your crochet circles are so pretty I love the colours and I think they will look great made up into a blanket. I really must get some more of my garden squares done
    Jackie x

  19. Lovely post, Jacquie. Your first photo made me do a double-take because I often make a similar bouquet with red roses and yellow coreopsis in my little red jug with white spots. I've even used a photo of it on Ravelry as my avatar. I seriously thought you'd been to my house! :)

  20. I'm glad to see I am not the only one with a failed patch of garden. My winter crop seems to consist of one or two very small turnips and maybe some carrots, but they won't be very big. I was hoping for broccoli and brussel sprouts, leeks, onion, turnips, peas and the carrots. Ah, well. Thank goodness for shops and farmer's markets!
    Your adventure with the self raising Yorkshire puddings reminds me of my father's attempt at chocolate eclairs. We were so looking forward to these treats, but he ended up making hockey pucks. He used plain flour in the roux instead of self-raising and they were harder than rocks! It was quite funny. Dad was devastated. He is an excellent cook and couldn't believe he had made such a fundamental error. But, then again; they are the same colour!
    Your new blanket will be lovely. The colours are just lovely.

  21. Goodness Jacquie, isn't gardening a bit of a thankless task? I always set out with good intentions but get terribly defeated by the gazillions of slugs and snails trashing the joint! When I'm queen, I shall ban the blighters!

    I adore that red rose - what a stunner.


    1. PS. Forgot to say, thank you so much for linking to my coiled rose pattern a few posts ago - I suddenly had a wonderful coach load of visitors to my blog! xx

  22. Everything in our garden seems to get munched as well. I have got sweet peas that are doing well though. They are one of my favourites. I think those leaves are from an acer - we've got the same. Lovely circles:)

  23. Lovely snippets, and crochet. I too love to crochet on the go and waiting for appointments. I miss biking with my girls, they're too busy to ride with mom now that they're older.Yes that basket needs some hooky love. lol Have a great week :)

  24. I love your crochet circles, great colours, looking forward to the end project....you should of had your yorkies(we call them batter puds) with golden syrup and cream instead!! Snails ate my sunflowers too...boo xx

  25. Hello I am admiring your lovely red Jug...and laughing that you were thinking of yarn bombing your own basket!!
    lovely snippets any more sewing intentions???
    bestest daisy j xx

  26. I made a new friend while crocheting on the train last week - it is indeed portable *and* social! Your circles are so happy to look at, and the tree branch is definitely worth it's own vase and admiration! Chrissie x

  27. Jacquie, there's much to comment upon! I love the posture of that dog setting forth on his own walk to his own destination.

    The leafy fallen branch your lads brought you for your window sill is gorgeous, so beautiful with the light behind it.

    Crocheting colorful circles on the road is great. I've been knitting for the past months, but your photo reminds me of what fun it is to play with color, more quickly with a crochet hook.

    Your Yorkshire pudding may be untraditional, but I tell you, Jacquie, I would have gobbled it up.

    Surely, I've forgotten something, but think that you will get my drift. xo

  28. I love that twig too, it's so pretty. Maybe you can find some little plants to put into that raised bed, although keep watching out for those slugs! I weeded my asparagus at the allotment yesterday, until my back could stand it no longer. It's hard to weed when you can't dig down deep, but at this time of year the weeds totally take over. The sweet peas will no doubt fill out and look beautiful. Maybe a garden centre (or a friend) will have some plug plants that you can add, that still have time to flower this year. The children have grown flowers in their raised beds this year, but they could do with a few additions as well, nothing is as bushy as I thought it might be! Enjoy the rest of the week Jacquie. CJ xx

  29. lovely snippets, lovely roses, lovely twig, lovely dog (yours?), loveley flat bakery.... but loveliest of all those gorgeous granny's... they will make something extremely lovely in the end. At this moment I'm also doing a granny quilt (it is testing my patience all of the time :) ) Have a look:


    Brigitte from Belgium

  30. I too am yet to yarn bomb my bike basket! I'm thinking colourful bunting maybe? And yes, of course crochet is just THE BEST portable hobby... My best friend and I work on our blankets during registration at school! :)

  31. Nice snippets from your week, and I would have put that branch in a vase too, it's very beautiful. I once spent a coach journey to Skipton Castle crocheting circles - it really is the most portable hobby, and easy to do on bumpy journeys (unlike sewing). x

  32. Lovely bits f your week, thank you for sharing.

  33. Oooh I can't wait to see your blanket ... Love crochet circles!! Emma x


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